Eboue does wonders for country, Fabregas on target again

There was a major World Cup disappointment for Andrey Arshavin whose Russia were denied a berth by Slovenia but two other Arsenal players had better fortunes on Wednesday’s international duty.

Fabregas added to what has been a fine year in Spain’s colors with another goal while Eboue’s fortuitous touch in the penalty box handed him his first ever goal for Ivory Coast.

Fabregas’ goal

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Eboue’s goal

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11 thoughts on “Eboue does wonders for country, Fabregas on target again

  1. I am an Arsenal fan from Ireland who thought of Henry as a model professional. I am disgusted that he not only stopped the ball with his hand but went on to control it after that with his hand again. In my eyes he has become one of the great cheats now. They wanted to ban Eduardo for a dive that would not have changed the tie’s outcome. But this cheat could not be more costly. Will he be charged for this?? I doubt it as France have more commercial value in World Cup than Ireland, maybe this is why the linesman didn’t see the 2 players offside as the free came in and the subsequent handball(s). Anelka wasn’t even booked for diving to try win a penalty. We were robbed.
    Thierry Henry, great footballer and now great cheat. Hand of God he practically juggled!

  2. im never supporting france ever again at major comps,usually as a gooner when ireland arent involved i go for france for obvious reasons,not anymore der arrogant cunts and we played them off the pitch in paris 2nite then only to get screwed by henry of all people my fav player ever,why not replay da match or do somthing but i know blatter and platini are laughing at us 2nite they should be ashamed that the better team is not going to SA,france should not be der end of story

  3. Win some ,lose some.Maradona did it to us and we had to accept it.
    Despite that, would rather see Henry and Gallas at World cup than Keane,Dunne or even Cashley and Terriballs.

  4. who cares about ireland.
    the irish cheated anyway they were pretending to be footballers.
    all you irish gooners get a grip.

  5. Two contrasting goals.Fabregas’s was well worked and executed while Eboue’s was just plain fortuitous.

  6. I can understand why everyone is making a big deal out of this hand ball, but surely there is a point where it has to stop.yes, he admitted he handelled the ball…yes, he was wrong and he did cheat…but at the end of the day…every single player in the world would’ve done the same thing if a spot at the world cup was at steak…even wayne rooney.i’m a huge arsenal supporter and i love henry for what he has done for our football club…he is one of the greatest strickers the world has seen…but at the moment he plays for barca, not arsenal…for that reason i dont understand why all the arsenal fans are up in arms about this incident or having to defend him…he doesn’t even play for us anymore…i’m not saying what he did was right…he was definately wrong but i think it is unfair to label him for one mistake he made.he has brought so much to arsenal as well as to football in general.how can we define him by one single event?what about all the other great things he has achieved not only at arsenal and barca, but in the french national side as well?

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