Furious Ferguson questions Wenger (Picture of the Day)

During Friday’s press-conference, Alex Ferguson sensationally joked that Arsene Wenger “could run a poker school in Govan” after capturing Robin van Persie for a price which took a lot of negotiating.

But after Manchester United’s season opener at Everton where the much-hyped Van Persie failed to rescue them from defeat at Goodison Park, Ferguson is not joking anymore….

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106 thoughts on “Furious Ferguson questions Wenger (Picture of the Day)

  1. u no pay complete, dtz y i ddn’t gv u d manual, sry. except u pay again. idiot, u wan carry epl for our head

      1. Lol. kefe is Nigerian. They have this stupid way of shortening English words. That not being enough, he also combined it with the Nigerian pidgin English hence the utter gibberish above

    1. He said: “You paid only part-payment. So, I held on to VP’s manual till you pay again, or at least pay me the balance for his transfer fees. You idiot! You want to win the EPL trophy while we watch?”

  2. RVP is not the total solution for ManU, because the team needs vidic back and a creative midfielder. £70 million for a 4 year contract is a lot for a 29 year old striker wilth little resale value. I hope he stays fit, but his record is not good. United may not be transformed in to world beaters with his signing.

  3. Unconfirmed rumours circulating that van
    Persie has handed in a transfer request.
    He “doesn’t agree with the direction Man Utd
    are going.”

    1. He also tried to kick the ball into the net but the ball didn’t agree with the direction it was going so it went out.

  4. Fergie should be atleast happy that rotten van persie came out without injury, this is just the begining for rotten van persie.

  5. Fergi u have d wrong RVP on pitch, Wenger have make use of d original RVP last year, Sorry Fergi u dnt know between gud and bad. Wenger dnt give him d money back, let him ask Cazorla or Sahin

  6. One thing these coaches must understand is that the pattern played in arsenal is different from that played in man u …. i blv ferguson should study some rvps game with arsenal and may be he could learn how to use him

  7. Wenger sold the phone to manure and the charger to Barca, I wonder how the phone will operate

  8. Ferguson is getting senile with the formations he uses at times. He’s becoming incompetent & should retire or resign now before he’s being disgraced.

  9. Fergie forgot to sign song and walcot to assist rvp with those tap ins.100m for the 3 would have been wow.

  10. You are spot on the media are arsenal haters they slag us off for a nil nil draw
    but they will be so far up fergie’s arse tonight after manure getting slapped 1-NIL don’t read tabloids if you Want to know about AFC

  11. Sorry pals,its ‘caveat emptor’-let d buyer beware! I was so happy after seeing d match-d team made rotten vp’s goals but AF saw it differently.gud 4 him

  12. fantastic to see man utd lose as for rvp i think he got it wrong arsenal are going in the right direction his loss man utd and city trophyless this season its just the begining of utds downfall!!!

  13. You can’t win all the time. If MU continue to win the epl evry season and evry other season,I am going to guve up watching soccer. The reason for the red faced ‘s continual success is due to one word: refs.
    Unti the FA or the refs chief can give a 100% times 8 (800% guarantee) that the refs will be fair and not biased in favour of the rfc,then soccer will be more fun.

  14. that was d case with torres last season b4 he saved 4rm barca . fergie shld expect miracle at d end of d season

  15. remember that it was torres that saved chelsea 4rm barca. sir alex shld expect such miracle 4rm RVP

  16. fergie: hi wenger, i noticed RVP is best “player” out dere
    AW: so?
    fergie: i will like “it” to “play” for me
    Fergie: 24 mill
    AW: hmm ok, but no return policy
    Fergie: Deal?


    Fergie: you are a scam and i want my money back
    AW:idk wat you talking about? what money?
    AW:how am i a scam?
    Fergie: you sold me damaged item
    AW: Nooooooo, the i tem i sold to you wasnt damaged, it was well texted and you know dat ur self.
    Fergie: no its damage
    Fergie: i turn it on when i got home, the light came on but its not singing
    AW: oo i got you, you purchase song on it “SONG”
    Fergie: you didnt tell me that before
    AW: i thought u knew
    Fergie: you mean on itune
    Fergie: see scam, i know you askin for another money to sell me song
    AW: No Sir
    Fergie:hmmmm my Friend
    AW: yes
    fergie: ok, sell me the “song” you play on it
    AW: No
    Fegire: pls my friend, forget about the past and help me make this work
    AW: Sorry sir, im not thinkin about the past, if i considered the past btw us, i wouldnt have sold RVP to you in the first place
    AW: i just dont have “song” anymore, i sold it to FCB.
    Fergie: cant you get song back and tell FCB you made a mistake by selling den the song, or wat can you do for me?
    AW; i cant do that sir, i can only advice you to talk to FCB
    AW: explain the whole situation to them. they might show “messi” onto you by sellin selling you the song they have, as they have nothin to do with it. of-curse you no song cant not play by itself.
    Fergi: ok, pray for me
    Fergie: is that even a prayer?
    AW: im a professor not a pastor and dats all i wish my students comes exams time.
    Fergie:ok, atleast u tried to help
    AW: Np
    Fergie:scammer, he didnt even say bye, he just hung up


  17. “During Friday’s press-conference, Alex Ferguson sensationally joked that Arsene Wenger “could run a poker school in Govan” with the profits gained from the sale of Robin van Persie.”

