Nasri tells abusive fans “I’m top of the league!” footage sums up itself.

Enjoy as a pair of Liverpool fans managed to do to Samir Nasri what an Arsenal fan would!

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21 thoughts on “Nasri tells abusive fans “I’m top of the league!”

  1. What a bunch of c***s. I’m an Arsenal fan but to say “Arsenal reject” when clearly desperate to keep him is embarrassingly stupid. £160,000 a week, top of the Premier League. I’m sure he gives a damn about what a bunch of morons has to say. Of course he’s right, “keep your eyes on the road” moron!

    1. Yes he left us so what? There’s life after football.

      Personally as a 6 foot guy, I’d race these idiots to a parking lot, step out and beat the sht out of them!

      They picked on Nasri because of his size. I’m sure they wouldn’t dare to be that close to Kompany or Balotelli.

        1. This is your last chance to behave mate. Or else I will give you something you really don’t want. (and it’s not being blocked off this blog…something worse)

  2. i must say aint good but i dont think the dudes are morons…am avin lotsa fan..good vedeo,,u made my day

  3. so what happen when u don,t win the leauge what will u say then.think about it and stop running ur mouth.

  4. fair enough you can shout comments at him when you are in the ground, but not outside the ground when the guy is just trying to get home. of course he should not have left arsenal but we’ll live.

  5. I tnk we gunners shud get past nasri and wat eva hppns 6-7mnths ago he wntd 2 liv and he did so we shud 4get him. Hez nw in d past

  6. i wont lie i dont think any player should get this treatment but f*ck u nasri you left us when we needed you most now look at the club spurs are level with manu for f*ck sake

  7. Leave him alone guys, Arsenal fans or not we should know better that he’s a professional player who dedicates every minutes he’s on the pitch. Last year without his goals and assists, Arsenal could have been out of top five already. As things turned out sour, Fab left, Clinchy left, Wenger showed no signs of what so ever bringing in top-class replacements, Mancity came offer great deal of contract and a promise of whole league of best players, please be objective and tell me you wont do the same thing?

  8. The Liverpool fans should’nt be hassling him like that but the way Nasri reacts sums up his immaturity. He wound his window down and answered back to two fans!!!!! Thats one of the most idiotic things i have seen a footballer do. His manager will be fuming when he sees this. I think it shows that he will never reach his full potential with an attitude like that

  9. Nasir is a big full cos he made a mistake he would have joint history club like man u instead of man city but he wil surely regret it cos man city wil win noting mumu nasir agboro wawa.

  10. Fuck off Nasri, you flop of the season . Remember Arsenal made who you are now and you left us at time where we need you to boost the squad,the manager,attract top class players to join Arsenal and the fans as well . I think God in heaven is answering our prayers . A whole Nasri couldn’t short a single player on the match against Man united. I thought Nasri will leave Arsenal to top European team like Barcelona where they can assure of a constant trophy but he left to a team with no history. Dem fuck you Nasri. Arsenal Fans just need to keep silent and lets see where Nasri will end his dim football career. I guess from city to Aston Villa and from there to Derby county . Trust me on that . Gooners Till I Die.

  11. No doubt bastard u are on top of fire do u know by next season Mancini will offload u back to france cos u started going down,hleb where is he today and ,flamini your down fall as begin Insha Allah

  12. Who care whatever you do boy, with all the big buck that the Arab had stupidly and carelessly spend Man City ought to win premier league last year, and if they don’t win it this year then they are mightily a bunch of a joker.

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