Manager on transfer of Manolas and Khedira

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No one is on the brink of joining Arsenal.

According to Arsene Wenger, media reports that the Gunners have been closing in on a deal for a new defender are untrue despite the void that Thomas Vermaelen’s exit has left in the squad’s depth.

Greek defender Kostas Manolas had been touted as Arsenal’s main target with some even suggesting that the 23-year-old had completed a medical at the club’s training ground on Monday.

But even with the demand for a new defensive midfielder on his agenda too, Arsene Wenger insists that his side are nowhere near a new signing just yet.

“Not at the moment, no. I have nothing special to add on that at the moment. Honestly, we are not close to signing anybody.” Wenger said

Wenger is never afraid to stick with current options instead of add new faces and the Frenchman sees the imminent return of Arsenal’s German trio to be a problem solver.

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“We are a bit short at the back, yes you’re right (that we need new signings). But we should have Mertesacker and Ozil and Podolski available again at the weekend. Let’s hope they are in good shape when we go home.” he added

42 thoughts on “Manager on transfer of Manolas and Khedira

  1. He better signs someone soon, if you he will be regret…
    quite frustrated with his response…

  2. Same old shit. Honestly two games in and already we are short. Every Arsenal fans know what positions we are short in and needed more quality and depth. CF, CB, and DM he’s had all summer two weeks to go in the transfer window and still nothing and gunners fans think we will challenge for EPL. Please some of our players in the first 11 would not make Chelsea or Man city first 11 be honest. There is several reasons why the top 3 -4 sides spanked us last year and I don’t see them issue’s as fixed. Everybody else in the top 4 has strengthened but we have only brought like for like apart from Sanchez we will be fighting for 4th as usual come the end of the year mark my words I whish it was different but I cannot see it we haven’t got the required quality over the team to win EPL.

    1. Mr Wenger is a fool sorry to say,what a frustrating ,stubborn n disappointing man is this.My friends from other team always make mockery of me n arsenal.why,why,why wenger,why?

  3. I fully agree with grant.monika. Our team requires true quality in the areas mentioned by grant, but we also need a quality Left Back who is not as injury prone as Gibbs. Giroud has once again proved that he is a very average Striker with shocking ball skills when the ball is at his feet.

  4. Wenger has failed to address the major area of arsenal concerned last season, what is wrong to bring in a top class finisher? What is wrong to sign a holding medflider ? By now arsenal could have been like chelsea team man city or even Liverpool. I am total disappointed. Why must be the signings of those areas come late? Has the boss not seen the team problem??

  5. What Wenger must not do is to return to old habits by rash buying instead of bringing in players that will add real quality to the team.

    It appears our team is still in the holiday mode and not sharp enough. Let us be careful however that our non-businesslike attitude leave us still at the starting blocks. Time to press the turbo button.

  6. Arsene wenger should change in have likeness of his country man in mind in order to have successful session

  7. The Arsenal team is not a complete strong team, they are certain positions that need to be replace, defensive midfield, since Alex Song left, that position has never been stable, that is the position where Arsene Wenger is losing most of his games, the midfield is not very creative, they cannot create good final passes and they always battle to win the ball in midfield. Wenger need to look at that position very careful and bring someone who have a brains to make Arsenal midfield well balanced and function so well. There is no doubt about that, I am not sure why Arsene Wenger cannot see where the weakness of the team is. If he do not buy someone like Viera, Emmanuel Petti or Gilberto Silva, he will continue to lose games in the Premier League. The coaches of big teams have seen where Arsenal’s weakneses and they continue to expose Arsenal through that hole, and Wenger should fix that before the close of the transfer window.

  8. Arsenal must be add some quality player,DM,CM and strikers.if wenger will add three players at three positions then arsenal will fight for a EPL title unless so difficult.

  9. Arsen will not buy any more players,EVENTHOUGH he knows we are not strong on DM and a real striker.
    He is playing the game that he is looking hard,yet khedira is available at a good artteta is out for two weeks,still he does not think we need a good DM.last season we lost the CLPurely because he refused to buy.only if he has bought Suarez for 45 million,we would have achieve more cup and he could have sold him to barca got 70 million .so fans stop knocking yr head against the wall,our manager does not want to spend any more money,keep it in the bank for himself.

  10. 4 me i thick wenger should try elsewhere,he is not type of manager dat arsenal fans want

  11. Wenger should pls as a matter of urgency,bring in a centre back, a defensive midfielder and point man. An ambitious club cannot depend on an attacker like Girould for anything positive. Or has wenger lost the touch?

  12. Mr Venger is arsenal.s main problem. He knows the needs of the club but yet refused to listen to reasoning. His ego is usually his downfall. Time without number, analysts have laid bare the problems of the club but yet he has constantly refused to listen. Arsenal surely and urgently need an experienced CB, .DM, and strikers asap if we are serious about winning trophies.
    Take a good look at the team against palace and besiktas and u start to worry whether we have any business going for .CL football coz we are not up to scratch . AW knows the delaying tactics and is bent on it right now. For crying out loud why wait till Sept 1 to complete additional signings instead of now?
    My humble appeal to .AW is to secure the immediate signings of the3 qulaity players now CD .DM and striker and integrate them now into team.

