P. Diddy declares support for Arsenal

Jay-Z and now P. Diddy.

It appears as though despite the club’s lack of silverware in over half a decade, Arsenal Football Club’s swagger on the pitch has attracted the best of hip-hop’s pioneers.

Latest to declare his backing of the Gunners is the prestigious Sean Combs.



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46 thoughts on “P. Diddy declares support for Arsenal

  1. Jay Z and now Diddy. Wenger needs to take the Arsenal tem to America for pre-season next summer. Global domination baby

    1. I know man. It’s a great cause helping out these small European countries but we won’t be globally recognized in Austria FFS!

      Even Birmingham go to China. And don’t tell me fatigue is an issue because all Chelsea’s and United’s players would’ve been knocked down before the season started.

  2. gentlemen, i’m an american gooner, but i think mr. wenger has the right idea in keeping his players away from the media circus during pre-season. the barca trip to asia is a perfect example of what can go wrong during a high profile tour.

  3. I don’t think that Wenger would know what to do or say if he spoke to Diddy and he was speaking like that.

    Wenger: I feel you have exceptional talents.
    Diddy: yeah Biatch!

    1. @ Sid – I despise everything Chelsea and United do too but we just can’t keep hiding ourselves in Austria and Hungary every season facing teams who don’t really test us. Plus there would be more money generated for the club if we played in bigger places. One match’s income would be enough to afford a new signing.

      @ ron – Diddy is not 7 years old. He wouldn’t be a renowned entrepreneur if he didn’t have the ethics of gentleman.

      1. No, i disagree…anyway most of the players are like ‘Glass,’…they just get easily injured, and though it might not be useful to go to Austria and Hungary, at least the players won’t be injured.The basic objective of pre-season is to see whether the players adjust to the teams play, but if the players go missing, then whats the use ?
        Also,Regarding income, would you prefer a fit Arshavin, Cesc Fabregas or 5 million pounds….

    2. Diddy: You got a bad boy thing going with ’em Arsenal. Right on Wenger, we gotchu!! Yo swagger is so ill man, am loving it!

      Wenger: Whatever you are trying to say, we just like to play football in style.

  4. Wenger should take arsenal to America for preseason training next season. Cause arsenal has so many supports especially celebrities.

  5. Even the Kenyan Prime Minister,Raila Odinga is a diehard Gooner. ..he calls himself the ‘Fabregas’ of Kenyan politics

  6. Demi moore and christian slater too. When 2pac shows his face again he will be a gooner too and the 2nd most wanted after bin laden.

  7. Ofkos the arsenal hs the biggest suport globally n nt jst in america! I dnt there4 c the need 4 thm 2 train in the states coz of two celebs. wht about us in africa, or other fans in asia? australia?

  8. This is no joke but Osama bin Laden use to go to Highbury and watch the gunners 🙂


    Maybe something for your next post Randy ; )

  9. WE’ve got the A list when it comes to supporters!

    Osama Bin Laden is a Gooner and used to go to Highbury in the 1970s. True story!

  10. They should come to Kenya. The biggest tribe in Kenya as per our just released census results are the gooners. Where else have we heard of fans committing suicide coz Arsenal have lost. Only Kenya baibe. Yeah gooners for life. I do not care whether we don’t win a trophy in the next ten seasons but play soccer as it ought to be played

  11. Bin Laden was never an Arsenal fan.

    However he did once attend Highbury whilst he studied at Oxford. He saw that football had the ability to move men en masse and felt he may be able to use something from the experience to motivate others. It had a lasting impression. He was impressed with football crowds, not football or even Arsenal. How could he have been Impressed with Arsenal in the early 80’s?

    This was obviously before he joined Al Qaeda, the mujahadin intelligence and training organisation. You could say that his visit to Highbury helped him establish a method to brainwash some of his followers.

  12. Bin Laden was never a tough man. He was a logistical and strategical officer and helped build infrastructures and systems of deployment.

    I searched quickly through my thesaurus and I’m quite right. Sad petty and joyless are not synonyms for Informed, educated and awesome but I understood you all the same despite your handicap, honey.

    A girl knows more than you.

  13. Haha! Touche baby!

    There’s a top foto of Bin Laden with a big boufant hair do and massive lapelled and flared suit and trousers.

  14. Rumour has it that he’s a warm and genuine man. Robert Fisk even spent an evening with him in 2000 where they discussed the nature of Al Qaeda and what their strategic aims are/were. Terror is a tactic not an intrinsic property of it’s perpetrators. Once the goal is acheived, terror rarely continues. The reasons for the use of this tactic are that it has been proven to work with few exceptions.

    1. Warmth is judged by action, rather than perception. The greatest tyrants also happen to to be the greatest liars.

      Terror as a tactic waged against the innocent, comes from the cold hearted prejudice of what at base level, is nothing more than facism. Calculation neither negates a human truth nor changes it.

  15. You understand neither the concept of terror, fasicm or the strategic logic of terror or the complexity of the human condition. It is entirely possible to be a general of an army, ordering your own men to their deaths and consigning entire cities to their deaths and yet you suppose this same general is incapable of human warmth. This also applies to the terrorist. He must do what is required for his idealogy or culture to prevail.

    A terrorist initially seeks a modus vivendi which a state makes impossible and is unwilling to negotiate. This then legitimises the need for the use of force. When the strategy yeilds results and the state yeilds, the terror halts. This does not sound like a cold pathological display, but a calculated and regrettable act used to force the hand when all other avenues have failed.

    Your argument is base, devoid of depth, intelligence, wit and truth. It is the typical response from the uninitiated, where there is only black and white, or good and evil. The whole thing is perceived as synecdoche as it renders their world alien, immoral or even wrong when such ideas or beleifs are far too simple to be applied to the subject at hand.


    The Strategic Logic Of Suicide Terror – Robert Pape Jr, 2005.
    Al Qaeda And What It Means To Be Modern – John Gray, 2003.
    Inside Al Qaeda – Rohan Gunaratna, 2005.

    Robert Pape is professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago and founder of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism.

    Rohan Gunaratna is an international terrorism expert. He is the head of the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR) at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. By its size, ICPVTR is one of the largest counterterrorism research and training centres in the world.

    John Gray is a British political philosopher and author, formerly School Professor of European Thought at the London School of Economics.

  16. Osama is dead.Why do people assume he did this by himself.he was a cia agent.this was a well constructed plan that allowed the u.s to carry out their crazy big brother plan along with the U.K

  17. If only Wenger will bring Arsenal to the U.S i’m sure Arsenal will brea some attendence records here. Just Imagin a part will J-zzy and Arsenal

  18. Asia has a huge following of the English Premier League. The fan base for clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United is big with Chelsea closing in. The Arsenal Football Club will do well to come to this part of the continent more often. Imagine the support and revenue it could bring to our beloved club…cheers!

  19. Well when you think about it we are the coolest team in the league I mean really even our name sounds cooler lol THE ARSENAL (Gooners)!! Our club was born with Swagga and the Rappers know it. Real recognize Real BITCHES!!!! LMAO!!

  20. jay z and p. diddy are briliant enterpreneurs. of course they chose Arsenal. the only club that well managed. their money will goes well under Arsene.

  21. Not sure if that video has credibility, and his ignorant ass doesn’t sound like he has any idea about Arsenal. “I’m rolling with the arsenal team!” Lmao? Never heard that one before…

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