may be hard to believe now, but Gareth Bale was a gooner not too long ago.

Tottenham Hotspur’s hot prospect who was on fire at Norwich City yesterday has had his childhood secret revealed by an old friend.

Bale’s Welsh compatriot Sam Warburton, who is now captain of his nation’s rugby team, claims the much-hyped left winger was a fan of Arsenal when they were back in school.

Both athletes received their education at Whitchurch High School as teenagers and according to Warburton, Gareth Bale was passionate about his current rivals Arsenal during those days.

Of course, before his 18th birthday in 2007, Bale was recruited by Tottenham from Southampton, a year after the Gunners had also snapped up Theo Walcott from the saints.

Bale and old mate Warburton

And while Bale will be happy with praise from his childhood friend about his talent, the 22-year-old may not be too pleased to hear Warburton’s revelation about him.

“He was head and shoulders above everyone in the school team at Whitchurch. He was phenomenal.” Warburton said

“My dream was to play at White Hart Lane but for Gareth, he supported Arsenal. We would always have a bit of a banter about Tottenham and Arsenal in school.” he added.

Warburton did admit that he doubts the Tottenham favourite – who has scored three goals against Arsenal since joining Spurs – is still passionate about the Gunners.

“I am not sure if he is (an Arsenal fan) anymore though. I will have to check on that” Warburton chuckled.

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