Picture of the Day (from WHL)

Before you feel sorry for him, just imagine what he would have been doing had the scoreline been the other way.

How lovely.


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97 thoughts on “Picture of the Day (from WHL)

    1. What a spiteful little cunt you are, he’s a kid, didn’t mummy pay enough attention to you, what a childish little blog, some fucking man you must be to take the piss out of a kid, why not show all the Spuds leaving early, nope your bully mentality has to surface, I fucking hate cunts like you following Arsenal

    1. With a username like adolf, and a comment like that, you should be banned from this site.

      You’re pure scum.

  1. yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,cunt!!!!why the fuck you are crying !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I did laugh at him earlier, sky couldn’t have planned it better, tear actually rolling down his cheek.

  3. The joy I get from knowing all yids must have felt that way, all at the same time, it’s like every time a totty player talks smack we teach them the lesson THERS ONLY 1 REAL FOOTBALL CLUB IN NORTH LONDON u dirty yids

  4. Not on that. the geezer is a YOUNG BOY just getting into his football. regardless of who he supports you don’t take the piss. Gooners don’t stoop the this sort of shit.

  5. Not very clever, just a little kid. He’s got to go to school tomorrow having had twats like you plastering his face all over the internet. Idiots.

    1. blame sky sports for highlighting the crying spud and not the blogger.

      he has got to go to school has he? well little spud cry baby boy should learn a lesson and not blubber like a girl on live tv over a football match again.

      1. he probably loves it at school being the star of the moment and on TV and all… well, ‘MOTM’ shall we say!!

      2. and its only boys that blubber ?..I’d personally blame his father for taking him in the first place – dont they call it some form of child abuse these days!

    2. all over the internet hus face was on live Sky tv and if you notice in the top right corner of the pic that logo is for Al Jazzira tv. His face has been seen all over the fucking world becuase of the direct in the fucking studio saying ‘let cut to that crying kid’. Dont blame the blog blaim sky tv.

    1. One generation of thick cunts who can’t spell. Go back to school you hopeless mouthbreather. I bet you work cleaning the shit off the floor of public toilets. I’ll leave a nice one in the Emirates bathroom next time I’m there.

      1. We expect that sort of thing from people like you, why change the habit of a lifetime eh?

        That’ll teach the little nerdlet to be a yid won’t it.

  6. That’s just a kid man. Take it easy. Sorry kid, wish u supported a real team but guess it’s your dad’s fault

  7. Fuck each and everyone of you who’s saying it’s just a little kid.

    He would also be ‘just a little kid’ if he waved his middle finger all over your face had the cunts won.

    I have no remorse nor respect for any Spurs cunt (whether young or old) – just the same way they feel about any Arsenal fan.

    Fuck you and the kid.

  8. As a Gooner born and bred I had the misfortune to go to secondary school in Tottenham. Spare me the sob stories about the poor little boy, you pays your money, you takes your chance.

  9. fuck the Kid, fuck his sorry Cunt Dad and his Scum Mom, fuck em ALL, cause we are the Arsenal, we are the best, so Fuck all the rest!

    1. very classy. get a brain stupid – we dont need idiots like you at the emirates. then again, idiots like u watch it on tv and have never been to a game.

  10. His just a kid, R u dumb? R u gay? Do u even watch football? It’s war out here an winners take all, it’s a friggin derby and all ARSENAL FANS could only wish to see yids cry day in day out cos ther shite and believe the better than the mighty gunners, I live in NORTH LONDON an believe if they had won little Ben would go to school and rip the doo doo out of our fellow gunners from NORTH LONDON go watch arsenal ladies! Oh no don’t they hate the yids too

  11. And i thought spurs were the ones who had no class. What’s the difference between them and you now retards? Randy, really fuck you for having no class, and shame on you. We are the team Kenny Dalglish praised even after winning at Anfield 89 coz of the way we carry ourselves. I don’t hear anyone saying anything nice about Chelsea or United even though they have recently won a lot more than us. Stoop to the level of Spurs if you think it’s the smart move dumbass.

    And finally fuck you for insulting the people who probably pay you for clicking on your site jerk.

  12. I wish you should have left kid picture and looked for the one idiots who was calling Wenger and Arsenal fans names. Not printable here and he managed to make many sing while he was screaming and shouting. After two goals in extra time he left.

    That was far better than the kid any time.

  13. get real, anyone saying hes just a kid

    fuck that

    the little yid mug, hope all the gooners at his school rip the shit out of him 2morow

    we hate tottenham and we hate tottenham……

    the wanky tottenham hotspur went to rome to see the pope
    the wanky tottenham hotspur went to rome to see the pope
    the wanky tottenham hotspur went to rome to see the pope


  14. he is only a poor little yido with specs bought on the cheap.

    like the other guys have said: it’s war and no spud, no matter its age deserves any mercy.

    it bet this tyke and his dad and granddad next to him sing that vile song about wenger with glee.

    wenger has pulled one out the bag with his team selection, apart with the flap in goal, and we have stuck one back up those dirty bastards…

  15. 3 generations of ugly cunts. These stinking yids all look the fuckin same. I hope the little cunt gets slaughtered at school tommorrow.

