Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry insists Jose Mourinho is still likely to have the last laugh against Arsene Wenger despite Sunday’s result.

The two managers have shared a fierce rivalry which began with Mourinho’s arrival in England more than a decade ago.

Ahead of this weekend’s clash at the Emirates stadium, Wenger had never managed to defeat Mourinho in a Premier League match.

And even though that run was finally brought to an end as the Gunners won 2-0 on Sunday, Henry insists Mourinho could use success in the Europa League to claim the upperhand over Wenger at the end of this season.

“That’s what he’s waiting for,” the Sky Sports pundit said

“To say at the end of the day we are going to be in the Champions League.

“‘I knew we were going to win it and have two trophies.

“So you find yourself in the situation where he’s going to have the last laugh at the end of the day.

“I’m sure he’s waiting to tell us he was right!”

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