keeping the ball is the true characteristic of a side which intends to play football the right way – through passes and skillful moves instead of just punting ball – then Arsenal are officially the best at it in their league.

Opta have given us the average possession stats for each of the 20 Premier League sides this year and we can tell you that, on average, Arsenal have more possession than anybody else. The Gunners have had the ball for 59.3% of the time this term.

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The top six sides on the list are made up of the current top five on the points table, as the change in philosophies at Manchester City and Chelsea – following Andre Vilas-Boas’ take over – have helped transform both blues into more attractive sides.

And mingling with the big boys in the top six is Swansea City who dominated Arsenal in a 3-2 victory not too long ago, as the footballing philosophy of manager Brendan Rodgers has seen them enjoy 56.4% of the ball this year. The only other sides to have seized more than 50% of possession are Liverpool and Fulham..

In contrast, Stoke City, notorious for their ‘rugby’ nature to game, only boast an average of just 39.4% possession this term. Indeed their negative approach to football sees them as the only side with less than 40% of average possession.

Now the stats really do not lie do they?

Average possession of Premier League teams this season:

  1. Arsenal (59.3%)
  2. Man City (58.1%)
  3. Chelsea (57.0%)
  4. Man Utd (56.9%)
  5. Swansea (56.4%)
  6. Tottenham (56.1%)
  7. Liverpool (55.5%)
  8. Fulham (50.1%)
  9. Wolves (48.8%)
  10. Wigan (48.6%)
  11. Newcastle (47.8%)
  12. QPR (46.9%)
  13. Everton (46.4%)
  14. Bolton (45.3%)
  15. Aston Villa (45.1%)
  16. West Brom (44.8%)
  17. Sunderland (44.8%)
  18. Norwich (44.5%)
  19. Blackburn (42.2%)
  20. Stoke (39.4%)

(Info Source: Opta Stats, Martin Tyler – Sky Sports)

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