‘Mertesacker has to leave this club…’

Arsenal Fans

There were all sorts of reactions to Tuesday’s horror show at the Emirates stadium but this one stands out.

A fair share of the blame has gone Nacho Monreal’s way but Per Mertesacker’s decent reviews from last season appear to have taken a turn for the worse.

That is the point the gooner below is making and his thoughts about Arsenal’s Champions League hopes this season are even more predictable.

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27 thoughts on “‘Mertesacker has to leave this club…’

  1. Why do we gave any credence to the MORONS who are desperate to talk shit on Arsenal TV??? These idiots are the same idiots that berated Ramsey and wanted him out the club, the same idiots that turned on Wilshere and said he’s not good enough to wear the shirt, the same idiots that complained when Welbeck was bought and ranted we should’ve bought Balotelli instead.

    Look at that prize twat slaughtering Mertesacker. He’s a braincell short of a vegetable.

    1. Ramsey’s shit, he had one good spell when he scored loads of goals – otherwise his contribution is zero. Wilshere’s shit, unprofessional, holds on the ball too long, has zero impact on the team, Welbeck is shit – Utd sold him for a reason, they aint stupid. Mertesacker is old and slow, he’s so slow he can’t even move 5 yards to win a header. What was your point again?

  2. Metarsacker is just so slow and lazy, he is not a type of player that can play in english league, he has to look for ex were to go. I realy hate him so bad

  3. How about asking Wenger to leave.. OHHHH no the AKB’s will have me shot never Wenger’s fault. He is tactically inept where was the instructions from the bench to tell the team to stop bombing forward and close up shop when we went 3 nill up. It’s the same reasons year in year out we get beat by all the big teams in Europe. The guy has lost it as a top class manager face facts nothing last for ever.

  4. Mertesacker to leave ? Maybe . But he isn’t alone. There are few others that need to look at themselves from the boardroom to the manager’s office and the pitch. Since the silent coup when the current board cashed in their inheritances the club has from a footballing aspect gone backwards. Financially we may seem strong but it’s on the pitch where it matters and the recent record books F.A Cup excepted, do not make for great reading.

  5. Well said Porter. And true to form Wenger has excepted no responsibility for that shambles the other night. He takes responsibility for the win’s never the losses, and the man is answerable to NO one. One of our midfielders was recently quoted as saying he runs 12klm a game but doesn’t know what he’s actual role in the team is. This type of crap has been happening for several years now and will only continue. But as long as 50-60 % of the fan base keep blaming everything and everybody else other than looking at Wenger for most of Arsenal’s current faults than this shit show will continue


  7. hardly arsenal concede goal dat nt mertesackers fault, d man is old nd slow, taller but cn cope wit set pacesess, gud 4 notn, he has to leave

  8. Am abduol Fabulous..In my life I didn’t see a moron and clueless coach in whole world like wenger specialist in failure.cos all arsenal fans are prostrated due 2the lack of trophies @emirate..Why can’t u walk out from emirate to another experience young coach to make us happy and pleasure in the club..Bastard old man heartless..10season without PML/tittle. Fuck u murder fucker.

  9. A player like Montreal and matersacker are not suppose 2 be in Arsenal team.if both of them went 2 common Sunderland, I believed they will not make starting 11.Wenger should stop buying this cheap players 4 Arsenal.

    1. I could’t agree more, you are absolutely right. Wenger only see how much a player cost, but that should not be the main reason to aquire a player. Instaed he should ask how good a player he is? As you mentioned it, Mertz, Monereal, Arteta and schezney should never be starters. As it is we have young players who did not mature to the level we want them to be, like Wilshire, Gibbs, Reamsey and Ox. Mixing these players with seasoned players would be wise, but Wenger’s attitude and lack of drive for trophy is frustrating the fans.

  10. Yes, Arsenal lost concentration that is the reason why it was 3-3. If it was Arsenal who come back from behind and got an equalizer, what were you going to say? You cannot talk as if you have never played football, we all disappointed, but that does not mean that the player should leave Arsenal. Are you normal when you say those words? In football anything can happen, Arsenal have come from behind and win games, sometimes make a draw and we should take it that way and look for the next game to see if they will make the same mistakes, mind you Nacho is not a central defender but he is doing his best for the time being, until Arsenal brings a replacement. Nacho is a left back, we should feel happy that he can play at CB as well. Please lets not just blame for the sake blaming only. We have to open our mind and look at what caused the problem, instead of saying the player must leave Arsenal, If you told to leave Arsenal as a supporter how do you feel?

    1. how many times are we going to wait for the next game? We have been waiting for the next game for almost 10 season without a major trophy to point at as a big club. It is only a fool that did the same thing every time and expect different result. Let us all stop being one

  11. Tp be perfectly honest i am sick to death with hearing excuses from Wenger and his morons,why cant he just come out and say i have got it completely wrong,missmanaged transfer dealings,team selection,tactics everything!I would give him some slack IF he came out and took complete responsibility.Give Merson his due he did say what he felt last night as did Charlie nicholas buy i listened to Talk Shite this morning and that complete twat Ray Parlour who was in some way defending Wenger instead of lambasting the idiot.It smells of brown noses to me by a lot of our so-called ex-players,for christ sake they can ll see whats wrong but very few have the bollox to call Wenger out.We can as fans complain all we want but we just dot have the Media power to exert pressure whereas they do and it will only be that kind of pressure that will oust him!.Lets face it we cant protest strongly(booing apart) at the Emirates,no banners,slogans etc etc as the stewards will remove us from the ground.E-mail and letters just fall on deaf ears with Gazidis and his cronies so there is litte else we can do.The power this man has is UNBELIEVABLE and because of this there is little we can do.Wenger questions the MENTAL ATTITUDE of his players whereas he should question himself because he is showing the signs of madness.He blames eberything but himself.As for Steve Bould well thats a joke too,he was supposed to re-vitalise our defence,make changes,give his input,well guess what thats a load of bollox too,he just sits there staring into space,no passion and controlled by entirely by

  12. You dont think giving up a 3 goal lead, and conceding 5 at Anfield are basically very similar things?

    As for us not giving up leads…


    4-4 vs Liverpool (had the lead 3 times)
    2-3 vs Spurs (were 2 goals up)
    3-3 vs Spurs (were 3-1 up)
    4-4 vs Spurs (were 2 up in 87thminute)
    4-4 vs Newcastle (4 goals up)
    2-3 vs Wigan (2 goals up late on)

    Facts….pesky little things!

