Interview: Arshavin’s reaction to Everton riot Arshavin was one man unlucky not to get on a crowded score sheet today – especially on the evidence of Arsenal’s sixth goal – but the Russian helped pull off a dream start to the new season.

And speaking to his personal website after the final whistle, the 28-year-old gave his reaction to the Gunners’ impressive start to the campaign at Goodison Park.

How about this for a victory on the first day of the season?

[A.A]: It could seem from one side that the game was formed for us easily. From the other side, this victory indicates the fact that we were prepared well for the first match. All three chances which we used in first half left me in no doubt that the game was already done after just 45 minutes. In the second half, we accurately used our chances again. And it is pleasant to begin the season like this.

How was it playing against men who are very good in the air today?

[A.A]: Simply what I expected from defenders. Usually in the Premier league this is what you face and there are even taller men out there.

You it did not really storm Goodison Park apart from Arsenal’s last goal…

[A.A]: The fans should understand. The beginning of the season is always about hope. And suddenly the game becomes harder as you play on and most footballers don’t like that. They play for the fans. They do not want to lose.  Moreover this was only the first game in the season. Also, we used all our chances today and for Everton they did not do so. But even in Zenit, I did not see that many fans leave the stadium before the end.

After the game, do you think the Everton fans may say the last time you came to Merseyside, you scored four on Liverpool but you couldn’t score one against Everton?

[A.A]: This is fact.

Did your four goals at Liverpool get you carried away?

[A.A]: It can be. But if you are serious, it is better not to get carried away and just use it to be happy and command the game.

Within a few days, Arsenal have a big Champions League game at Celtic, how about that?

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[A.A]: I do not feel fearful or think it will be easy ahead of it. But after today, we are confident going into that match.

8 thoughts on “Interview: Arshavin’s reaction to Everton riot

  1. All the pundits predicted it would be a draw!
    i myself, well i wasn’t too sure

    so we all came to see & then we saw – a fantastic display, lets hope there’s plenty more.

    it has been a real bore stranded in the football wilderness while the media has tried to make cricket & tennis seem exciting, (there’s just no substitute for the great game) but this was well worth the wait. it was good to see the players & Wenger not making too much of the result in the after match interviews as this is the attitude of focus with determination & an example for us fans to follow.
    i’m savouring this moment though with a smile that has been a stranger to my face for too long.

  2. As an Evertonian, I rue the day that you guys signed Arshavin after long-term interest from us. You got a world-class player. And quite simply today, he was a class above anyone wearing blue. But then so were most of the Arsenal players.

    It hurts me to see Everton lost like this, but if one of the big 4 has to win the title, I’d hope it was Arsenal.

  3. Arshavin will be great i got the feeling Everton was hoping on shutting him out, only to be surprised by others. i hope he and Eduardo play more and more together i think that will be the seasons deadliest pairing, i also liked song’s role Diaby should add to his physic and defensive traits and i will agree with the boss that arsenal wont need to buy any one for the DM position

    Besides the 6-1 results i think there will be plenty more surprises, i would rather have jack wilshere’s inspiration than keep a disgruntled adebayo. all the kids are sure talented and should deliver with the guidance of arshavin, cesc, RVP, and us the fans, we need to put our signature behind the team. my advise to wenger would be that he needs to manage the fans more like Mourinho did, to some how win the game off the pitch as well as on it. remember the unbeatable run, half those games were won in the tunnel, and Man U’s three trophies were also won by the same token, we need to do something like that.

  4. alright, i have to say it: bendtner wasn’t as infuriating as usual. in fact, that little move that set up the denilson goal was nice. basic, but nice. anyone?

  5. What will thw boss do today . Suggst Diaby in for Fabregas – he is big and strong to counteract there physicalgame. Then whenthey are worn down perhap second half bring in Ramsey with speed and slick passing. Probably the rest of the team picks itself.

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