For gooners crying out for Wenger’s star signings

Here is Arsene Wenger’s message for you.

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68 thoughts on “For gooners crying out for Wenger’s star signings

  1. Bergkamp was already kinda a superstar when we bought him? That signing was a turning point in class at arsenal. We need another world class signing to bring us back! The picture makes no sense with Bergkamp in it! he was known class before he signed!

  2. we need to bring back the man the myth the legend that is pascal cygan ! to sure up the defense …

  3. Name one player beside Tony Adams who we made into a superstar that actually ended their careers with us ? Bergkamp doesn’t qualify coz he was proven class when Rioch signed him from inter …… Therein lies the disease that plagues this football club …. The time for making superstars has passed , its time to make our own glory !!!

  4. if you don’t buy world class player ..then buy world class talent.. lyk isco,gundogan,thiago,morata ..who have the potential to be superstar.. n when u make a player superstar .. you don’t keep him instead selling him .. such players like nasri , van persie

  5. We don’t buy but make super star for sale. We don’t keep them like other big Europeans side hold on to their stars…. the Barce,Madrid and top Italian sides. shame on wenger… 8yrs no class cup to show for the money wasted on his wages.

  6. We need experience players, good attacking midfielder who can deliver 4 us, ad nt injury prone 17 or 18 yrs boys, wenger, we arsenal fans we need silver ware dis season

  7. nice one,although I would love to see maxime gonalons join us and not fellaini.Wilshere provides no steel to the midfield and he is a terrible excuse for a CAM.If fellaini is only gonna bring height and red cards,then he is a waste of money.technicaly he is inferior to all our midfeilders.this is ARSENAL,bieng tall and aggressive doesnt make you ideal for this team.winning balls in the air is a stupid excuse for a player coming to a team that plays on the ground and controls possession….

    1. A team which plays on the ground and is outmuscled in most games especially the middle of the park. And how many times over the past 8 years have we lost games because we list the battle in the middle of the park????
      Use common sense if we have a lion of DM than we have more possession & it lets the little guys who play on the ground as you say do their thing without having to battle 6 foot prem league monsters in midfield.
      Have you even watched arsenal over the last 8 seasons????

  8. What is the meaning of this mr wenger are u serious at all ,is arsenal met for making super star. Why cnt u sit down and think, because u are just braking our heart

  9. to compete with other teams mr Wenger must buy good and taleted players never think of any trophy with out two or three new good players. Mr Wenger plse do nt break our hearts fans thanks

  10. Wenger did not write this post. Let us wait and see what he will do. Waiting may be difficult but we have no option now.

  11. Our Dutch legends career was on the rocks in Italy. If we didn’t make him, we rescued him and he delivered for us.
    Henry, Viera, Petit, Overmars, Freddy, Pires all elevated their careers at Arsenal if not rescued them.
    The game has moved on from the days when you mostly played local lads like when Celtic won their European cup. The game is global, and with 7 billion people so you can hardly expect a ‘one’ like Messi on your door step that you can call ‘home made’.
    The truth now is that you can provide a platform for these stars to be made. Zidane wasn’t always ‘Zidane’ but when he became that great player as he evolved. Our best hope is that we become a great club again where stars are made and when their time is up, they retire with us or move to the US for semi retirement. At the moment, we sell. And sickeningly we sell faster than warm beer on a plastic cup at a festival concert. And sometimes whole that beer feels good at that time, in a short time you look back and simply feel gutted. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Betrayed. Angry. Vomitus.
    And in a week you buy your next concert ticket and the cycle begins again. This year I’d like a pint glass, crisp fresh cold beer and an absence of that plundered feeling.

  12. ..& we remain as selling club with no trophy ever after…but we are already used to this. after all we have BIG stadium & we are proud of it.

  13. Wenger is an Idiot and Arsenal Fans are the stupidest people i have ever witnessed, they never learn. every year Wenger promise big transfers and sell his best players at the end. This summer is the same no superstar will join arsenal.
    Don’t u fucking get it Arsenal is not a football club its a football academy.

  14. Stp expecting…Diaz nosign of arsenal winin trophy next season
    we took 4th,bt dos dat finish ahead of us ar vry active in d market……is vry clear nw,wenger an co are nt interestn in trophy….otherwise de would ve completed 3major deal by nw!!
    An stp scouting players for other teams.

