Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke appears to be interested in pumping some cash back into the cash following the effects of the current suspension of the season. 

With the season paused, new Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta now has a lot of time to plan out the best forms recruitment to restrengthen the squad that he inherited from Unai Emery.

But the coronavirus outbreak has brought about certain financial burdens, prompting the idea of players having take a pay cut.

Thus, the Daily Mail are claiming that owner Stan Kroenke is preparing a major cash injection to help soften the blow of the COVID-19 crisis which has seen revenue decrease at the Emirates stadium.

The report is also suggesting that Arteta has played a part in negotiating a deal with the players to accept a pay reduction, which could soon be initiated.

After previously being perceived as someone who is often reluctant to invest his own money into the club, owner Stan Kroenke appears to be changing his ways to an extent.

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