  13. we need three good players,first complete striker,second:defensive mildfilder and last we need one utillity player dat can play leftright back or central defence.

  14. Wenger is pushing us to the wall. Year in year out he remain the same. What kind of man that doesn’t want change. His inaction in the transfer market is embarrassing we the fans and as such somebody should let him know the club fans are greatly affected during discussion with other club fans.

  15. Pls. proffessor Wenger help us atleast a strike, standing four. pls bear in the raining days ahead(injury period.)it was @ this time we lost the leaue title last season. We the fan from Nigeria wont be happy watching that to happen again. God forbid.

  16. really with the two game i saw Arsenal play i dont agree with AW that we dont need another top striker cant he see that when ever Girioud is playing out of game and having a bad game there is no top striker to replace him with if sanchez is playing out wide…wenger that is not top quality please look at the old days when we have someone like begk and henry even kanu to replace him that is top quality…lets be realistic and not bias sanogo and campbell is not top quality,maybe they will be someday but there are not there yet…just take a look at other top quality teams in PL Man city Aguero and Negredo to replace him lets take out dzeko and jovetic as we take out sanogo and campbell ,Chealse costa and drogba to replace him taking out torress Man u van persie and Rooney are there taking out Henerndez and welback and liverpool with only sturidge taking out lambert so as u can see with this Arsenal and liverpool are not going for the title but rather to play for it so AW, please see that u get at another top striker

  17. Why don’t u all shut up. He is there cause he keeps us in the top 4 every year makes us lots of money! We don’t have mass debt like the rest. U are stupid people

    1. Jeez Mike it’s no coincidence Wenger gets away with what he does when with have un ambitious fans as yourself. I am not an AKB or a Wenger out but Mike we have glaring problems with quality and depth. We had at the start of the transfer window $150 million in the bank that’s a fact we have spent $60 mil, on new players which apart from Sanchez are only covering players that have left. We have sold in excess of $30 mil, of departing players $10-12 mil, for Vella as an example. So Wenger has spent $30 million basically on one player that now will basically be a waste if we don’t strengthen in other area’s we are now looking to sell Poldoski for $12 million and Wenger statement after the Besiktas match. “We are not close to signing anyone”. But while we still have $70-$100 mil, left to spend we wont because we have to many people that think Wenger can do no wrong and are happy with 4th spot every year and are willing to pay the highest ticket prices in the country all to make some American billionaire even richer WHOO HOO.. As I said in my previous post SAME OLD SHIT.

      1. Just wait and see what happens b4 u run your mouths. Also your facts are what u read about in blogs or paper talk!!! I rest my case

  18. Arsene Wenger should be straight forward about his signing today i will sign tomorrow i will not why?

  19. @ Mike well if you don’t know for fact that Arsenal had $150 million in the bank at the start of the transfer window than I would suggest YOU don’t know the club as well as you think. I hope we win the EPL Mike I truly do but if you can’t see that we have glaring issues in the team our selections, our preparations, for matches our constant selections of the same players with know real squad rotation and then wonder why we have injuries constantly, just to name a few examples, Well Mike if your happy with all that then mate maybe your actually a secret Chelsea fan and your having a great old laugh at our expense with Mourinho. But to be honest I’m sick of running 4th every year like ground hog day I want to challenge for the tittle every year I’m sick of being 2-3 players short of wining the title every year especially when we have the financial muscle to rectify that situation

    1. How do u no we have that money??? Papers blogs?? I’ve a box at the emrites hardly think I’m a blue mate.

      1. The prawn sandwich mob hey. Mike if you care to look up our last financial statement the club clearly shows we have $150 million in the bank. Gasidiz also admitted this during the world cup. I’m not saying we need to spend like Chelsea or Man City but F@#k sake we have had glaring issues for years now and Wenger does not want to fix them. All he has really purchased this year is Sanchez because the other transfers have only been like for like with what has left. We will not win the EPL with a strike force of Giroud and Sanogo and Arteta and Flamani as holding midfielders not to mention the Jacks going backwards seems to happen a lot until Wenger. Wenger is not ruthless enough to win the EPL. Hate Maurinho all you want because I cant stand the man but he know’s how to get the job done on the pitch and in acquiring the right players power ,pace matched by technical ability not a bunch midget midfielders.

  20. Not saying we don’t need players cause we do, but cannot compete with the top teams where dies it stop? Plus buying big is a big gamble

  21. Wenger is getting older and older, and became clueless in the today’s world football.He has to go.I prefer Arsenal finishing 10 without Wenger than finishing 4th every year which he considers as a success.I am not clear why he doesn’t want to change his rusted mind.

  22. Wenger is getting older and older, and became clueless in the today’s world football.He has to go.I prefer Arsenal finishing 10th without Wenger than finishing 4th every year which he considers as a success.I am not clear why he doesn’t want to change his rusted mind.

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