Expect Vermaelen and Cazorla to be sold

By Tanaka Felix Chidemo

https://i2.wp.com/i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/02378/arsenal_2378888d.jpg?resize=380%2C237Teenage love is a wonderful thing. I vividly remember writing letters to my girlfriend while I was mad and then reading the same letter in the morning before I sent it.

The result of the re-evaluation was always a toning down of the sentiments expressed therein.

I will do no such thing with Arsenal tonight! I will vent out my anger immediately!

Even then I know I’ll find it hard to fall asleep. Unlike the other teams that we used to sit at the high table with, there’s something about us that says we’re not in it to win it. From our personnel to some of our methods, there’s a feeling we’re in the Champions league for the cheque.

Its the same phenomenon that has relegated us from being genuine title contenders to top four favourites. The Norwich debacle and this latest farce have highlighted how lean we really are. Great teams can play like we did and force a result but bad teams lose. Its sad that we’ve become a very bad team.

The writing was always on the wall that Huntelaar and Affelay were going to cause problems. To lose 2-0 and have them both on the scoresheet is really lame. Steve Bould has just gone from being a messiah to being just another guy in the technical area.

He’s taken a leaf out of the medical staff’s book on this one. How can we be that awful at home? A single shot on target in the entire game! What right does Santos have to be that bad? Our standards have continued to fall steadily over the years and there seems to be no sign that the trend will stop. Its laughable how far we’ve fallen.

The last really exciting team we had was the 2007/08 one that had Flamini, Hleb, Cesc and Adebayor. But even it surrendered an 8 point lead in February. I don’t think we’d even win the Capital One Cup if we played our full strength squad in it. With such a lack of class in so many departments, its hard to see any hope for silverware in this era.

If something major is not done in January to boost our personnel, we can expect another player exodus in the summer. Not the Chamahks and the Squillacis, they never leave. Its the Vermaelens and the Carzolas that step away. They’d rather go where there’s a shared vision to actually stay relevant than stay where all that matters is the money that Kroenke makes.

Highest season ticket, no silverware!

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54 thoughts on “Expect Vermaelen and Cazorla to be sold

  1. Vermaelen wont leave and cazorla just signed, Id be more worried about a huge bid coming in for Wilshere and bids for sagna and koscielney!

    1. Wouldn’t want to see Wilshere leave, but Koscielny is the greatest Central defender in the League. If we replaced quality with quality, turnover wouldn’t be an issue, it’s just that Wenger is always looking in the again baesment.

  2. As focused managers try to keep their best players at the end of every season,Arsene Wenger is always at ease to lay-off his.In Man U and Chelsea for example players retire, while at arsenal they are sold because Wenger and the board want money.Pathetic

  3. This is exactly what some people have been talking about. An average club with average payment, average players all around and without a right winning mentality + ambition. It all starts with the roots where Mr Chairman, Chief executive to the manager all see qualifying is already winning trophy; how do you think the players will react. Yet year after year, they came you saying ‘this is the year for us blah blah blah’.

    It’s funny though that Wenger no longer uses the phrase ‘Judge me after the season ends’, perhaps he satisfies for the CL qualification every year or perhaps he suddenly realizes no cup been won for several years already. Then again, why charging the extreme admission fee, why keep on ‘We will win something this year’ when everyone could see the team is down sloping and another 8-2 loss to MU is waiting if the current form goes on. Why criticizing best players if they want to move on; they’re been working hard to be the best why shouldn’t they deserve better team mates, better payment, and better winning goals? Why some people only think of them leaving just because of money, are you short of ideas naturally or you’re just blindly following someone’ sayings; where on earth would you find an employee saying ‘Master, I will follow you from living till death for everything you say and do is right’? None except for Jesus and the disciples.

    Well, those who absolute trust the words, please keep on as you please. Judgement is not mine to made, please however don’t use abusive words and tell us how to watch/support a team is about. For as long as the situation does not change, nothing will be won; maybe a 5th grade cup once in a while if lucky enough. But for that, really we don’t deserve best players and should be charged at no more than Schalke.

      1. Wait and see what?,more seasons without silverware, ticket prices rising, more lies and spin from the despot Wenger, it;s not being bitter, it’s being realistic and blind AKB people like you will keep on lapping up every lie Wenger spins, this great club is in decline and has been for seven seasons, Wenger is great at deflecting the blame onto any one except himself, his pathetic ego, his lame tactics, his deadwood signings are a joke, we are an average club with above average ticket prices and wages, I sent my ST back after 25 years in disgust last season, this is Arsenal football club not Arsene football club

      2. Are you for real? Do you watch yhis shite week inweek out? Wait and see….See you in a ward so the nice nurse can give you you’re pills!!!!