  13. The fact is year on year wenger’s gets found wanting in tactics, man management, coaching, transfer market. Year on year he’s found wanting in the big games, destroying players and turning us into a laughing stock in the football world. Playing us in the CL second stage is as good as a bye and teams wet themselves when drawn with us. The man is a failure, a fraud.

  14. A favorite excuse I hear from my AKB friends is that it’s the players’ fault. Wenger didn’t just stop being a good manager but that:

    a)He has no say in who the squad buys
    b)The players aren’t motivated enough and that responsibility falls on them

    I ask them shouldn’t a manager who makes £8 million a year be able to motivate his players? No answer.

    I point them to Wenger’s quote where he says he picks the squad and he decides who we sign. No answer.

    There is a desire to protect him for some reason. There is a desire to make excuses for him.

    I also ask them what Wenger’s purpose is because:

    He doesn’t win the EPL
    He doesn’t win the UCL
    Can’t beat Mourinho
    Loses 85% of his road games vs top 5 the last 5 years.
    Gets hammered vs the top teams regularly.

    Then they say “4th” but I ask them how can they give him credit for making a tournament that he has ZERO chance to win? No answer.

    It really is amazing that it’s everything and everyone’s fault except his own. Pep wouldn’t last 2(3 tops) seasons if he failed to bring in hardware. Somehow Wenger has survived a decade with just 1 to show for it. Mind boggling.

  15. Yes BFG was not good on the night and either was Monreal BUT Nacho is no CB and that is Wenger’s fault the absolute last frigging buck starts with and ends with Wenger. WAKE THE F@#CK UP YOU BLOODY WENGER APOLYGIEST. Blaming the players is easy and very short sighted.

  16. The bg is an accident waiting to happen. In a one on one he is easily
    brushed aside by the speed of the attacker.Blame Wenger. he could have got Cahill but baulked at the fee.
    Don’t be surprised the gunners will fail to finish 4th.If that happens Wenger must pay the price.

  17. The only thing Mert done wrong was not lambasting the entire midfield for the worst performance ever. It were our midfielders and the bench at fault. Hamman was very right in saying that all they cared about were getting onto the scoresheet and in particular Ramsey was the main culprit, personal glory without a care for the good of the club.

    The comments up top must be looking for a scapegoat but looked to the wrong one in mert, there were so many but wierdly merts should not make the list. His biggest problem was being so exposed with himself offten a last man or two.

    Ramsey, lets get back to Hammans judgement. Only cared about his own personal glory. It were evident when Alexis allowed the Welshman a free kick from about thirty yards. Pitiful attempt ensued. Also evident even in the first half when Alexis was celebrating his strike, Ramsey shrugged up to him with his head down and his eyes.. shoulders even lower, Sanchez pats him on the back as if to say cheer up mate!

    I am a fan of Wenger but must admit.. watching our midfield and forwards playing like that and yet no instruction coming onto the field by Arsene Bould or even players entering makes it very hard to defend ones reputation. Poldi should never come on for a player capable of defending a lead, you would have thought we were the ones hunting a goal.

    Listening to Hamman and i realise that our players are out for themselves and the money.. they dont care enough about the badge, if at all.

  18. Mertersacker is the reason why we are not conceding as many goals from set pieces recently as compared to couple of years back. His physical presence at the back is a huge asset.

  19. Oh and that’s why our super manager has just given him a £90000 a week 3year contract sounds crooked to me!!!!!!

  20. A.Wenger is not a manager he is a gambler.When the ex players are calling his team is million miles away he dosent see.Mertesacker,monreal,flamini,arteta,carzola and the list goes on will win him nothing.he needs to buy two D.M.at least one C.D.and a world class center forward.

  21. Wenger is to blame for Tuesday’s CL demise. I think the Manager’s coaching techniques are too old fashioned and need to be revisited. The players can’t take the responsibility. At 3-0 what a Manager simply does is find a way to raise their game while at the same token strategises on how to hold the scoreline but keep looking for more scoring alternatives.
    Arsenal play a more relaxed, friendly type of football likened to “its just a game, lets just play ” when they take the lead . The killer instinct is far from their style. There was a distinctive disappearance of the team just before the opponents first goal. One could not differentiate between attacker, midfielder and defenders. It was total pandemonium at two goals for the visitors as one could always find Welbeck deep inside the box in Arsenal’s half trying his skills at defending ; not bad though. Every misplaced pass from Arsenal stroke fear that definitely was going to give the opponent the wide netting or something close.
    My humble opinion is that Arsenal should go for an experienced “holding midfieder” , 2 Central Defenders and a play-maker.
    Most successful teams have play-makers ; Nasri/Silva/Yaya -Manchester City, Fabregas/Hazard-Chelsea, Rooney-Manchester United, Iniesta/Xavi/Messi-Barcelona.
    When you have such ball jogglers in your team and a stiff defence, then only the sky would be your limit . Arsenal could still make it if they attempt these changes.

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