PICTURE: United’s RVP shamed by Arsenal boy

This is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek feature but isn’t there some truth in this?

Aaron Ramsey will surely tell you there is.


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84 thoughts on “PICTURE: United’s RVP shamed by Arsenal boy

  1. did arsenal fanz…..respected him? no
    bt aron gt d respect at cardiff..so he has no reason to celebrate…
    rvp did the right thing….

    1. Learn to write English you illiterate, knuckle-dragging, square-shape-in-round-hole bashing degenerate peasant.

    2. ramsey move to arsenal to improve his footballing career. rvp move to MU cause he given up on Arsenal and lost his faith in us, his decision to move to MU is disrespectful since he know that we r bitter rivals.He is a top top lad, he can go any other top club but why MU? Dont tell me he dont know that? If he respect us then he should have not done that.

      1. All of yourl are mad Robin van Piss had no balls to stay at arsenal and help them so he went to a cake team to win stuff (Jackass)

    3. Excpet the Cardiff ‘fanz’ didn’t ….’respected him’ when the 2 sides last met in 2009. They have Rambo a very hostile reception, yet inspite of that he still refused to celebrate his brace on Sunday. So Robin Van Pissy’s excuse of “boo hoo, they were mean to me” is a steaming pile of horse s@@t! He has shown him self to be the self serving classless mercenary that he really is. The big star given a huge lesson in humility by a boy from the valleys.
      He transferred to a team in decline and he knowsit. manUre are a spent force, they couldn’t attract the big stars in the summer and were out done by thrifty Wenger.

    4. We kept that in grate for 8 injury ravished years only for him to celebrate as if won d world cup on that faithful day. Now that his peculiar injuries case are around, we shall see how long man u will keep him. The child in him will soon tell him to leave soon.

    5. No you are the losers. Soon you you will no longer see us from your position. And because you’re just as big a twat, I hope Man Utd get no where near champs or europa league, and u get relegated. TWAT!

    6. avianish are you as thick as your written english A few seasons ago WE PLAYED CARDIFF AND RAMSEY GOT ABUSED BIG TIME SO HE OWED THEM NOTHING BUT HE STILL SHOWED MATURITY.

    7. ‘fanz’ , ‘bt’, ‘aron’ , ‘gt’ , ‘d’ ?! Are you drunk or you have seriously problems ?

  2. Yes RVP has forgotten his past. Arsenal and Arsene made him the RVP that he is now. I hope RVP will struggle to find his form at MU this season and end up miles away from the gunners. Unlike Fabregas, there is no return for RVP.

  3. dude..are u drunk ? this guy ditched arsenal saying they are not good enough..now apart from rooney he is playing with bunch of loonatics! He deserves no respect! Henry left arsenal too.. but people not only “respect” they worship him. from the above comment i assume u r a united fan.. looser!

  4. If RVP joined MANURE as a youth, he would have been let go by SAF long time ago because of his long injuries. AW has the patient to let him recover and once he found his form he jumped ship. Can’t blame the fans for not giving him the respect.

  5. So now it made to sound like “Its not RVP’s fault but Arsenal Fans is the the cause”, what a cunt.. it shows how unprofessional & childish this RVP is.. For most of these bastards such as Adebayor/RVP & Na$ri, they have no idea of the word loyalty or gratitude so dude, aviansh – if you cant say something sensible, please shut the fuck up!

  6. I tink rvp shul go 2 hell 4 all i care, n after all wat makes him tink he can get fans @ old toilet afterall he is not English, he is only a tool to them.

  7. RVP is like a vulture.Instead of helping the team to lift the trophy he abandones it and goes for easy prey.Have you forgotten that we nursed your injuries for agood 5yrs.You are the one who cost us the title.Look now you are gone how good and united we are(catch us if you can)

  8. Yeah true talk,observe how sagna and kocieny[mind my spelling]watched him celebrate his goal with so much audacity and after d match observe how he just walked past Arsene Hmm!

    1. Despite his idiotic celebration, he will never be a true MU legend. He lost that chance at d Emirate.

  9. VP didn’t show maturity and professionalism toward those who stood by him during his agony days but Ramsey shows that maturity isn’t bt proper use of God given IQ

  10. Shuts up all arsenal fans…. We shall see d poor of in january…. RVP is a great player…. He lifted d trophy when he left arsenal poor team…. U going to ur 4th position… Go to hell

      1. I’m an arsenal fan and even i know we’re not winning !!! No faith in arsene wenger

    1. Took a few attempts of reading your comment to get it to make sense…ManUre= Spent force. You lot playing at old toilet are the new Liverpool, you will win very little for the next few decades but live off of past glories by banging on about how it is your birth right to be a top club at the top of the pile, even though you’re just a mid table club now (9th is it?). ‘Citeh’ are the only force in Manchester now, so I suggest you start eBaying that tatty red devils shirt/toilet paper while you can still get some money for it.

    2. You are the most stupid manure fanz, have you forgotten fabrigas left us an win trophy for barca? We are happy for him, but pan pussy is an ash hole. He has forgotten not all that glitters are gold

    3. You are really mad and sick . . . . by the way, which position is MANURE on the table standings and when do think MANURE will get where the GUNNERS!?

