Mikel news could block new Arsenal signing

https://i2.wp.com/d.yimg.com/i/ng/sp/empics/20120827/19/2918126070-soccer-barclays-premier-league-stoke-city-v-arsenal-britannia-stadium.jpg?resize=226%2C302Mikel Arteta is on his way back.

Ever since completing the pulsating 2-2 draw at Swansea in the FA Cup third round, the 30-year-old has gone missing in action through a calf-strain.

Arteta has been an integral part of Arsenal’s midfield, playing in nearly every game this season prior to his injury lay-off which was estimated to last for about three weeks according to Arsene Wenger.

Following the 3-2 victory over Brighton which kept the Gunners’ FA Cup dreams alive, there was more good news to cheer about as Mikel Arteta was confirmed to resume training next week.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s clash, Wenger had revealed that Arteta was “only days away” from a return, hinting of a place in the squad for Wednesday’s clash with Liverpool even though that game may come too soon for the recovering midfielder.

Next weekend’s meeting with Stoke City however, is likely to feature a fit-again Arteta and Arsene Wenger, who is a keen  believer in his current options in midfield, claims he not eying any signing in that department at the moment as the January transfer window approaches its deadline.

“I cannot tell you that (I will sign a midfielder). In this kind of job it is realism that is important. Realistically I cannot tell you I will sign anyone tomorrow, or Tuesday, as we are not close to doing it.” the Arsenal boss said

But Arteta is not the only source for concern in that midfield area for the Gunners. Indeed, Santi Cazorla who was rested at Brighton and Jack Wilshere are also nursing slight fitness problems too, forcing some squad rotation from Wenger.

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“Yes because that’s a gamble you take. You know it (rotation) can backfire. I left a few out, for example Cazorla, but it was for medical reasons. He couldn’t play and it was very risky to play him. Jack [was left on the bench] a little bit to protect his ankle” Wenger added.

24 thoughts on “Mikel news could block new Arsenal signing

  1. I really would love to ask AW this but I can’t get that close so here it is……
    Why can’t this team defend ??? Game after game we are seeing defensive failures, two more at Brighton yesterday . Our one time great manager who earns something like
    £134,000 per week seems totally unable to produce a defence that knows its job. It’s not the fans fault Arsene nor the officials……it’s yours ! Please step down at the end of the season, a lot of true Arsenal fans have had enough of your deceit and your arrogance.

    1. Arsenal have conceded 27 goals in the premiership this season. That’s 3 less than United and 1 less than Spurs. Every team suffers from defensive lapses and individual errors. The media likes to make the most of our faults because highlighting Arsenal’s faults is a running theme in the media. Saying we have a poor defense is just quoting the media. Its not a fact. Arsenal got slaughtered when we drew with Southampton and lost 2 in a row against City and Chelsea. Spuds lost to Leeds today and Chelski drew with Brentford but the press won’t claim that these clubs are in crisis will they?

      1. Arthur, without looking I would expect that the Spuds an Chavs both played some reserves today so even our media wouldn’t be so daft as to talk about crisis.
        I wonder how closely you watch games ? We do have a poor defence as several of the goals conceded recently will confirm, the full backs leave acres of space and oh how I long for a Tony Adams in the middle…..look carefully at the two goals Brighton scored yesterday, really poor from defenders. It’s not a new problem either, A W has failed to address it and that is disgraceful.
        He and others in high places at Arsenal need challenging, fourth place isn’t what the fans want, we want to be seriously competing for everything but what do we get / Gervinho and the like who just aren’t top quality.
        I thank A W for all that he has achieved but it’s time for change.

  2. i think,the manager should see to it that , adding two men would be great as firepower to the sqoud. the likes of david villa and jocovic.this will then strenghten the team.

