PICTURE: Atletico’s midfielder at Arsenal this morning

As Red London told you on Thursday, Atletico Nacional’s Sebastian Perez is to go through a trial at the club starting today and so it has proved as the 20-year-old published a photo of him with Arsenal’s skipper at the training ground on Monday morning.

Let’s all wish Perez the best in hopefully becoming Wenger’s next gem.

Thanks to a discovery by Lady Arse, here was Perez and Vermaelen today.

sebastien perez

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62 thoughts on “PICTURE: Atletico’s midfielder at Arsenal this morning

  1. Stop playing on the intelligence of the fans. Asegne wenger is no longer the man for the job.

    1. your right wenger and ivan has lied to us again i be surpised if we sign a player worth noting wenger, ivan and the bored u let us the fans down and u got less then a month to fix it

      1. Let you down? Arsenal dont owe you anything. We as fans support the team no matter what the circumstance- That’s the very definition of a “supporter”. You chose to start supporting Arsenal. It was your choice to buy their merchandise or pay to watch their games. They didn’t force you to do so.
        Arsenal play great football and sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, that’s football. Arsene might buy someone he might not. But he in no way, nor Arsenal, owes us as fans a marquee signing. If we sign someone- great. If not, suck it up and DEAL WITH IT.
        But above all-
        Support the team.

  2. once again we looking at a noboby i sure he could be a good player but once again we been lied to by wenger and ivan still not a penny spent i be surpised if we sign any1 worth noting

  3. You guyz may be right. I think it high time wenger bring in big names to add to his present squard. Or else am afraid Arsenal will never win trophies.

  4. Guys wenger is just like cartoon we see him like a picture he is like a woman who lost all her kids in simple English wenger is defeated
    cock he never bought a player at a high price he is a same of paying that and sorry for his stupid idea arsenal fans now hate him for the rest of his life

    1. shut up, i’m thinking you are the cock, not wenger. go and so called ‘support’ another team knob head

  5. I wish all the best in his trial and i hope he makes the first team

  6. Wenger !!! Fans ignore this man called Arsene Wenger and his team Arsenal with useless board. Watch team like Bayern, Madrid, Barca and forget about this fielder team (Arsenal)

  7. Hope is good, all this free transfer players, Wenger!!! Wenger!!! Wenger, how many times did i call u? Becareful, becareful. Up Gunners

  8. Good luck to Sebastian Perez. You’ll need it when Wenger’s in charge.
    To Vermaelen, get well soon.

  9. I don’t think that, arsenal’s captain was free injured, bcos he is out for six weeks. No way for him to go to arsenal’s cornley to snarched picture with trail perez. Make you!

  10. Wenger enough is enough stop playing with your fans intelligent there is no more time we need trophy!!!!!

  11. Its really a RED LONDON that no new signings except sanogo, perez,etc what aboup the big signings like SUAREZ, FELLAINI, CESAR and WILLIAMS? Doldrums.

  12. 5.8.13 and still not a major signing of note,just dont understand this,it amazes me even as a lifelong gooner that by this time this summer and with the reported wonga available that old tight dates arsene hasnt got us a centre half,a defensive holding midfielder,a striker and a new right back.truth is we need much more than suarez,we need 3 players of extreme quality to compete.change of manager required its that simple and its bothers me to say this but thats how it is.even the small club down the rd have a couple of major signings on a far smaller budget.

  13. any other club would have shown their fans the respect they deserve,the club are very aware of our frustrations at 8 trophyless years and surely early summer business would have been the decent and right thing to do for the gooners who have spent a fortune following this club.people talk constantly about players disloyalty and disrespect but the truth is they get it from their clubs who bleed their mug fans dry season in season out.arsenal you should be ashamed of your treatment to those who care so much and spend so much in very tough,uncertain and challenging times.a great stadium shouldnt be home to such an average team,shows how bad things are when even swansea and wigan can win a trophy and we cant.signing off now im bored and so tired of writing things like this countless times each year.

    1. @Rory Mckee you are so on point and I wish Wenger or Gazidis could see your nice comment.I just don’t get it when the bald headed guy came out and told everyone that we have the money to sign world class players and pay their wages.Even Wenger knows we need a strong defensive minded midfielder and a striker with a center back,I’m not too bothered about goal keeper,I believe if Szczesny could focus more this season,we won’t regret not signing Cesar.I think Yaya sanogo could be our own Benteke.It just hurts to know d small club down the road and signing some good players to improve their team and we Arsenal fans are still crying our eyes out for the players we need to make us a title contender.I believe our present squad will still be able to challenge for wenger’s 4th place trophy anyway.

  14. arsenal are not a good football club they giv the fan negetiv result all the time so i will not kill my self on arsenal again,i want the fans to know that arsenal is not belong to the fans eny more is for Arsen Weger i am not ganna be arsenal fans eny more bye iiii Quit been a gunners fans is bater 4 me be Nigerian club fans than been arsenal fans i regret been arsenal fans……

  15. This is what mr.wenger likes spending more time to create a future interest by signing unmatured players and expecting them to have a big names at emirates.Actually this seems as unstopable wenger’s bussiness as he has already interested with some ex-gunners skippers like henry,fabregas,van perse who have left a huge void since some celebrations made at highbury in eight years ago.
    Wenger should now change and engage in pursaching and signing a big names that can bring challenge in earning trophies in europe.

  16. Why sud wenger be handing trials to players instead of signing a quality player, ow many club in europe is still doing dis nonsense wch stupid wenger is doing here, wot does it really take to buy a player nd if a team like sunday will sign up to ten player by nw, why arsenal. Fans, be sure dat ivan is d secret behind, ow can dat big for nothing come out publicly to tell fans dat they can afford any player just to make them buy nxt season match ticket. Imagine evn d old fool called wenger, just bcos he heard dat fans ar planning to boycotts watching arsenal game starting frm d emirates cup matches dat made hm to come out nd tell fans dat they re working hard on new signings. Over greediness. Money will kill two of u” wenger nd ivan”. Fans hate u bcos u re nt realiable again.

  17. What’s d meaning of dis? D club na bring babies for trials? Rubbish! Y can’t they get us quality players?

  18. why have we not signed williams as we so badly need a big,strong,physical defender as we far to short in the defensive area.ffs arsene 10m is peanuts these days especially with what you have to spend,then get a cheaper version of fellaini in the shape of west hams diame.the reality is arsene could spend no more than 40m tops and we could be a real force.our manager should know what it takes to win the league as hes done it before,look at the invincibles and the combined winning ingredients that squad had.why is he buying countless cheap small players who are easily out muscled in the epl.i think hes flipped his lid bigtime as he cant see what we all see.chelsea and man city league winning sides of recent years copied the invincibles in combining physical,technical,senior and youthful style of playing staff.surely after 8 years of misery, arsene would change somethings,hes so stubborn and unwilling to do things differently and listen to what the paying public natives are saying.we need usmanov and dein in as we are going nowhere with what we have thats for sure.why offer 40m for suarez and have no suarez when we could have offered 30m for higuain and got higuain.unless we pulled out of the higuain deal because we have word we are certain to get suarez?,wishful thinking.whether we get luis or not we must get real and once again sink our teeth in to winning trophies.even the running man will catch on soon and think why did i run after that lot,a club with little or no ambition who sells its best players only to replace with sub standard overpaid clowns.im surprised theo stayed but when will he and jack jump ship?.

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