EXCLUSIVE PICS: Wenger’s night out on Sunday

http://redlondon.files.wordpress.com/2012/02/arsene-at-awards-5.jpg?w=550&resize=277%2C180Have any idea how Arsene Wenger celebrated Saturday’s 7-1 victory and return to form against Blackburn Rovers?

On Sunday the Arsenal manager first attended the Laureus Welcome Party where he was joined by several household names in the game – including Marcel Desailly and Fabio Capello – before arriving for the big show, the Laureus World Sports Awards 2012 – a ceremony which honours the stand-out performers in the world of sports.

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The event took place at the OXO Tower in London, and Red London has got a few shots of the Gunners’ boss during last night’s show for you.

As soon as a star arrived on the carpet for the award show, he/she was ordered by photographers to make a signature pose. Check out Arsene’s funny gesture!


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20 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE PICS: Wenger’s night out on Sunday

  1. wenger spending our transfer money on a night on the town he has become CRIMINALLY negilgent and should be sacked for the way he has taken arsenal from a top club to a rubbish club under rain!

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    1. i am not a spurs fan!! arsenal was a club that when dubbles and playd in the champs league and even went undefeated and look agt what this fool has done to us he is not qualified to manage a top club he has ruined us!!!!!

      1. your AIDS has started to affect your brain. you don`t know shite and can`t spell either. f@#k off and die you retard. stop reading the arsenal hating press. the man is genius plain and simple. when utd beat citeh to the title and we finish in the 4 you might realise anyone knob can spend a shitload of cash on big names. but it does not guarantee success. just ask abramovich or real madrid. spurs,citeh,and the scouse will learn this come seasons end.

    1. Had you read the article, you would’ve learned that he attented a welcome party first and then the awards itself.

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