PICTURE: How would you react to THIS?

Shock, anger or relief? What would your emotion had been if you were to notice this sensational development on transfer deadline day – the manner in which Fernando Torres left Liverpool?

(Disclaimer Image only meant for amusement)

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53 thoughts on “PICTURE: How would you react to THIS?

  1. I’d probably be ok until I heard Wenger tell the fans to ‘trust us’ and promptly bid £1million for Franco DiSanto as his replacement

  2. would be bad to see dat but still will i be a gunner for life cesc left and nasri but still here we are still showing wat we v got i played for arsenal juniors for years and i dint get my work permit so am back to my country but 1 day i would be back and better for song replacement

  3. I fully expect this to happen, then Barca to back out because RVP suddenly gets injured, then 6 months later when he’s recovered Wenger comes out & says “he’s like a new signing”.

  4. Would be angry because he is the main playmaker and the scorer for d gunners recently.And it will not be of good hearing that he leaves arsenal at the nick of time unless he buys two world strikers to replace him instantly.

  5. Awesome…83 million…think of how well that would look on the balance sheet when we announce our profits for the year!!! To be fair I’d take 35 million for him right now…he’s only weeks away from another long term injury that will finish his season with us, then in the summer he’s off…for about 15 million because he’ll only want to join Barca!!

  6. Very sad. I like arsene but i hate his tactics. How on earth we conceaded so many goals but the manager cant try to solve the problems? U see in the midfield Song work a lot bcz we are not strong. Look only arsenal depend on van persie alone as striker. Why to loan a lad and buy a lad. Arsene is totally confused. I pray him and his ceo to leave arsenal. Everyone is tired of them. All fans around world the struggle goes on.

  7. How much? You could get the whole ARSEnal squad for half that. Maybe you could ask Henry to prolong his stay or get Ian Wright back as a replacement. Wouldn’t blame RVP to want champions league next season, and a realistic chance of winning something. But 82 mil is a bit off the mark!

  8. barca are struggling to generate much money for transfers at the minute…we should be capitalising on their money problems and picking ourselves up some cheap barca b players to plug the gaps in our first team.

    romeu and bojan should have been ours. pure negligence to allow them to go elsewhere.

  9. rvp has this season and next still on his contract with us.

    arsenal MUST keep him for the rest of his conttract NO MATTER WHAT.

    if he goes on a free after that, so be it. let him go, no hard feelings. a decade of service and he goes at the old age of 30. fine.

    but selling him this summer to cash in on him would be an act of a small, selling club.

    it would be UNFORGIVABLE.

    i hope you’re reading this arsenal.

  10. See the one that got under everybodys guard?
    Yep it was a biggy and not one mention.
    The Tea Lady has signed for Elgin City for 2 pound
    Profile: Edna
    Age: 89
    Clubs: Bury tea ladies all stars
    Honours: 3 World Cups lol
    Tea trolley Trophy 2005, 07, 08
    Strengths: Dribbling, Black tea and cream
    Wenger said: This is a big loss for AFC, she was coming up to 2750 cups of tea for AFC, but the Elgin offer was too good to refuse.
    It looks as though I will have to work hard in the market in the summer, Doncaster have a youngster (76) that we are looking at who is off contract soon ,that we may get on a free.
    Insiders say she had big problems from the board as they brought in a machine and prefered Lattes than her tea and puff pastry to biscuits.
    We wish Edna all the best at Elgin City and may she get a Cup or two while there. IG

  11. I will drive him there myself. We are playing like a one man team with RVP up front.

    Get someone who works much harder and we will grow stronger as a team.

    Fucking hate Rooney but He makes RVP look pedestrian.

    By the way I would tell Barca Theo the fake footballer is part of the deal also.

    I would then play the Ox up front with a quick mobile striker.

