One of Arsene Wenger’s former players has boldly stated that he is interested in a return to his old club.

Ian Wright, who was Arsenal’s highest scorer of all-time before Thierry Henry set a new rocord, left the club in 1998.

And with the Gunners currently struggling to compete, Wright has suggested he would be able to come back and provide some help for his old side even though Arsene Wenger might not approve his return.

“If Arsenal asked me to go there in any capacity, to do anything, I would go there.” he said

“At the end of the day, he’s got people around him that he loves.

“Gilles Grimandi, people like Robert Pires. Those people aren’t going to front him up. Martin Keown is the only one that’s fronted him in the last couple of years and he got him out.

“Told Martin to shut up, that he talks too much No-one around Arsene Wenger can front him up and say ‘you’re wrong.’”

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