‘I feel sorry for Sanchez coming to this club’


It is only pre-season right?

Well not according to this Gooner! A regular at the Emirates stadium, Claude is never shy to vent his thoughts after an Arsenal match but this one will have you expressing your own thoughts.

Following the 1-0 defeat to AS Monaco on Sunday, the Arsenal fan was left in some serious bashing mood.

But is he right?

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65 thoughts on “‘I feel sorry for Sanchez coming to this club’

  1. erm…..how ridiculous? Pre-season and people are already jerking the knee. We beat Benfica 5-1, so I’ll settle for that quite happily.

  2. This boob needs to buy larger y-fronts – the blood flow to his brain is obviously impeded. That “lump” took a Carvalho knee hard into his lower back, early on.

    1. giroud is the worst striker i have seen…with giroud upfront arsenal won’t win league or champions league…the people supporting giroud are actually wenger supporters or they haven’t seen any decent strikers in life…it is a pity to think that once we had king Henry spearheading our attack and now we have that embarrassing giroud

      1. Absolutely spot on been saying it since last year, he is awful his pass rate must be in the 50% range, he is slow has no real presence for a big bloke, and his chance conversion rate is awful, we need big players in big games, and Giroud goes missing and gives the ball away too often !!

      2. Stop talkin out ya ass…. Really. Have you ever played football in your life. Probably not. Gotta love arm chair fans. Giroud ain’t Henry but far from crap. You need to wake up and smell the coffee mate #twat

  3. Unfortunately, yet another moron who happens to support Arsenal and is a given a forum by Arsenal Tv or blogs such as this so the world can see what an imbecile he is.
    Sanchez will have Ozil and Ramsey behind him giving him passes.
    This teat of a fan needs to jog on and STFU!

    1. He wasn’t insulting Sanchez or the club, he was venting his anger at how useless Giroud is. He even clearly said Sanchez should be used as the main striker because Giroud Just can’t cut it in big and important games. I mean I like the striker, but I’m not so blind that I can’t see that his not top class. He might have scored 20 plus last season, but how many of those goals were scored on the big stage against a top team? A striker that is known for assist more than scoring is not meant to be leading the team into next season. I know most people who read this might get angry, but the truth is the truth. We might not need a new striker, but Giroud should not be the main striker, more like a support for Sanchez.

  4. spot on! The thought of bearing him for another season is even worse! he is un bearable! how can he be our main striker yet the other top 8 teams have better strikers than us and Wenger seriously expects us to challenge for honors with him! If he stays he should be played on performance merit, he’s just not good enough and true! l’d also rather see Sanogo, Campbell and the most clinical and neglected striker at Arsenal coz he’s not french Podolski before him! meaning with open competition l expect him to be 4th in pecking order!

    1. the biggest point that everyone is missing is that we need a left back. the thought of monreal being the second in command in left back gives me the creaps. monreal must be sold immediatly

  5. sanchez

    reus ozil walcott
    ox quintero sanchez
    campbell zelalem ox

    ramsey carvalho
    ox wilshere
    diaby diaby

    gibbs koscienly chambers debuchy
    ? mertasacker bellerin


    63m out 72m in

  6. Personally, Giroud is not a Striker!. He got that right. He alsdo got the fact that we need a DM right too!! In fact, he got everything right!!!

  7. Giroud should leave! Gd bt nt at arsenal standards

    Arteta/diaby shld leave to creat room for a new holding

    Monreal shld leave and get a new competition for gibbs

    Then get a replacement for TV5

  8. A clinical striker if we a to challange. Being a french however, they learn nothing and forget nothing from their past. We a back to the same wooes with Giroud as our target man. Sory arsenal fans

  9. Negative analyses. One march and you are critical of a player who never missed a single match last year- am rather taken aback. Arsenal is the team to beat this year.

  10. i hate lazy giroud. I can imargine am going to lament like last yes. Yeeee wenger u have no heart for others. Seat him on the bench.

  11. In all honesty he sounded like a spud supporter to me, I didn’t know we had whinging fxxks like him supporting our club???

  12. Wow! A real hater! Wonder how Giroud is feeling looking at this Italian saying his 22 goal contribution last season qualifies him to be ….. ‘Useless’. Yes I’d like for us to get a new formidable striker this summer not because Giroud is useless but because it is wise to have options upfront

  13. sanchez is a good player, the performance displayed yesterday was not excellent because he still has the tension from the fan expectations in his debut appearances and also has not yet partnered with his classic team mates like ozil. watch the space, you wont believe his performance!!

