Martin Tyler and Andy Gray’s moments of the decade

Wondering what football commentary’s most provocative pair reflected on as their moment of the past decade of Premier League action?

Andy Gray’s choice was somehow ironic but Martin Tyler’s was very agreeable. And quite remarkably, their picks of the decade were both about Arsenal.

Andy Gray’s moment of the decade

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Martin Tyler’s moment of the decade

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.4329170&w=370&h=310&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

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15 thoughts on “Martin Tyler and Andy Gray’s moments of the decade

  1. My match of the decade has got to be Arsenal 2-1 United in January 2007.

    Last season’s 2-1 win was also a good match but we almost gave it away in the end anyway.

    But the one in January 2007, if you can all remember, is when we were down with less than 10 mins to go and RVP equalized.

    And right at the death, in the 4th minute of injury time, Henry!!

    Arguably the best game at the Emirates!

  2. who did sky sports choose to comment on that match again? My memory fails me, should have Tyler, he does seem to appreciate the gooner style of play..

  3. I can’t see the video’s what download do I need?

    p.s. Martin Tyler is great, Andy Gray not so good!

  4. Thanks Randy for showing us these 2 wonderful interviews on videos. Makes me proud to be The Arsenal fan.

  5. That’s a stupid poll on Walcot.
    Do people never learn?
    Support the lad and he’ll quite possibly be a huge asset for Arsenal.
    Bl**dy H@ll….20 yrs of age and idiots are already writing him off.
    Freedom of speech and all that, but I really can’t stand some of our fans.

  6. got to agree with randy osae about the 2007 man utd game. possibly the best at the emirates. made me chuckle seeing henry give it to gary neville after rvp’s goal. also, the one thing we miss about eboue at right back has to be his crossing ability, he had a good eye for a ball on the overlap ( although sagna is definately a better defender)

  7. Martin Tyler has been a football commentator for so many years in the English Premier League that his comments regarding The Arsenal as the most attractive and technically talented is indeed accurate beyond the shadow of doubt. Go Gunners!!!

  8. I vividly remember the 07 win against Man Utd…I remember everything that happened that day (it was a very memorable day for me)…It was a great game with an exciting conclusion
    I also remember that RvP broke his foot celebrating the goal and missed out on a good bit of the rest of the season

  9. Poor 2nd half start! nasri, needs to be introduce. Wilshere and Vela need to come off, please! We need to win this game!

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