Fabregas returns on Thursday

Arsene Wenger has revealed that his captain is only days away from being welcomed back at the club.

Cesc Fabregas has been subject to a strong transfer pursuit from FC Barcelona, but despite the player’s indecisiveness, the Gunners have managed to somehow keep the 23-year-old as an Arsenal player.

And Wenger has revealed the World Cup winner will resume duty with Arsenal later this week.

But to those who expected some sort of ‘show’ or another big fuss about Fabregas’ return on Thursday – due to what has happened this summer – Wenger is not having any of that.

“[He returns on] August 5. There is no show. There is football. The only show in football is to play good football in the matches.” Wenger said.

“Cesc does that as well as everybody else. What can I say about that? I cannot master what is written in the newspapers, I can only master our decisions and that is it. Cesc has five years to go and that is it.”

Wenger also revealed that Fabregas, along with fellow World Cup finalist Van Persie, will not make the final pre-season game against Legia Warsaw on Saturday, but the duo are not ruled out of the Liverpool game.

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10 thoughts on “Fabregas returns on Thursday

  1. Honestly…I am not sure how eager Cesc is ….I think he should be released. Arsene should have sold him for Marquz, Milito, and Pedro!

  2. As much as the club, manager and fans want Fabregas to stay on but his heart is already elsewhere, might as well take this opportunity to cash on his current value to reinforce the squad with new signings. I do not foresee him staying long at The Arsenal. Better leave now than later.

  3. All GUNNARZ are happy 4 Cesc’s stay @ the Emirates.God richly bless all Arsenalians to win the EPL and the champions league.AMEN

  4. Kidz, I agree, but Barca are not willing or afford to pay that sum. Barca want this player on the cheap because he will not start a lot of the games at Barca. The other problem we have is finding a replacement for him. Nasri, looks like a good candidate, but we have to wait and see.

    Personally, I want him to stay, but I want the best for Arsenal and that is a healthy and successful club! If he wants to go and Barca are willing to pay his worth than pull the trigger.

    I hope, Cesc thinks really hard about this because it can damage his career IMO. Look what happened to, Adebayor, Hleb, Flamini, Reyes and others. They have had a hard time continuing their success following their Arsenal exit.

    Here is to a successful season for us! Cheers to all!

  5. Can you imagine what would happen if clubs genuflect to the whims and fancies of their players.There would be no need for contracts,just allow the players to join any club they wish to play for at any given time.No one held a gun to Cesc’s head to sign a long term contract with Arsenal,he must show respect and not fuel the fire by his public utterances about his and his family’s Barcelona heritage.I expect him to show his commitment to the club by his performance on the field in the upcoming season.

  6. Some one ahead of me has got it right. Willhe now show is commitment on the field. Hopfully the Manager will watch closely. If he does all well and good. If there is the slightest doubt then give him a chance I mean a managers tongue(!) If he doesn,t respond let him rot in the reserves untill Jan then let himgo. Some of the so called kids will surely (Wilshire evitually Ramsey and Co) will jump at their chance. We must not let this privaricator hold us hostage for season!!!!

  7. welcome back,am happy to see him play 4 Gunners ones again.i salute Arsen wenger 4 keeping Fabregas.

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