By Tanaka Felix Chidemo love is a wonderful thing. I vividly remember writing letters to my girlfriend while I was mad and then reading the same letter in the morning before I sent it.

The result of the re-evaluation was always a toning down of the sentiments expressed therein.

I will do no such thing with Arsenal tonight! I will vent out my anger immediately!

Even then I know I’ll find it hard to fall asleep. Unlike the other teams that we used to sit at the high table with, there’s something about us that says we’re not in it to win it. From our personnel to some of our methods, there’s a feeling we’re in the Champions league for the cheque.

Its the same phenomenon that has relegated us from being genuine title contenders to top four favourites. The Norwich debacle and this latest farce have highlighted how lean we really are. Great teams can play like we did and force a result but bad teams lose. Its sad that we’ve become a very bad team.

The writing was always on the wall that Huntelaar and Affelay were going to cause problems. To lose 2-0 and have them both on the scoresheet is really lame. Steve Bould has just gone from being a messiah to being just another guy in the technical area.

He’s taken a leaf out of the medical staff’s book on this one. How can we be that awful at home? A single shot on target in the entire game! What right does Santos have to be that bad? Our standards have continued to fall steadily over the years and there seems to be no sign that the trend will stop. Its laughable how far we’ve fallen.

The last really exciting team we had was the 2007/08 one that had Flamini, Hleb, Cesc and Adebayor. But even it surrendered an 8 point lead in February. I don’t think we’d even win the Capital One Cup if we played our full strength squad in it. With such a lack of class in so many departments, its hard to see any hope for silverware in this era.

If something major is not done in January to boost our personnel, we can expect another player exodus in the summer. Not the Chamahks and the Squillacis, they never leave. Its the Vermaelens and the Carzolas that step away. They’d rather go where there’s a shared vision to actually stay relevant than stay where all that matters is the money that Kroenke makes.

Highest season ticket, no silverware!

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