Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has expressed his thoughts on his inability to save penalty-kicks since joining Arsenal.

The 34-year-old was hailed as a potentially title-winning signing when he moved to the Emirates stadium from Chelsea in the summer of 2015.

However, Cech has recently displayed signs of a decline with penalty-kicks in particular proving to be a real challenge.

Indeed, the veteran goalkeeper has failed to save every single spot-kick he has faced since joining Arsenal, a record much inferior to that of former Gunner Manuel Almunia who saved an impressive six penalties in the Premier League alone during his Arsenal career.

And after being beaten by all 13 penalty-kicks he has encountered since the start of last season, even Cech admits there is room for improvement.

“There are probably goalkeepers who just decide prior to the kick, I go right. I don’t know, because everybody can have a slightly different approach to it,” Cech was quoted as saying by ESPN.

“But my approach has been working, until this season, quite well. But unfortunately the players keep their calm and manage to score against me this season. So hopefully there will be a moment when it reverses.”

“You see the way they take the ball, how far they go off the ball, you can see whether they will shoot strong or whether they will place the ball,” he said. “I never make a decision, ‘OK I go left. However the player runs, I go left.’ No.

“The decision is, you [consider] the probabilities, you see the way the situation goes, but in the last split second you read what the player tries to do. And that’s when you make the final decision, is that split second.”

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