    1. I agree on Jovetic, 2 strikers is a bit too much, think we need another cb, Hummels would be good, or sakho as he can cover at lb and we wouldn’t need to worry about santos coming in if gibbs gets injured

  3. Is it impossible to find competent defensive players ? What are your paid scouts and ” connections” doing ? Are you saying we don’t need defensive reinforcements or that we can’t afford them ? If you feel so have the decency and/ humility to explain to us unworthy fans what your thinking is . Do we not even deserve that ? I respect what you have achieved , does that make it below you to communicate ? You communicate very little, so when on the rare occasion you communicate you are going to recruit , please be honest , and if you change your mind about it , have the humility to let us know about it . You are paid handsomely to do a job ……. Trust me we the fans pay you . Not some sugar daddy. If a club makes a profit as Arsenal do , its us fans that make the sacrifices to buy the merchandise , yes authentic merchandise which in asian countries is as overpriced as the tickets you sell at the Emirates . Respect that . It’s hurtful to be taken for granted , especially by you Mr Wenger

  4. Have to agree, we are only one injury away from being Squaillacied. Imagine him marking Suarez on Wednesday.

  5. Wenger is a fool. Does he want fire power because he is so incompetent at training a defence. Is Bould banned from training. As has been hinted at in some newspapers. We dont need firepower we need to defend. Both goals at Brighton should never have happened.

  6. Wenger should do something better before some thing we do arsena he should buy world class striker and defender

  7. agree with all the above comments, and believe aw is a liability himself because he seems inept to do anything about the defence. any side over the years has the problem at some time but he can not stop the rot. almost every team will score against us (no matter what division). . we have defended him too long in my opinion. every time he opens his mouth it is drivel, he tells us he is busy in the market and then he tells us he may not do any business. you can see why all us loyal supporters of arsenal ar.e now fed up with aw and don’t trust him any more

  8. You people are ludacris ,and the people who want Arsene to go are even more ludacris. Arsene hasan’t done anything apart from say he believes in he’s squad ,anything apart from say there’s no need to bring in any new players. Bringing 1 player would be even pushing it last summer we brought ( Giroud , Cazorla , Podolski , Arteta ) the summer before we brought ( Chamberlain , Jenkinson , Gervinho , Benayoun (Loan) ). We have 2 players in every single position. GK( Shezney , Mannoe) LB(Gibbs , Santos ) ,CB( Vermaeleen ,Kocienly , Mertesacker) 3 because there’s LCB and RCB another fourth CB would mean 1 would not play at all.) RB(Sagna , Jenkinson) LM ( podolski , Gervinho , or Santos) CM ( Wilshere , Arteta , Cazorla , Diaby, Rosicky ) we have a lot of midfeilders because they can play LCM or RCM or CM or CAM CDM and its a very demanding position and player get tired chamberlain can play here as well you saw against milan. RM ( Ramsey, Oxlade Chamberlain) ST ( Giroud , Walcott ) Oxlade-Chamberlain can play here as well so can Podolski. We have a quality side all we need to improve on is defending as a team if we can defend as a team as we can attack as a team we would have no problems challenging for 1st or Second spot but at the moment that’s where our minor problem lie. Arsene has got arsenal out of cricise from the day he started the club was going down but when he came in the club was boosted and if you really think getting rid of him is better let alone signing another manager you simply don’t know anything about football every club has a different philosophy we will not copy other teams philiosphy it dosen’t work like that. We will not sign anyone as we don’t need to and I am happy about that we have a full squad although Arteta and Gervinho are missing let’s hope for no more injuries and look forward to winning the next match.

    1. Lol!!!! Ludacris? You mean Ludicrous? That was funny HDFOOTY. But you do have a point. And anyway, AW knows best, like someone pointed out, we concede less than MU and spurs. We need more firepower. I can understand some people’s concern though that the goals conceded are too simple. I too agree on that.

      All I can say is, if we buy someone and he slots in firepower well. Great.
      And if we fix our defense (Imo through Kos geting back on form). We’d be formidable. Not title winning formidable. But 4th place formidable. I can’t see us challenging the mancs and the west londoners just yet.

      Good news, is I don’t see anyone leaving next season. Every season we knew before it was over there was gonna be a saga. This time I know there is none.

      ………………………………oh…crap. And then there’s Sagna.

    2. Santos is not a backup to Gibbs. He is useless, I can guarantee wenger will play tv5 before putting him back in. Did you hear what warren Barton said at half? I was saying the same thing all game and I have never heard him slate a player like that but he was right

    3. Out of all the players you have mentioned in all the positions, after you pick our first team, how many of the others would get into the first team of any of the top ten clubs? Santos- no, Mannone-no, Gervinho-no, Jenkinson-maybe, Ramsey- maybe, Rosicky- always injured, Diaby- always injured, Mertsacker- my gran can turn quicker than him, Koscielny,gives away free kicks, penalties and gets sent off too often. We need much better back up in a lot of positions so when we have injuries or suspensions someone can step in without any detriment to the team. WE only need a couple of decent players and I am sure we wil be a force again.