    4. stupid thinking like Ferguson he sow arsenal was going to beat him now he wanted vanpersie go to he’ll like him now which trophy do you think you’re going to win nothing 9 clean points without vanpersie rubbished man now his injury has started what will he help you now forget about trophy think about qualifying for champions league

    5. Thunder fire u.rvpiss is a bitch like all u manure fans.he belongs to the bitches club.we don’t need him.fuck u and all manure fans.

    1. Up ur fucking ass there.homo.ramsey is class.all manure midfielders are not in the same calibre as arsenal midfielders meaning dat arsenal midfielders are way better.i wonder wat van pussy ass’ wife sees in him…..fuck u all manure fans.eight position.

  11. Rvp is an ingreat who have noting to offer. This kind of pple are not responsible they also to be an oppurtunist. Who take advantage of other persons labour may hv mercy on him

  12. Truest thing I have ever read.
    Van Persie has behaved like a spoilt child after the years of support through his injuries.and then he rejoices at every opportunity.
    Not in the habit of the wishing people bad but it would be poetic justice if he spent the rest of his career trophy-less and on the treatment table.

  13. Manchester United will also give him another thing number 5 moyes favorite number meaning not going to UEFA next season

  14. Adebayor should have step on his neck he is a disloyal fuck my greatest wish is that he never recover from his injury arsenal is bigger than any one player

  15. To. All Arsenal fan u all are stupid for how long will he keep helping wen his mate are lifting title,u all go to hell his happiness is he has lift a trophy, peasant

  16. Wat u all stupid Arsenal fan forgot to knw dat he nt getting any younger,all ur players dat normally lv to another club do lift up a title so u all should go and die,suckers wit no vision for trophy

    1. ur pple we go and die in dis new month cos nobody has any man u fan to die so shall it be to u in watever u worship or believe. IDIOT U

  17. Disrespectful RVP after giving arsenal club great loses when nursing your injuries for five years. God should toment your carrier

  18. You’re a big fool can’t you see how strong we are now till the next ten years we will continuing win the League as fagurson did to Man U while Man U continuing stay in 4th position I just petty RVP a betrayer who will not be enjoying good seasons with us anymore, Gunner forever pier Morgan my role model

  19. I am a staunch arsenal fan bt honestly van persie celebrated angrily against arsenal because the fans kept booin at him even when he showed hs respect last season by not celebrating.

    1. spektaqular,
      Van pussy is a spoilt child in an adults body. He thought he was ‘Arsenal’ and had his nose put out of joint. So his response was to throw a tantrum and take a proverbial piss on the club that gave him far more opportunities to become the player he is now, than many clubs would have given him. Who knows if he’d been else where he may have been the Dutch Anelka, good but not world class as he moved from club to club. AFC put him up where he is now and his answer to being put in his place was to stamp his feet and run away from home, but not before he set the house on fire so to speak. Many great players have left AFC and still continue to glean respect from the gooners. Van Pissy will never be one of the those because of his terrible attitude. The closest he’ll get to having a statue outside the Emirates now is if someone lets their dog s**t out front and they poke it with a stick!

  20. I know all players are supposed to be professional and loyal to any establishment they found themselves but players like rvp cannot be classed with people like Rambo and his likes who have showed from time to time that no matter how short your stay in an establishment you must always show your respect. I did not feel bad seeing rvp celebrate at old Trafford but full of praise when Rambo did the opposite at Cardiff.

  21. RVP you are like a traitor. Arsenal made you the person you are today but today you have the autonomy to be against them. I can’t try for once to against my parents at all coast today and tomorrow. You thinked Arsenal ‘ll not retaine their name? If a tree is been cutted down there ‘ll be time it ‘ll sprout again and grow another new branches and everything after there must be before. We ‘ve alot of players right now with great qualities than ever you thinked you are.

    1. Evra has told them he would leave after this season coz he sees no future at Man U….sorry for Van Pussy and co.. Ur Albino coach will lead you to his usual 8th position…Up Gunners! Up Fabregas! Up Ramsey! Up Flamini, Up Henrey… The TRUE gunners.

  22. hmmm, it took us five whole yrs to nurse RVP on injuries, nw he has gone back, if man utd were to also nurse him for another five yrs, how old would he be when he gets better, 34? mwahahahahaha he’ll jst be like shevchenko at chelsea, berbatov at fuliam and anelka at westbrom. he will start changing clubs all in thd name of ‘playing time’. it will be a pity, RVP will be a pity. the laws of KARMA has neva failed, what goes around comes around. mwahahahahahaha

  23. Players must respect former clubs pecoz you se like henry arsenl. cantona man u rob. fowler livebl. They respect and visit after every season and even they want coaching positions pt what rvp doing not good rely rely

  24. The gulf gets wider if you consider what arsenal did for van Persie to help with personal troubles and injuries for only one good season before he leaves!

  25. i dont blame rvp atal, i blame arsenal for spending so much resources on that ingrate that calls himself robin. Ramsey is not as ungreatful as him. I’m pleased with him. Keep on aaron, the sky is your limit.

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