    1. Why people blaming AW…so according to you guys players take no responsibility for winning nothing over last 8 years but like to get paid more at the end of each contract.and talking about Arsenal not having any ambition lol – Van Persie is a great player but not Henry or Berghamp. He went for money,Naseri went for money, Adi… Thats what I miss about the old days when players such as Henry, Berghamp were loyal to the club. STOP blaming managers and start blaming these players, Only thing I hate about Wenger is that he is too good to players and less like Fergi who will tell them to walk. Fergi could not do what Wenger is doing at Arsenal, he likes buying big – nothing wrong with that but he would not be able to cope with pressure Wenger is puts up with. Wenger can make ten time the money he is making with us…wait and see when his contact runs out…how other club will come for him – if we are lucky we will find out money that other clubs will throw at him. He gambles according to his needs.

      I know last two games didn’t go the way we planned but shit does happen…look at Chelsea last year, they were shit, finished out side top four and ended up winning CL so lets wait and see what happens.

      1. Guy u ar notin but a bigfool u ar sayin wait and see til wen ur grandchild come of age AW is notin but d pro.

      2. Wenger buys the players and picks the team, that why he is responsible! As far as him leaving, no other Club would tolerate the way he has managed in the last 8 years! Could you imagine what the Real Madrid fans would do if they won nothing for 8 years, watched a increasingly worse team, paid some of the highest ticket prices in Europe, all on the premise it was good for the long term future of the Club?

        Why would any player stay at an unambitious club when they could earn much more and win trophies elsewhere. I don’t think money was the only driver in RVP leaving. He’s got more chances of medals at Man U don’t you think?

        Last season Chelsea had quality players and a naive inexperienced Manager, they changed the Manager! We need to change our Manager, but unfortunately I don’t think we have enough quality players at the moment for a new Manager to have immediate success.

  4. I agree with you about future sales. Vermaelen is our captain which means we are going to sell him next year. Walcott is already on the exit door, Sagna wants true silverware (and not just playing Champions’ League), Chamberlain and Wilshere are injury prone and there is huge possibility Kieran Gibbs will attract some suitors since left full-backs of his quality (he has been our most consistent performer so far) are hard to find on market. Podolski will leave as well.

    Our starting 11 in 2013/14: Fabianski-Jenkinson, Djourou, Squillaci, Andre Santos-Frimpong, Arteta, Ramsey-Gnabry, Gervinho-Giroud. Gazidis will say: “This time next year we’re gonna be millionaires! Well, me, Arsene and Stan… Well, we are already millionaires!” (chuckles) Wenger will jump in to save Ivan the Terrible: “For me, there are four different trophies – one is playing Premier League, second is playing FA Cup, third is playing League Cup, and fourth is not being relegated at the end of the season.”

  5. Already lost interest in AFC. I’m a true gooner bt can’t boast of a silverware for é past 7yrs. Mr Kroenke and Wenger are only interested in their selfish ambitions and not that of the funs. Gone are the days we use to come from behind but now we go down and thats all. This is not the ARSENAL i used to support.

    1. you fickle f***er…………..people like you are why i dont go to home matches anymore. (just so bitter and twisted. angry because you thought supporting the invincables
      why don’t you go back to sucking on daddies scrotum maybe you can buy a Citeh shirt to clean yourself after………………

      1. You stopped going to home games because of other people? You’re a spineless cunt. I bet getting jobs is real easy considering you just roll over whenever you’re faced with a slight piece of adversity.

      2. And it’s fucking people like you that is the reason we are in such a mess. Bury you’re stupid head in the sand……You don’t go to matches anymore because it’s shit and to much money, I hate this manager, the board and most of the greedy usless rich spoilt” lets fly to norwich” players, but still go to every fucking game. You’re thye fickle one!!!

  6. Lots of respect for Arsena Wenger but he has lost the plot. I am sorry to say but it is time he leaves Arsenal and another manager is given the chance to make Arsenal great again.

  7. Same old story. We are the Arsenal, we dont play to win, we play to earn. Ivan, Arsene, Stan and Peter said as much in the AGM. We cant/wont/dont want to compete untill FFP in 2014.

  8. Imagine 188mins,no short on target,mehn dis has bin the worst time 4or us,wen are we going to start lifting trophys.imagine Wenger saying we av won 7 trophys 4or the past 7years,is champ’s league qualification a trophy?.

