Is this picture why Spurs are doing better than us this season?

Sometimes a team just improves when the manager looks good…

All plaudits to Harry Redknapp for his new makeover, but do you think him looking better along with Arsenal’s local rivals will keep Spurs in the title hunt for long this season?

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21 thoughts on “Is this picture why Spurs are doing better than us this season?

  1. Not only that.They don’t waste time passing one thousand times .The crucial difference is,imho,they shoot on sight. The gunners are ina trance in the penalty area and when they shoot,there are many bodies to protect the goal as in the Fulham game.

    1. So far this season the Spuds have had 6.7 shots on target per game, Arsenal 6.5. They’ve also had 18.5 shots per game to Arsenal’s 17. So Arsenal are also more accurate. Arsenal have a higher successful number of dribbles, tackles, etc etc. So have another go mate cos your first stab in the dark was wrong

  2. Well the table doesn’t lie. It would not surprise me if Spurs win th epl or finish above Arsenal.What then?The season has four months more to go and don’t think Arsenal have a divine right to the cl. If thi s were to happen it it will be a watershed.

    1. No watershed; Spurs are having a very good year, we are having a bad year, had to happen sometime. Looking at the basics, we are in a much better position than the spuds; stadium, revenues and manager. Wenger has the club and its future at heart, Harry only himself; look how he is whoreing himself for the national team. They’ll finish below us again next year onwards

  3. Haha Genius! The spuds midfield is just unreal this year, even as a gunner i take my hat off to them. I do feel that they lack depth though and when injuries do occur they will eventually break down in the second half of the competition. UP GUNNERS!

  4. Spurs to finish above Arsenal?u r kiding me…remember villa in a couple of years back. where were they around this time and at the end of the season?we were about 10pts clear of them…Remember spurs have to go to city,chelsea,liverpool,everton,WBA and the emirates during the hottest part of the season while we play chelsea,city,united,spurs at home…UP Gooners!!

  5. lol. doesnt matter whether they fall apart or not, arsenal MUST collect points….they could fall apart, but would we do enuff to take advantage….donno, i jus hope so….besides, theres a few descent teams on our heals

  6. Did you watch Livermore? I think they are looking really good, especially at home. While we are rather tame at home.

  7. i won,t say it again.but mark my word if we do secured 4th position then is an keep saying the top teams still hve to play us at the emirate,but hw many games hve we won at hme this season.hw home record ìs nt even good.

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