‘I think this club is the new Arsenal’

https://i1.wp.com/farm9.staticflickr.com/8532/8607009183_f38cc135e3.jpg?resize=286%2C276If there is a new version of Arsenal in the Premier League, it would have to be Newcastle United.

That is according to Moussa Sissoko, who feels the Magpies’ growing amount of recruits from France is enough to brand them as the ‘new Arsenal’.

The 23-year-old became the tenth Frenchman in Newcastle’s squad after joining them during the January transfer window, but considering how the likes of yesterday’s Robert Pires and today’s Olivier Giroud have all graced the Premier League during Arsene Wenger’s time, it is easy to compare Alan Pardew’s new group of Ligue 1 stars to that of Arsenal’s well known French contingent.

And Sissoko sees the similarity.

“I was a bit surprised that so many French players signed here (for Newcastle). I think this club is the new Arsenal because there are so many French players. ” Sissoko said

Two assists, coupled with three goals in seven league games have witnessed the former Toulouse man take England by storm since arriving a couple of months ago, attracting praises and comparisons to former Arsenal skipper and midfield general Patrick Vieira.

But Sissoko, who recently admitted that he once dreamed of playing in Arsenal colours, claims his childhood role model was actually that same man he is now compared to, Vieira.

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“I was inspired by him, by his game and his success.” Sissoko said

“He had a great career and I would be happy to achieve half of what he did. It would be a dream if I can do even better than him..” he added

7 thoughts on “‘I think this club is the new Arsenal’

  1. i dont think we have that many french players anymore. By my count we have Giroud, Squillaci, Koscielny, Diaby, Coquelin and Sagna, we almost have the same number of english/british players as we do french. if anything our team could become more spanish/german in the next few years according to the transfer gossip

    1. Yes, gone are the days when they used to blame us for fielding all French, no English line-ups!

  2. I aint surprised Arsenal have a large Gallic presence. The boss is French. Naturally
    he is French oriented. And he knows the French guys are cheaper compared tothe English bull dogs.

  3. yes you can compare them in some ways to Arsenal, but defo not on the pitch, success and league standings. They probably have a great team but the manager is the failure and giving him such a massive contract will be their downfall… Its all about the Manager thats why ours is so important and nothign like any other club we are unique and I love them for it!

  4. That handbrake off approach yesterday was a joy to watch. if it wasn’t for the finishing we could’ve won 8-2! 😀

  5. No surprise if we see Arsenal in the next transfer window recruit Spanish, Germans, Polish, South American!
    It will take Arsenal to be more of a cosmopolitan footballing club!!
    It will be very interesting!!

  6. This guy is absolute class, I watched him play for Toulouse he has it all: pace, power, dynamic. I do not know why Wenger never went for him rather than risk it on Diaby. He is still fairly young and only cost a pittance.

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