  12. Seriously people? This is pretty funny, a good joke, but what is the point of using every opportunity to badmouth the club and our God Arséne, to be honest you make me sick, you are not real supporters, you are all as bad as those that boo at the Emirates. Where are we going to be without our most successful post-war manager? and those of you who are demanding success clearly joined on the bandwagon when we had it, and cannot think of times when we had a seriously mediocre period, and guess what? The fans still loved the club and its managers, and would never even dare to insult the team. Support the team when they need you, become part of the club for good, and be patient, success will come, otherwise you will screw it up for the rest of us. Remember football is there to be enjoyed, no matter how painful it is, where is the sick enjoyment in being so negative? I know times are hard, but realistically we cannot compete with the two Mancs and Chelski, or even Sp*rs because we do not have the resources. Our only resource left is Wenger and our young team, get behind them. OOH TO BE!

  13. wenger won’t sell rvp with out finding a replacement first !!!!
    Who ever he brings in will have to settle in, so if he dose leave i very much dought that it will be this summer, mayb next……

    1. yeah because he definitely did that with cesc LOL idiot he’ll sell him in summer with no replacement not put the money bcak into the squad and he’ll be gone by 2013

  14. at 29 it will never happen, also Barcelona do not have that sort of money, RvP will think long and hard this Summer as he knows the next contract will be his last, it’s a shame Wenger wasn’t going, it’s our lack of pathetic ambition and our dismal football he may decide to go else where, he has carried this team all season and Wenger has done zilch to help him or at least take some of the pressure of him. This is not the Arsenal true fans use to know and love, I do not know this Arsenal any more, it’s one reason I sent my ST back after the 6% increase and the board will raise them again, it’s an outrage and true fans will suffer again. RIP my beloved Arsenal

  15. >wat doz arsenal loze if we let wenger go en get and get another maneger?<

    instead ask what has Wenger giving to our club?
    after a nuber of years of seriously punching above our weight some people just have an expectation to win. Let me remind them only 1 clubs wins the League, same for any cups. The only reason you are so spoilt is Arsene Wenger…think long and hard about that before you advocate bringing in the next "big thing"
    I am proud to support Arsenal not because they happen to catch my attention at a particular moment when they were successful but because they strive to do things properly, some of you fair weather glory hunters should remember there's more to life

    1. Some of us have followed long time before Wenger came, last time I remembered it was Arsenal F.C not Arsene F.C , some of us were ST holders for 25 years, some of us followed to away games in this country and countries afar and there is more to this club than Wenger, he has served the club well but in the last five years he has lost it, he can not drive this team on, he buys rubbish players and gives them superstar wages, he earns 7 million a year and his ambition is to finish in the top four. the clubs who win titles and trophies are also the clubs that have players who can turn things around, who have heart and bottle apart from a few players, our team is a team of over pampered babies. Wenger’s time is up every one can see apart from the AKB who keep bleating on and p[laying the same record

  16. The most Arsenal would receive next season is £25m in his last year of contract a la Nasri. Therefore that picture is totally redundant.

    1. Dont think we would get 25 million because barca know they can strong-arm us. We only got 25 million for nasri because it was man city – he wasn’t worth that much with 1 year left on his contract.
      I would guess 18 million to barca or real this summer. If he does go to real I would rather wenger try and swap benzema, kaka or ozil.

  17. i can’t believe this rumors …..is it really true that VAN-PERSIE has left ARSENAL for another club…like BARCELONA…?


  19. With one year left on his contract 20M might be realistic. It is going to depend on his wage demands, but in that case Barcelona are not probably the most likely candidates for his signature.

    I think Arsenal should be able to meet his salary expectations. There are not a lot of players at Arsenal now that can argue they are in the same salary bracket and so they should be able to go up to an acceptable amount.

    He is an Arsenal fan and seems a humble, sensible enough bloke, so he should not be seduced away by Man City or some team like them, for short term silly money.

    No point in getting mad about it though, if man city offer him 300K a week there is not much we can do.

  20. I would disbelieve it. I’d expect AW to let him go for around 20 million and replace him with maybe Lois Saha – on loan! Then he will wait a couple of months to let the idiot fans who follow him blindly to continue to forget all the money he is sitting on, and tell the rest of us to get behind the manager.

  21. I would accept it with both hands ,but all the money should be invested in buying players,benzema,hazard,gotze etc love to see this happen …. Its just a dream

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