  9. I suggest we gooners embark on a peaceful demonstration by not turning up for arsenal matches. I wished the captaincy was given to Squi and not Verm because another captain would be sold next summer. The board are always announcing the profit they make instead of the trophies they win. Its very clear that ARS. Are now living on past glories. I wish we loose the champions league spot this season and see what Mr Wenger and Kroenke will boast on. Top players opt for other big clubs in Europe at the expense of ARS. We couldn’t pay just 3million Pounds for Swarzar how much more 20million for Lloris. The only thing we do is to scout world class players for other big clubs to snatch them because we are always not wilin to pay 4 their asking price and the Boss only says we will buy those who will fit well into the team like Chamakh,Squi….. What is even difference between Mannone and Almunia?HMMM

    1. Here we go again , where was the outrage when chelsea bought cahill for 7 million , like wenger said he would pay , and everybody went nut about how cheap he is .Now it’s Lloris he went to spurs for 7million . Wake up we don’t have money to waste here , would you be happy if olivier has cost 20 million , and cazorla 30 milion. What is so wrong with living within your mean , why i people like you so obsess with us spending money like chelsea and city , money we don’t have all that talk about profit most of it go to expenses and paying the debt .

      1. We can’t get rid of Bendtner, Squillachi, Djourou, Park, Denilson, Chamakh because no one else will pay their ridiculous over inflated wages. How is that living within our means? I doubt that Hugo Lloris’ wages would be much more than Fabiaski’s, and how much have we made out of Manchester City in the past few seasons?

  10. Get behind the team you mugs, call yourselves Gooners…dont like it, piss off down the shitty end of seven sisters and support the great unwashed. Wankers.

    Forever AFC

  11. Arsenal is finished , the worst is that the management is happy with thier failure , as such there is no plan to change the situation . Sell the big players in the club share the profit and beg other big clubs to loan them their waste players , what a shame .

  12. AW insisted on a social wage structure but it is backfiring. Years of talent depletion evident in the increasing distance to top teams. The struggle against lesser teams shows lack of working ideas, no plan B. The club is too predictable at all levels: management; scouting; transfer policy; coaching; game tactics; not to mention the horrible medical record. Inconsistency guarantees mediocracy.

  13. i believe no one likes the way we are loosing. its still the same old arsenal as long as wenger and the board remains hate it or like it

    1. always complaining .find me a manager who can achieve this much with so little and then we can talk , and don’t talk about guardiola , even he can’t do as well with so little

      1. As a true gooner,i undastand aw d fans feel afta a loss dat could av easily been a win, but yet its jst 2 games. I know they may prove costly in d end, but wat i’ve seen over d years in football and is constant, is change! Ivan,arsene and stan are not there 2 jst make money, c’mon dese men av been millionaires 4 decades even b4 arsenal became anything. I can assure u dat no person feels pain afta a loss dan wenger… Over d years he has had to work with a budget, dat’ll make everton proud yet he is stil able 2 form a team dat can compete year in year out. Lastly,lets stop comparing ourselves with chelsea and man city, they dont spend what they earn, they spend wat their owners BORROW,which will cost them in d end… So keep d faith, support d team and if u cant den walk away!

      2. This much….7 years without a trophy. He could of bought cahill, hazzerd, and mata to name a few for the same money he spunked on shite and what his paying people like Gervinho, Ramsey, Chamakh, Diaby (whio never plays) Santos Djourou, Squillaci….want me to go on.

  14. I hope for once, Arsenal don’t sell these star players. They claim to have great financial stability so they are apparently not hungry! With all that financial boasts, it will be a shame and, a scam on season ticket holders if Cazorla, Arteta, Vermaelen and co are sold.

  15. rubbish!… i already mentioned a month ago, wenger and the board are the major problem at the emirates

  16. Take heed from my FIFA campaign!!!
    Squillaci, Fabianski, Walcott, Arshavin out
    Ba, Scotty Parker, Adin Rami, Manuel Neur in! Let’s get some quality in Wenger! We CAN afford these certain players we don’t need to buy Messis and Ronaldos to become ‘the old arsenal’ again we need Grggs the bakers styled player: cheap but decent! Let’s get Ba in to make our strik force one to be reckoned with, stop farting about with defenders and get someone that can break legs! Let’s get a boss in midfield: give Frimpong a go get Parker in to sort them out! Hell bring back Henry install some maturity into the team temporarily while arsene sorts this out! Anderson seems to be a frustrated bench warmer at united! Why not him!? At nineteen this guy had the nerve to take a champions league final penalty and rocketed it straight down the middle into the roof of the net! Let’s raid the overachieving everton! Felani, pinear (a better Walcott)!

