Gooners, this could make you emotional

gunners do it

This will take you back to the up and downs of the season that just passed. After watching, please share your favourite moments from the 2012/13 campaign with us.


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28 thoughts on “Gooners, this could make you emotional

  1. Dont give me goosbumps was lucky to get 4th and we fcked up 2 teams in domestic cups we should smash

    1. always the positive crowd, Arsenal fans 🙂 Get over it already, we finished 4th in the league, we are in the Champions League, we got money to spend and we got an exciting young team.

      1. Were not in cl.were in cl qualifiying rounde also i go to arsenal games and when we play a team of the park like we did vs rovers and rovers have one shot on goal. Its not good

    2. Shut the Fuck up you negative twat! Arsenal were not lucky to Finnish 4th, look at Arsenals superior goal difference compared to Totenhams, then you soon realise Arsenal were a all round better team. Arsenals defensive away record was second to none, despite the pathetic immature inaccurate critacism and without Bale, Spurs are a mid table team. I suggest you join the other ignorant negative Arsenal supporters and Fuck off.

  2. didnt enjoy the calamity which was the beginning of the video, 2nd part watched with a shrug. definitely didnt get me emotional. its bloody history. lets see how we fare next season

  3. Brought back many feelings, the most poignant being relief! All the above comments are correct in their own right. We should be doing better and cannot continue on this “glass half full” ethos. However we showed grit to get back into the top four which we really had no right being in considering we was 10pts off at one point! Last season should only be celebrated as a platform of progression! Another season like the last 3 will be disastrous! There is cause for real optimism this time round lets just hope there isn’t the usual anti-climax. #red until we’re dead

  4. look our squad was the weakest in yrs what can you expect we sold rvp our best player bought Giroud who is average Pod who never plays 90 mins cazorla theo got 4th for me plus mert and kos being in great form for last 10 games I cant believe we got it still even we need some serious signings ox needs to be played a lot more higuan,fellaini,CB,RB,nani premote akpom,aneke,gnabry,eilsfield then im sure a trophy and top four be well on the cards up arsenal please arsene sign extension and buy big you have to money from what I hear.

    1. Fair enough, but it still gets on my wick to read that we sold Van Prostitute; okay, well we did bit only bcause the goofy grey haired cnut had fluttered his eyelashes and primped his buttocks at the manc clubs and made it clear he wasn’t going to sign for us. What choice did the club have but to sell him?

  5. My love for this club is like battling a disease, no matter what they do I will ALWAYS be behind this club. Fuck I love Arsenal

  6. What a quality finish to the season is all. simply amazed at how much difference a bit of belief running through a side can have at the very top level. without that bayern victory i am in no doubt that the season would have been disasterous. the fact is that this side is not that far away and dont need the total overhaul some are asking for. add 3 players of quality a couple of names and this should have the belief running through the side from the start of the season. championship form at the back end proves this side can cut it. come on you gunners !!!!!

  7. piss poor season. extremely lucky to get 4th yet again. To me its only 4th, better than 5th yes but a million miles from being a team that realistically challenges for the title.

    If we buy some top,top quality players maybe we will fight for 2nd or 3rd next season…

  8. It’s football guys, when you have followed Arsenal as long as I have I you remember the mid-table days and the boring boring tag which was well deserved. Whichever way you cut it the team plays mostly entertaining football and is capable of winning if they can find consistency shown at the latter part of last season.

  9. Best part of the season… watching the Spuds cheer a Newcastle goal that never was… ahh, their poor little faces when they realised… Priceless. Ha, ha, ha.

  10. I just have one thing to say mr scrooge must spend the money he has to strengthen the team where ever there is weakness and dont give us anymore bullshit

  11. It’s true we were unbeaten in 10 of our last games last season but none of those matches was against a top english team. Arsene just have to buy Gonzalo Hgn and fellaini Marouane if we would dare dream.

  12. Arsenal were not lucky to finish 4th. They would have been very unlucky to finish outside the CL places. Why? because they have qualified in all past 15 years. analysis. that record alone says arsenal are more likely to qualify for CL than pretender teams like spurs, everton, Liverpool (past two decades), and it implies Arsenal would have been exteremely unlucky to not qualify. This also means Spurs would have been very lucky to qualify!

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