How Adebayor failed in copying Henry on Saturday

Once Wright-Philips’ cross found no one else but an unmarked Emmanuel Adebayor yesterday, the outcome was inevitable.

Several ex-Gunners have returned to haunt mother club Arsenal and that feat repeated on Saturday.

Anelka and Aliadiere are most recent culprits and another man with the letter “A” heading his name headed in a goal to prove a point to the club where he was manufactured into a recognized footballer.

But in Adebayor’s case, he chose to be innovative with his goal celebration.

Neither Anelka nor Aliadiere could help but claim plaudits when they scored, but for Adebayor, he had dreamt to taunt his old fans. And so he did.

Once he began his unending sprint across the pitch, there was only one memory that sprung into mind. And that was the famous ‘Henry vs Tottenham’ moment.

Similarly, Adebayor ended his race by sliding towards the faces of the opposition’s fans.

But he may now realize that was a Henry imitation gone bad, because he faced a much different fate from that of Arsenal’s icon after that choice of celebration.

Unlike Adebayor, Henry did not attract random objects when he arrived in front of his rival fans, he did not cause a major feud in the stands, neither did the FA decide to sanction him, and the image of the incident was revered by most of the football world afterwards.

He may have occasionally finished like Henry in front of goal, but will hardly get away with imitating him in front of rival fans.

These were not Tottenham fans he insulted.

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11 thoughts on “How Adebayor failed in copying Henry on Saturday

  1. I say we stop talking about Ady until he comes to the Em in April. I don’t want to give that fucking asshole any credit for anything he ever did with us or will ever do at Shitty.

    Beyond that, the good thing to look ahead at is the fact that the next 6 BPL games are all winnable! By then we should have a fully fit team with Nasri, Theo, Thomas, AA and Vela all coming back.

    Take a win vs WIgan, go to Fulham then Blackburn, Birmingham, West Ham, home vs Spuds, Wolves, Sunderland and then a big home game with Chelsea.

    We can easily grab 24 points out of that. Let’s just see how this young team fights back from the recent trips to Manchester.

  2. Ade had often tried to imitate Hendry but I feel that they are miles apart. In terms of professionalism, Hendry still maintain a very good rapport with the club, manager and players. He still speaks highly of The Arsenal with great fondness. What he had achieved with The Arsenal is truly a class act. The Arsenal fans still hold high regards of him whereas as far as Adebayor is concern, he will forever be remembered as scumbag. In short, he isn’t even fit enough to tie the boot laces of Hendry.

  3. Randy can we start a blog wide removal of everything Ady? Anyone who brings up his name should be punished.

    ha- I still think we got the better of the deal. I don’t want a player like that one my team.

  4. it also shows how classy Arsenals players and manager are for not reacting out of hate and keeping their cool.

  5. I love arsenal with all my heart…but to be honest what we did to ADEBAYOR whas nothing better than what he did to our fans….i must say that we do that to a lot of our players like Bendtner, eboue and co…we do not support them a lot…when we are winning we support them but when we lose a game we turn against them…when they need most support we dont give them enough support…we are letting them down…i must say that i havent seen such bad fans ever…….if only i lived in london i would go to every game and cheer for them…do not hate me for this…i am just saying what everybody is thinking…..and i must say that we look a way better then last season….rosicky is back…and we missed him a lot …..nasri,walcott they are all coming back….we gone be good…..gunner-till-the-end

  6. I do agree shika…I am often disgusted by the way our fans act…often times it seems that the only thing they ever get passionate about is ripping their players a new one

  7. I just cannot imagine if the studs of Adebayor’s boot landed on Robin’s eye and caused permanent damaged. I would think that as far as Robin’s football career and ambition is concern, it is over lest someone donates an eye to him like in the case of Gordon Banks ( The best England keeper of all time ). I feel very disgusted of Adebayor’s irresponsible actions.

  8. I’m not even to comment about that (once my favorite)..sumbag player! I just hope he gets what’s coming to him!

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