PICTURE: Samir Nasri reveals what he really is

In all honesty Samir Nasri had one of the days of his career in English football yesterday as he scored the vital winner in Manchester City’s 2-1 victory over Chelsea, but Arsenal will always see him as this…

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26 thoughts on “PICTURE: Samir Nasri reveals what he really is

  1. l just hate seeing Nasri in oppsition jersy! Up till now,l find it difficult to belief that Nasri could leave us. Honestly, l still love him. He is a fantastic player in a wrong squard of City! Gunners for life!

  2. nasri is a fanstick player but playing at the wrong team is one thing that really piss me off.my wish is that city wil not lift any trophy this season

  3. Nasri will never go far in football. He can never create any history with Man city. He sold his value for money … Nas-cock

  4. If Nasri were still at Arsenal like RVP leading in Goals Nasri would have lead in Assists…with Wilshere’s absense he would have got all the attention…he would have been in BPL Best 11 this year too ! But with Mancity his future in nowhere !

  5. Have we ever thought about it,Wenger the 4th highest paid coach in the world for bringing home no trophies,very comparable with his peers the world over,though not deserved IMO,amd yet pays his star players peanuts compared 2 their peers,if u were in the shoes of these players what would u do?am disappointed he left but these guys are pros they do this for the money;Rooney almost left Manure this season despite all the success he’s had there,only an improved contract made him stay,Glazidis got a bonus of 600k for what?maybe we should take a closer look at Wenger and the board,give this guy a break,besides he loves the club comes around evry opportunity he gets….he is a pro,in it for the pay thats why he left home for England….

    1. If Nasri did not earn another penny from now until the day he dies he would still have earnt more than most other people on the planet and i am sure he has enough to see him through, he left for greed pure and simple under the pretense that it was to win trophies. With a bit of luck they will finish the season with nothing and next season with a few quality replacements we will overtake Man Shitty in the PL and he will just be left with earning obsene amounts of money. He is a cock pure and simple.

  6. Tokng about nasri is a big share wast of tym. Th lad made his wast mistake and believ me he wont hv any trophy with city

  7. frm merceille bench to arsenal 1st team. who knew him b4 wenger develop him into a world class player. But how did he paid us bak. Bcos of him alone, i prefer m.utd 2 lift the EPL trophy.

  8. Pfft, didn’t you have another article about Nasri earlier this week? I thought this was an Arsenal blog, Nasri has left, he is not an Arsenal player anymore, give it a rest, get over it.

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