  15. If arsen wenger dont sign higuain n more quality player dont let us decieved ourselve we can archive anything 4 20 years so mr arsenal do something all of are animals believe me am talking 2 arsenal board or sack wenger now

  16. Higuain to Arsenal? Enticing but the events of the last 8 (trophyless) years suggest that with Arsene Wenger and Arsenal’s current (greedy) Board in charge, the Higuain tale could be another “pipe dream”for Arsenal fans! In fact, the real prayer (for fans getting carried-away again) should be that neither Man City nor Chelsea pick any interest in Higuain. Should the “cityzens” or “Blues”, want Higuain now, it will be the END of it for Arsenal. City are looking to replace Tevez while Chelsea have been ‘hunting’ for a striker! Either of these clubs would pay Gonzalo up to 200,000k a week and the said asking price of 25 million (possibly causing goose-pimples at Arsenal) is pocket change for City’s Shieikh Mansoor and Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich! It is therefore disgusting, irritating, mind-boggling and nauseating that little man Wenger just never closes such transfer deals quickly! This is how Arsenal has lately “boasted” a lengthy list of “left-overs”(dead-wood) i.e. Squillaci, Bendtner, Chamakh, Park Chu Young, Andre Santos, Johan Djourou, Arshavin, Neves Denilson, Vassiriki Diaby, Carlos Vela (Jeeeeezus) etc. These characters are typically hired by a clueless Wenger at mid-night on 31st August – the last day of summers’ transfer window!! Run-away ex-arsenal stars like Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri, Clichy etc must have gotten to a breaking point with this endless madness at the club!

  17. My true Arsenal fans, I guess we have really tried. Let’s give Wenger & the so called Board until the window closes for next season and if he doesn’t bring in KNOWN superstars (rooney, fellani and skillful players with goals) then we’ll leave Arsenal before Arsenal leaves us out of the champions league & heads for the relegation zone. Wenger, bring in players because I am tired of being mocked & laughed at.

  18. True, Wenger didn’t buy Bergkamp Rioch did. Also back in the day there was not many scouting teams like there are today, so Wenger could use his knowledge to bring great players to the club on the cheap and develop them. Now every club in the Premiership and across Europe have developed that model, so the only way to get decent players now is to buy them and hope one or two will come through from the youth development. He has to buy and buy quality look at who he has tried to develop over the last few years that we can’t offload to anyone as no team wants them and we are paying them off to terminate their contracts…. I would write a list, but as you know there are too many duffers for the list, shipping them out should free money for some PROVEN DECENT players, not lets hope they develop players ……. come on Arsene get you wallet out !!

  19. What a bunch of plastic whingers on this site. Wenger sold a number of ‘stars’ at exactly the right time for more than they were worth aand who failed at their new clubs. he sold others who were determined to leave and hence couldn’t control their desires.

    Get a grip and try and look beyond the end of your noses.

  20. I just discovered choosing arsenal as my team was the worst mistake of my life.Rooney,jovetic,higuan,fellani,fabregas,williams, lewandowski,mignolet e.t.c to the extent,the man is confused and going for REINA.Dont you get it guys,there will be no deals done.If we were serious we would have had jovetic,fellani, williams and julio caesar already.This is annoying,wenger why go for all the players in the world when you won’t even buy one?

    1. two points to be made here. Man U ‘fans’ “choose” their team; for most genuine football fans, the team chooses you.
      Secondly, excatly what is your experience of managing multi-million pound football clubs and negotiating transfer deals??? A little tip – the idiots that write in the newspapers are guessing about everything as are the fans that hang on their every word like mindless sheep. Don’t try and make judgements based on any of the rubbish you read in papers or hear from fans who pretend they know how to run a football club.

  21. yes he has done a lot for arsenal but what have he done lately it make no sense having huge amount of money if you dont know what to do are how to spend it we need reinforcement in the team the earlier the better it was only in the final two month of the season the team start playing well together wenger need to make his signing from two weeks ago

  22. Arsenal are not making superstars anymore. They might make a few, but that’s not their motto anymore. Wenger has abandoned the youth project. That was whilst they could get the stadium paid off. But if you look at last seasons signings, he signed, Carzorla 28, Podolski 28, Giroud 26 and Monreal 27. The season before that, amongst some youngsters, he also signed Arteta 31, Mertesacker 28 and Gervinho 26. I’d say, except for maybe Gervinho, those are some quality players. So fans need to lay off Wenger a bit.

  23. If Arsenal does not buy a player then Wenger always respond to us that no quality player was in the market. This time it is mission impossible. Unless he tell us that no player of 5 to 10 million euro or dollar!!!!

  24. Like he made Berkamp ! Wenger better shove the thought of making stars now. Ramsey, Diaby, Johnrou and other should have taught him lesson. Even the more successful clubs now buys stars and quality players for stability and constitency, He go for Mediocre players

  25. we make superstars do we?
    Wilshere er er er er
    No that’s it
    We bought Cazorla so let’s buy Higuain and Fellaini

  26. Gervinho £10.6 million,Andrey Arshavin 14.520.000.Not winning jake shit for 8 year priceless

  27. Mr Wenger, am tired of being mucked at, every body have the got to talk to me carelessly as a gunner, because my team have been barrien for eight good years. Pls Mr wenger nd the board, we fans are giving you this season to recruite and prove your whorth to other teams. Am tired of all this shame.

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