  17. Your submissioni had over generalized happenings and drawn arbitrary inference. All said and done, has the club ever fallen below the fourth position even without a trophy? How many clubs in England apart from Man U could boast of such record in the past 16 years. People like you are ingrates who easily forget the achievements of their heroes in the past just because things are a bit low. Even Real Madrid had at least 4 years without a trophy despite their huge investment. Barcelona was for many years under the shadow of Real Madrid until they started reaping the fruits of their long term investment in their academy. Who knew Chelsea until the heavy investment by Abramovic and even at that the club’s future is dicey as anything could happen to the owner anytime. What is in Man City to be envied? Is it 2 trophies after 42 years that anybody would be proud of? As far as I am concerned there are only three English clubs that deserve respect at their achievements; Man U, Liverpool and Arsenal even at that Man U and Liverpool are facing uncertainty about the future because of the huge debt the owners factored into the clubs. The various tittles won did not transfer into financial stability as they live beyond their means and in huge debts. I can also not be proud of either Man City and Chelsea because what they won were achieved via donations by people who made their wealth by stealing the collective patrimony of their people. I pity Emglish football because the authoritie are greedy and after profit and sponsorship but sooner than than later most of the clubs would be left bare and empty handed. Free lunch does not last forever and it is what you achieved by your own sweat that abide. I am therefore proud of this club Arsenal for living within her means and laying good foundation for the future. I however agree that the board and the manager need to find urgent solutions within their means to return the club to winning ways. However, I commend the owners for not factoring the take over purchase to the debt of the club as was done by Man U and Liverpool owners as the paid for the take over from their purses and not bank loans in the name of the club. I give kudos to them for their sense of honesty and the determination to run the club in a profitable way. I will however appeal that the board, managers and players must do all that is necessary to avoid unnecessary defeats from any club talk less of minnows. Long live Arsenal FC the club that does things in the right way and the club that will not allow rogues into the board.

  18. While kroenke is in charge get used to it he will never spend the kind of money it takes i keep telling every Arsenal fan to be competitve we need the russian not the yank kroenke does not live this team he doesent care all he is doing is building it financially to sell eventually how embarassed must he have been his st louis rams all watching the game they re worse though in the states they are proverbiable bottem dwellers he will sell the beat players his track record in the usa proves it

  19. You are right about vermallen and the spanish maestro. Another season of underachievement and relegation to the Europa league will trigger moves for these two guys. Wenger says he wants to win the epl.I know there are 30 games more to play and with the gunners 10 points behind,only the most naive of fans will say he can do it.
    Chelsea are not Arsenal . They are unlikely to throw away a ten point gap like the gunners did with an 8 pt lead.
    Furthermore they are unlikely to throw away a 4 goal lead. Needless to say blowing away a two goal cushion to a side fighting against relegation is not in their dna.It can happen to Arsenal but not to the red faced and Chelsea.
    The buck stops with Wenger. If Arsenal are unable to see out games with two or even three goal cushion,he shd be off.

    1. The players don’t get it either then, because, all the ones sold would still be at Arsenal now if they did.

  20. I think supporters don’t get it.
    Football is not a sport, its a business nowadays, since all the new monies has come in from overseas.
    With a new stadium, debt being paid off, Financial Fair Play and sponsorships being renewed in 2014, the club will be a better position to succeed.
    Its frustrating as a fan, but money talks, not the supporters

  21. Haha, funny article. There are various levels of intelligence in the club fanbase, and I’m afraid this article is somewhere in the lower rungs. If you need a more intelligent view of the state of the club, spend more time on ACLF.

    Last night’s AGM would have been very different if it had been after the West Ham game. Two games changed a huge amount of perception, and that’s pretty stupid. We’re asking the players to raise their game, and we need the fans to raise their game too.

  22. It’s simple, every year they say the same thing, every year the fans fill up the stadium. Now we know that the club has settle on winning trophy only when the fair play rule is in place, why are fans still complaining. All you have to do is don’t show up to the games home and away until the fair play rule sets in. after few games of empty stadium. The policy will change. Believe me.

  23. what happened to supporters? i love arsenal, a club with the balls to build a new stadium and live within there means. if you dont like what were building support man city and quit moaning

  24. The arrogance of wenger and the so-called board are destroying our great Gunners (once known as the invincibles). Wenger lives in the past and the parasites don’t care the fans’ headache, the game changes every season, so we must change with it. I hate this cheap tiki-taki football and wot they call FFP. Let’s move to the rugby league and let the proffessor have some rest. Wenger must go home.

  25. PHW and AW policy – Build the best stadium and sell the best players ! Dont forget to make sure fans pay the highest ticket prices as well.

  26. Of course they will be sold. Every Arsenal player is wearing a for sale sign. Wenger doesn’t have a coherent transfer policy anymore, it’s just a game of numbers to him. He has been wearing too many hats recently and his involvement in Arsenal’s finances is clearly clouding his managerial judgment. Wenger is proudly lauding his economic degree, perhaps it’s time he took a refresher course for his managerial credentials, seeing as his side are being outplayed by lesser sides.

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