The outcome of an on-going poll on Red London appears quite fascinating.

“Which of these former Gunners who perhaps had unfinished business at Arsenal would you like to return?” was the question posed on the poll.

Given choices of former Gunners that voters could choose from were the likes of:

Alex Hleb – who sensationally joined Barcelona a year ago for presumably monetary motives.

Jose Antonio Reyes – who was perhaps rejected by Arsenal before refusing to return to England from a Madrid loan spell due to climate worries.

Nicolas Anelka – who shone as a teenager for the club and despite representing a host of European sides equally big as Arsenal, was voted as the 29th “Gunners’ Greatest Player” on last summer.

Mathieu Flamini – who was a late bloomer in north London, and following his peak season, repaid Arsenal with a non-profiting move to AC Milan.

And finally, Ashley Cole –  an Arsenal academy product who was not too short of a legendary tribute at his home club before ironically joining arch London rivals, Chelsea.

Percentages from the poll’s results are overwhelming.

Not a single soul would like to see Cashley (0%) in the red and white again, and those who desire a return for Anelka are as many as that of Alex Hleb – 6% and 5% respectively.

Jose Antonio Reyes (8%) is second wanted only to Mathieu Flamini who drew a whopping 77% of votes and the title of the most wanted former Gunners.

For a truly forgotten name prior to the 2007/08 season, it is now safe to say most gooners wouldn’t mind welcoming Flamoney back.


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