June 2, 2020

Missed the Everton game? Full Video highlights

The Gunners were asked by Arsene Wenger to produce a response after being knocked out of the FA Cup and Champions League in a matter of four days.

Arsenal did just that as Danny Welbeck capped an energetic start from the away side with a neat finish in the 7th minute after a sublime move.

Wenger’s men continued to dominate from there on but Everton occasionally threatened to get back into the game as Romelu Lukaku wrestled with Gabriel.

However, Arsenal were handed the two-goal cushion they deserved on the stroke of half-time as Alex Iwobi took advantage of a swift counter-attack to snatch his first ever goal for the first team.

(After avoiding loans to lower league clubs during the summer, Iwobi has been handed some insurance in Wenger’s starting eleven considering the form of Theo Walcott.)


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3 thoughts on “Missed the Everton game? Full Video highlights

  1. I totally agree that Iwobi along with Campbell should be in the starting 11. What needs to also happen is the recall of Akpom & Toral who should be incorporated into squad as they are doing well at their respective loan clubs! Yes we really do need an out & out Striker but it’s best to give our young ones a chance to prove themselves first. Yes Akpom might be 1 solution to goal scoring issue!
    Walcott should be sold as he’s been at the club for 10 yrs (veteran) & he’s not even able to command a starting spot, he begged for more money, got it & what has he done since he got it? Zilch! The Ox is going down the same road too. Wenger has the players at his disposal to create another invincible team he just has to get wise with how he deploys his team selection in matches come the new season!
    Anyway this season is over as I don’t see both Leicester & Spurs screwing up the way that the Gunners have!

  2. The Everton win doesn’t alter the fact that most fans wants the fm to leave. Its too late to talk about the epl title. As I have said Ranieri can be trusted to complete the job unlike Wenger.
    The fm says the gunners are still in the race. Maybe 5%.The problem is Ranieri doesn’t harbor romantic illusions about soccer and wants to wrap the title asap.
    As Petit says,the fm shd leave if he cant win the epl.13 years trying and choking at the finishing line most of the time aint acceptable..
    We fans know the flaws except the fm.In truth he have been axed long,long ago .

  3. We all read the gunners are trying to sign wc players. It’s too late.Why must Wenger
    always wait until its too late to get such guys. They shd have been bought du ring the summer.
    Admittedly it aint as easy it looks but surely Wenger loaded with cash wont have found it to be a problem.
    I am afraid its another lousy season for all gooner fans after having topped the table in Jan.
    Its really a let down and Wenger must be held accountable like all CFO.

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