  16. Another idiots once posted Arsenal kid crying on YouTube so please grow up idiots. Kids are no go area plus you idiots stop calling them yids. That is a relic of bygone era grow up, Be happy we beat Spurs but no kids please. Don’t you idiots have your own kids? Get life men

    Sometimes Supporters need to grow up and get a life

  17. bahahah the comment sections is funnier than the picture. gosh its like being in a pub, have a cold beer, watching tv and blabbering here and there before puke on the mens room!

  18. You gooners should be ashamed of yourselves with these comments. And there I was thinking you’re not such a bad lot after seeing the arsenal supports paying their respects during the pre-game tribute to Bobby Smith.

    Every club has it’s moron followers – I guess yours are all on this site

  19. Morning all, and what a great morning it is. I need some help please. Which of these shall we now use going forward???


    T4O1T4T1E4N1H4A1M4 1

    Your help is appreciated!

  20. Feel sorry for him? Feel fucking sorry for the little bastard. I was trying to get a picture on my phone so I could use it as a desktop wallpaper. I hate fucking Spurs fans. They all deserve to dier horrifically. Let’s hope he gets leukeamia or something! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!

  21. you really are shallow mate, fuck off, we don’t need scum like you, you and this cretin who posted the picture and the rest of the tossers who took the piss need to really examined what low life wankers you are

  22. Not the last time he’ll be crying for his shit team this season!

    It’ll be worse when they crash out of the Champions League HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    I blame his Dad for making him support a shit team.

    You do gooders need to calm down, it’s just banter! If it was the other way around they’d be worse!

  23. we all love fucking spurs over and over, again and again. i love the picture. but i must say the father of the is no good dad. you dont force your son love a support spurs. its like walking him into WHL and tell him
    “son this is a one way ticket to becoming a mother of cunts and that’s what am raising you to be. don’t ever forget it and no man should ever tell you otherwise”

  24. This is a totally normal response from a young boy who has witnessed the murder of a loved one.What he needs is to stay away from the murder scene or risk traumtic strees syndrome (TSS)

  25. Poor little bloke had better get used to crying when the shit club he supports gets turned over by The mighty Arsenal.If his old man had any brains he would have taken him a few miles down the road to support a proper club.

  26. So a few Arsenal fans have taken great glee in highlighting this kids misery? I can guarantee he knows every single word to the vile “Wenger” song and was in all probability singing it along with his dad and grandad. The tottenham scum have been firmly put in their place, YET AGAN!! No sympathy, anyway who the FUCK are Tottenham Hotspur? Exactly.

  27. Okay seriously, you could subject him to a lot of trauma. He’s a kid, his team lost, he cried. It’s not a big deal. Let’s not stop to this kind of classless stupidity.

    Really Randy, you are behaving like a child. He’s a KID. We DON’T KNOW whether he sings the vile song or not.

  28. Funny! People who are complaining need to just chill out a bit!

    The Spuds would’ve done exactly the same if it’d been a Gooner kid crying. They’d probably have released a DVD of it to be honest!

    He’s not crying because someone died, he’s crying due to his team losing. Yes he’s a kid and yes it’s hard when your team loses, but don’t cry….. Unless (like all other Spuds fans) you were 100% sure that you were gonna win the match!!!

  29. Mate, that’s a child, crying.
    Spud or not, I just don’t get a buzz out of seeing that.

    Schadenfreude is best enjoyed amongst adults, if you ask me.

    1. Kids cry!! I see kids gettin beats in the street by their mums on a daily, I use to I think people r Being way to over sensitive if u can’t make fun out of arch rivals the who do make fun of, even if it was my lil sis I’d still mock her wat nx u can’t look at opposition funny or it’s gbh, ur sooooooooo gay it’s like u have a thing for kids or do run out and protect everyone who cries u hero gaylord cunt i cried once at game my dad told me dint be a pussy man up

  30. I thot you Guys were bigger than this. He is only a kid supporting his – maybe as he grows up he will realize the other N London team is the team for him. For now guys give the kid a break. Remember you were once a kid an cried.Yea Give the kid a break – be BIG in victory and lets do it again when we meet the in the League

  31. y is he crying i mean he looks about 8 and after eight years of supporting the spuds you would have thought he would be used getting smashed by the mighty arsenal

  32. What a quality picture, proper cracks me up everytime i see gonna have to get it as a poster or something! Fuck you little kid go support a good team.

  33. Round of applause for the RedLondon man!! Sorry, kid. When your team is the Spuds, your tears are like the vodka to my cranberry juice. Besides, cryin ass Spud children become jackass Spud sucking adults. We know we do not need any more of that. As one of the more famous Arsenal supporters, P-Diddy [Puff Daddy, or whatever he calls himself these days…], “Can’t nobody mess with the Arsenal team!” Umm, yeah, it’s Arsenal FC, THE MIGHTY Arsenal football club. There’s only one team in North London, because that was a brilliant practice match. Masterclass in moving the ball.

    Your favorite,
    King James

  34. I was there the little yid was pleading to leave!haha wheres ur foreskin gone wheres ur forskin gone !!!

    1. only an arse fan would be interested in a kids foreskin!!! there’s an irony that lots of posts on here don’t like the pedo song but u just can’t stop urselves looking at a picture of a kid on the internet can u, u should be locked up – all of u!!

  35. I’m beginning to think that spurs are the real pedos here. It’s like when closeted gays bash gays, same here they call us pedos because they can’t stop fucking kids. Guess it takes one to try to know one.

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