  14. i think he should make an impact their is nothing to be sorry of, in football anything can happen. And as “true” fans, we should embrace all results

  15. Some people are just funny, i.e. they tend to talk hemlessly in the name of giving their opinion, even when they know well well that it does not count nor does it add value to the team performance. They are pestimist

  16. Wenger Giroud is not good enough for Arsenal. Sanchez and Sanogo are better options.That is evident in the Emirates Cup. Please wakeup

  17. He’s not wrong is he? He’s hit the nail on the head with his comments. Like Claude, i’d rather have Sanogo than Giroud…as bad as he is normally, at least he runs!!!

  18. Giroud would better sell as model….not a footballer
    I don’t see him a footballer at all!!!

  19. Stop worrying will you. Still a month to go on the transfer market, im sure we will get our holding midfielder, because if we don’t, the big clubs will go straight through our midfield, so hold your moaning until start of the season, and that person the other day who said jack Wiltshire would make a good holding fielder, don’t make me laugh, you touch him he is always on the floor. NO!!. Im sure we will get our man.
    With the emirates paid off, we are heading for the good old times.

  20. giroud has got more number of assists + goals together in the last season than any other player.How can u people jump on him always,i should say that ozil was below par than og with huge amount spending on that fellow

  21. After a summer where Wenger has popped the lid on the savings jar there has got to be a concerted push to win big trophies. Net spend of £56m which is higher than any other team if it blows up as usual post Christmas then manager has to walk.

  22. What a thick old plank! Hasn’t got a clue and can hardly string a sentence together. People like this shouldn’t be allowed to be interviewed.

  23. I love the fact that Sanogo has had about 5-6 diabolical games, and one cracker, then all of a sudden he’s the answer to all of our problems. Arsenal fans are idiots.
    Also, to the bloke who said that we used to have Henry up front. We also used to have Eddie McGoldrick and Stephen Morrow in our team. What is your point, you absolute plank!?

  24. You people play too much Fifa and forget the human element.. Wenger has the opportunity to see these players on a daily basis and make educated decisions.. keep faith in your players and they could surprise you

  25. He is right. Giroud is hopeless. Sanchez and Ozil’s assists will go down bec the guy cannot finish the great chances they provide him. He is not good enough. He may have scored twenty but with the number of chances he had last season, he should be closer to thirty. He is just wasteful.

  26. What a complete cock. And that “Arsenal fan TV” is a load of puerile bollocks as well.

  27. If people analyze Giroud’s general performance last season, he could of don’t better if Wenger managed him properly. Giroud became very flat during games after the xmas period, due to tiredness. Wenger over played Giroud and I think he did well to score the 20+ goals as well as assists last season. Indeed I don’t think Giroud is the world class type of striker Arsenal need but he doesn’t deserve the pathetic un analitical

  28. Typical! Another impatient and immature so called fan. 39 goals in 2 seasons and now lots of marquee signings to help with the load. Seriously this bell end needs to buy a blue and white scarf.

  29. All you Slags don’t know fuck all! Especially that Italian mug in the interview! Thierry Henry is a legend-what player b4 him could step in his shoes?? Smith?? Hartson?? Not even Ian wright could step in Thierry shoes(hate to say it) b4 wenger came to this club we wasn’t nothing to what we are now! Wenger is a legend!! It’s only pre season any way you knob jockey slags!!! If I see that mug in the interview I will tell him about himself then maybe headbutt him! I’ve had a season ticket since 1996, I’m 27years old, thank you mr wenger for all the good memories and building our club to be known world wide!

  30. much has He did for us Last season,Giroud is not yet a striker we can rely on.WE need Alexis Up front!!

