team’s defensive strategy on the pitch.

To be honest, concerns about Arsenal’s preparations for next season should not be primarily about Fabregas.

In fact, we should ask Arsene; can our defenders frustrate the opposition’s attackers?, can our midfielders work hard enough without the ball as much as they would with it?, can our striker(s) be strong enough to hold up play and take some pressure off our defense and midfield?

Forget Cesc, the real issue is our defensive unit – from GK, CB to DM!

Spain and Barcelona play that same carpet football we promote at Arsenal and their recent successes are proof that playing the game the way that it should be played can actually see you win.

But why do Spain and Barca achieve way more? That’s because they have a backbone. Watch Barca’s clash with us in the Champions League again, and you will notice that their players were more than eager to win the ball when they lost it. The pressure they pile on you while you are in possession, is equal to what they inflict when they have the ball.

Look at Spain also. People hail Spain for their pretty football, but ‘La Roja’ are world champions courtesy of 1-0 wins. 1-0 over Portugal, 1-0 over Paraguay, 1-0 over Germany and 1-0 over the Netherlands.

Yes, their attack could have been more prolific but what about their defense’s exploits?. If Puyol and Pique had been pushovers at the back, or had Casillas been flapping in goal, Portugal and most likely Germany would NOT have registered ‘nil’ on the scoreboard.

Surely, Spain would have been thrashed or sucker-punched before they even thought about scoring that one winning goal. Hmm…isn’t that what Arsenal suffered at the hands of Chelsea and United last season?

It’s as if Arsenal attack like a Lamborghini with no brakes – with the ‘Lamborghini’ analogy being how they are beautiful and free-flowing towards goal and the ‘no brakes’ referring to how they have little safety when they eventually lose the ball, allowing opponents so much time to sucker-punch them well.

Sort out the defense, then Fabregas!. With or without Cesc, we rarely 1-0!

Even Stewart Robson pointed out this issue on ESPN today…

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