Picture of the Season: The big truth about Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspur FC – Chasing the shadows of Arsenal Football Club since 1882.

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27 thoughts on “Picture of the Season: The big truth about Tottenham

  1. In advance for all the Spud Trolls that will inevitably appear on here….
    Whatever you say – Whatever you write – you were humiliated this season with all your boasts and gloats and tediously hilarious Delusions of Grandeur.

    You ARE and ALWAYS will be the Teeny Tiny club in North London.

    Champions League? You’re ‘avin a laugh!

    London is RED.

  2. Totifruty has big mounth and little brain, they should be happy to reach so far. they are always behind us and they will continue like this why? because they do not have a class. i hope Chealse win then they can dream about CL. Arsenal 44444444444 ever.

  3. To all the members of the “Judean Peoples Front” (JPF for short-watch “Life Of Brian” to get it),you should start praying at the wailing wall down gas oven lane now for your lot to get into next seasons CL. Lol. Last time you lot had a good win was when david slew goliath…even that was against dodgy opposition!!! Gooner4life.

    1. Luke the gooner – why dont you fuck right off you moron. Arsenal and society doesn’t need BNP cunts like you. crawl back under your rock, you toad!

  4. Except Woolwich weren’t founded until 1886, fucking humiliating when you don’t know your own club’s history.

    1. That’s right. Between 1882 and 1886 was when you took four years to set up the ultimate mission of Tottenham Hotspur as a club. To chase Arsenal with failure.

  5. Spot on.
    A few Spurs fans I know are so predictable … they cannot speak about their own football unless Arsenal comes into their conversation. So, for me, if Spurs focused on themselves as much as they do on us, they’d become a better team …. but their sheer bitterness and obsession with everything us is what kills them !

  6. Please is there a 1900×1200 jpg anywhere this needs to go on my desktop A.S.A.P

  7. Aaron WTF do you know, Arsenal started in plumstead not woolwich, where they move to. later moving to highbury in north london in 1919 when notts forrest donated their red and white kit. you dont like the fact that aresnal started as a works football team kicking a bunch of rags tied together when the works foreman made all the players donate some money to buy a football, and then become the greatest team in london with history like no other. do ya self a favour, buy a gun, stick it to your head and pull the trigger.

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