  9. AW has turned this great club into a subject ☺f mockery α̲̅πϑ ridicule this few years, the arsenal defence line is falling α̲̅πϑ failing gradually,α̲̅πϑ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ a match ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊ see a tall mertesacker not being able τ̲̅☺ do anytin or even attack with his head,he is so lazy α̲̅πϑ sluggish I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ everything he does,shame unto him α̲̅πϑ arsene wenger.

    1. Subject of mockery? By who? The only subjects of mockery I see are weaklings like you. Football comes with good times and bad times, if you can’t handle that, take up train spotting or collecting stamps. UTA

  10. wenger should not look at the number of players he has & money. arsenal squad need reighnforcement

  11. Scored more goals than Man City and concede less than Man U…………….and there’s still people complaining about AW. The window hasn’t even closed yet and he’s already said the more good business is done in the last couple of days than the first few weeks.

  12. You people need to look at the stats before quoting the sh!t that is printed in the media. The media has an agenda and why some idiots believe everything they print is beyond me. You only have to look at how many players have been linked with the Arse this month. Over 30 players. That says to me is that the media don’t know who, if anybody, Arsenal are in for. With nothing to go on they make it up. And then you guys get angry when Wenger denies the nonsense.
    Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. There are many ignorant people commenting on things they know little about. I read enough sh!t printed in the papers…. we don’t need ignorant minds adding to it. Some of you should realise that Wenger knows and cares a whole lot more about the club than you do. He has years of experience, 3 premier league titles, a number of FA cups and been Champions League and UEFA cup finalists in his time at Arsenal…… but you guys think you know better?

  13. The problem is not personnel. As a squad we have a great one, we just need one or two players who strike fear into the opposition. So good they can win matches when we don’t turn up.

    Yes we have a fine squad but they are obv not good enough, just look at the table. If they were good enough then we would at least be 3rd/4th. If Wenger doesn’t change something we will get what we gotten so far. 5/6th place football.

    What really grinds my gears of war is that whenever we play Man U, city, Chelsea we act like little B***** boys. Like we are some mid table team hoping to snatch a point. Fans are peeved because the Arsenal of old had the self-confidence even bordering arrogance to take the game to them. Sometimes barring the Chelsea game we just lay down and die.

    Some of these player get star-struck by a squad that isn’t much better than our own. That’s what Wenger needs to address quickly. When player like Cazorla go to Old trafford and feel daunted when he is much better than most of their players is something that cannot continue to happen otherwise it will be permanently embedded.

    Having ex-players around like Adams, Keown, Viera, Bergkamp, Henry is necessary to show this group exactly what it means to don the red and white. If we show that fearlessness and fight like Wilshere shows week in week out then myself and many other fans won’t feel so short-changed. We can finish 6th for All I care as long as we send the right message to rivals:


  14. Nobody has said anything about our goalkeeping situation. Scezny is a liability who is a great shot stopper but his judgement of crosses and distribution of the ball are awful – and what makes him come rushing out of his area to get the ball, you just know he’ll foul the player and get booked or sent off. Mannone thinks he’s the best in the world and we all know what flappyhandski is like. A great keeper gives the defence confidence. We need to find one sooner rather than later. For someone who has played for Germany as many times as he has Mertsacker is a joke. He cannot jump,is probably the slowest player I have ever seen and gets caught out of position so easily[ Brightons second goal comes to mind] .Re- employ George Graham as defensive coach to teach the defence how to defend, Oh how I long to hear our famous song “one – nil to the Arsenal”. I would settle for that every week. I’ve watched Capoue a few times now and think he would be a great addition to the team to take over from Arteta as he seems to be showing his age lately. I also think Giroud will make more and more of an impact in games the longer he plays for us even though I first thought he was only as good as Bendtner lol!. We need two or three new faces at the club – goalkeeper centre-half and Capoue and I think we will start to improve and at least claim fourth spot this season .If he doesn’t improve the squad this january and comes out with his normal excuses I think it’s time for him to go to Real Madrid as they want him to be their accounts manager to balance the books

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