    Someone didn’t understand the comment.

  18. After being massacred by Everton, Sir Alex Ferguson is planning to bring it more strikers in the name of Messi, Neymar, Drogba and Diego Forlan, to beef up his attack.

  19. lol.. where is the 1999 strike force now alex ferguson?

    arsenal drew against sunderland and we are in crisis.. but man utd lost vs everton with such great strikers.. no crisis???????????

  20. Hahaha…rvp the ambitious man..fergie sorry u just brought badluck into ur team.who knws maybe his d reason we av gone trophy drought cuz since his arrival at d emirate we av not won a trophy…IN WENGER I TRUST..!

  21. Yeah…dat’s a handwork of a nigerians…..jst 2 tel u hw angri we r wif van persie……a nigerian did dat nd pasted on facebook

  22. Nice one guy. just the beginning. arsenal draw they said rvp departure is the reason. now man u lost nobody is talking again. the media are so bias .

  23. Memo dat quod non habet means ‘you can’t give what you don’t have’.I love the way the scums lost yesterday, that will be a bitter pill to swallow afteral they have world-class strikers! Money don’t score goals Fegie, strikers do!

  24. R.V.P can not solve M.A.N U’s problem rather give them a proplem… This is a player that is old and injury groin player.. Who broke his ankel and spend lot of time 2recover after passing tru operation wher a piece of placenta was used to strengthen the ankle… And mind u Arsenal make is entertaing and nd stressless not like of man u…

  25. Feg.4get it,u av empty in midfield and wthout dis no vp.seek 4 wot 2 do now frm aw b4 is 2 late.U BUY VP WITHOUT COLLECTING D KEYS,SO PAY 4 D KEYS.

  26. this is a true fact….cavaet emptor….meaning, let the buyer beware…… Van persie and manchester united,this is just the begining. U guyz will continue to loss matches as long as the season continues. Lwkmd…..

  27. wea iz ua memory fergie u thrash afc ur trophyless u steal afcs best that’s jst the beginin Arsene knew

  28. we cant start downsizing man u over one match. but one thing for sure is that he(van p) wont replicate his last season antics at arsenal at man u.which brings the question, who is going to be taking the penalties at man u?

  29. I know RVP Will be fit for fulham match on saturday,but man united did not have central dence

  30. LOL, without the manual, he is van persie who plays for Holland, not van persie who plays for Arsenal..

  31. Wht fergie shuld check his invoice good,s sold money nt refoundable so he shuld knw hw 2 manage d waste product he bott 4rm d proffessor of d game gud luck 2 him sha

  32. AW: Is not so stupid neither the board to sale VP especially to ManU definitely they know what they are doing.
    Anyway season just begin… We will see

  33. SOLD AS SEEN BUDDY! You knew the mileage, you knew the age, you knew the “service” history – you pay your money you make your choices – after all you bought Berbatov just because he’d agreed to fly to manchester to discuss terms with Citeh – I pray RVP doesnt end up like him, that would be a sad story….

    Arsenal cant score without RVP……or RVP cant score without Arsenal?

  34. Actually, Arsenal were very clever in preparing the manual. The put “30 goals per season” clause first and put the “performs at optimum once in 8 seasons after 4 or 5 season injuries” clause, right at the end of the manual. Apparently Mr. Fergie has not read that part.

  35. to be honest i dont know why so many non uk people come on and comment like they know arsenal, i would never support a club thats not even in my country so why do you? im baffled they have never even been to a game, can anyone tell me why people would want to support a team that they never see as they are clearly not a “real supporter”

    1. Martin,

      Because you are a fool and your comment sounds like an American used to be. THere is the UK and soemthign out there. Maybe you need to realise the world has become quite small and very international. The PL is an international commodity via TV and among many things this is what pays to allow it to be one of teh best ort the best league in the world. If it only would be shown in the UK, you would only see a fraction of the players as teh clkubs simpy could not afford them as there would be no TV payment. No as people are paying to watch EPL and other they take up teams to support. Maybe hard for you to understand, but i fyou try you migh tget it. If not, just saty in your hole, you bloody fool.

  36. ferguson is a foolish old man, he wanted 2 d best striker, and we gave him, not knowing dat RVP has given his best already 2 Arsenal. He is enjoying his money. U hav been there all the days when he suferd injuries upon injuries, u hav never consider saying sorry 2 him, until God bless Arsenal with a wonderful season through him, now u want him.

  37. hahaha!how can ferguson buy a car without an engine?RVP without Alex Song & theo walcott]!hahaha!mmmm!really looking forward 2 the showdown with united!Back 2 the rivalry days when Viera & Keane Used 2 have a go at each other on the tunnel!this time it’s gonna be the verminator against vidic!i can’t wait!And RVP,u better not wear a united jersey especially at the Emirates coz if you do……….JUDAS ESCARIOT!

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