  31. Girourd IS AWFUL his finishing is too bad he is very slow and sluggish His chance coinversion rate is the worst His ball control in the final third is un acceptable HE can not be compared to other good strikers in premiership like AGUERO DZEKO VAN PERSIE ROONEY BENTEKE BONY ETC who will swcore 50 goals if they were in ARSENAL with aqll the creative midfield talents that we have IN conclusion GIROURD IS NOT UPTO arsenal standard at all and its only because he is french and if wenger keeps using him as our first choice striker we willpray he gets 6 years injury HE keeps missing in big games and he did not score a single goal against any of the top four teamsd last season WENGER YOUR LOYALTY SHOULD BE TO ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB AND NOT A SINGE PLAYER lastly please WLSHERE IS TOO OVER RATED and can not be a holding midfielder otherwise twelve goals will be scored against us per match by the top four like last year

  32. It’s pre season and any result , good or bad , means nothing . Claude seems a prime arse and unfortunately there are too many of his kind at The Arsenal these days . Just read the comments above and you will see the evidence . Giroud has scored 20+ goals last season and that is a worthy . I would prefer to see us play with two up front and Alexis and Theo can also play through the middle as well as wide and the facts are we have several choices for each position , which means competition , no bad thing .
    Claude , the World sees you as a prize arse , I think they have understated your efforts in this regard .

  33. sanogo is better than Giroud.No skill,one on one he cannot take out a defender. he should be a supporting striker.He is not good at all.

  34. Jst 1match u tink u can kill giroud wit ur hatred his is nt gonna die bt he will still finish top arsenal scorer dis season again wit a more higher goals tally and win the epl golden boot i knw dis comment hurts his haterz alot. Ur wishes cnt jst cum true 4 giroud 2 be a bench warmer even in ur mind u knw it UP GUNNERS!!!

  35. All this talk of Giroud not being to arsenal standard ??? Have you gays been watching the same arsenal team? We won our first trophy in 10years!! Get with reality. He scored more than remy(£10-20m) negredo(£30m), saldado(£28m) Lukaku(£28m) van Perdue (£25m) I know RVP was injured for a couple of months but Giroud(£12m) he will score 15-20plus league goals a season and now with Sanchez supporting him, Walcott, podolski, Campbell and sanogo we won’t have to play him 36games of the season, hopefully we will see the best of Giroud.. I’m not disagreeing with the point of arsenal should have a world class striker up ther but we haven’t so let’s get behind our players. I remember the arsenal fans telling me Ramsey ain’t good enough??? Theo Walcott was shit for 4years but because he’s English we gave him as long as he needed to adapt… So basically shut your shitty mouths unless you have something decent to say! Most you cunts ain’t ever been to a game!

  36. Both are idiots. One for interviewing this tit, and the other for being a drunk, unintelligible, and inattentive fan. Giroud ate for days upfront when the midfield was healthy. He also created monstrous chances for others.

  37. Is Giroud a topic here?? I can smell plastic fans around here, sanogo better than Giroud?? Omg so if Akpom or Aneke get a chance to score some weak goals you gonna say is better than sanogo or giroud. Wake up u morons, we have seen games without Giroud how we suffer…tho he is not a nice scorer but he make alot of chances for otherz to score goals. We have seen poldi up front, sanogo, but When it comes back to Olivier?? He holds the opponent defence n control it all thats why u can see Aaron scores, poldi scores, even wilshere. Lets hope he find his target in nets.

  38. This guy is why other clubs supporters think we have plastic fans.
    He’s an idiot. Stop giving him publicity!
    It’s a pre-season kick about with a couple of our best players still on holiday!
    Yes Giroud isn’t the best striker in the world, but he’s far from crap.
    Arsenes business this & last summer (Ozil) has been great. He’s kept us in the Top4 with no cash. Now we have cash, you watch us go forward.

  39. Claude is a passionate fan, but he’s exactly the reason why if I was the club I wouldn’t bow to any pressure from them regarding the running of the team. Last season all he did was call Sanogo a postman. Like many fans we’re up one day and down the next. Thankfully we’ve got some level headed people running the club that won’t take these opinions too seriously.

  40. Claude ur a fucking idiot ., who don’t know shit about football and who r u to have giroud in the team or not and go look at the stats for arteta since his been playing for arsenal you fool .,

  41. Hey y’all big ups to AFC.Giroud has gone from worse to bad last season so lets just hope he goes from bad to good.If y’all had been watching Arsenal’s games wit your heads,you’d see that our last season goals came from attack not from the mid field.I just wish Giroud goal luck this season.

  42. Please stop interviewing this idiot coz he always jinks arsenal football club and this Claude guy has realy got it in for giroud coz in all his interviews he keeps putting giroud down so who ever interviews him can u please stop , we arsenal fans are ashamed of having this idiot as a arsenal fan ., what a dick .!

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