PICTURE: The little boy who forced Flamini, Nasri and Van Persie out of Arsenal

Ever wondered who that “little boy” inside Robin van Persie is?

Well, it appears that the boy, reported to be named Salary Jones, who proved to be so influential in the Dutchman’s departure – and that of Flamini, Nasri, Adebayor, etc.  – is one stubborn youngster who just refuses to mature.

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42 thoughts on “PICTURE: The little boy who forced Flamini, Nasri and Van Persie out of Arsenal

  1. Heh. I know he’s even trainning right now, in the dead of night. He’s about ambition and trophies.

  2. Littel boy inside “him” was the driving force behind his quiting Arsenal. Football is always unpredictable, no gurantee of trophies coming to Man.U comes the end of Season. one suceessful in 8 seasons, statistically is not significance to feel that other players are not doing enough to win trophies at Emirates. Gunners will still be in there with all big money paying clubs.

  3. This is crap! Are you saying that these poor footballers can’t afford bread, meat and fuel on 50k a week?
    I think there should be one grown up there with the name GREED!

  4. Only one thing that I know! The teams who claims to be the top teams, feed on Arsenal for survival. Nasri, Clichy, RvP, Fabregas, Song, Gallas, Toure, let me rather stop. Wenger is the best!

  5. Why do you mention Flamini in this story? Are you stupid or what?
    I’m an Arsenal fan and I don’t for one single second blame Flamini for leaving the club. How you can mention him in the same breath as Nasri, Adecantscore and Van Per$i£ is beyond me.
    Remember he was playing left back when Arsenal went on the longest run without conceeding a goal in Champion’s League history. He was cover for Cole who was injured, and at the same time trying to get a move to Chelsea. Then when Arsenal make the final and Cole is fit poor old Flamini gets dropped and the worm was put back in the team as left back. If that happened to me then there would be no way whatsoever you would get me to stay at the club. I say well done Flamini for standing up for yourself and good luck to you.
    I think you need to re-think your story!!

  6. And Salary Jones is the offspring of a young Mr Dein – like any Dad he wants his little fellow to be top of the (dung) heap.

  7. I think Flamini is a very ungreateful guy, if he is that good what has he done for AC Milan since he left Arsenal.

    1. hey arsenal funs! how are you doing. well we shall sell salary jones to win trophies this year to Man city or chelsea

  8. Money can not win everything,Van persie was on clutches every now and then it was only last season that he made it to final match and the club was patient with him but look at the way he has paid back!!! Isn’t that greediness?

  9. Van persie please break a leg so I can laugh. My patience is wearing out when do stoke play man u? Van persie breaking his leg will feel like winning the fa cup bring me glory now

  10. I have one question to all the arsenal fans.. RVP had a year left at arsenal.. Why then did you decide to sell him??if you wanted him to stay you should have made a statement that he’s not for sale in first place..instead of doing that you took the 24 mils and handed him over.. selling your best player and saviour of last season for cash … NOW THAT’S GREEDINESS

    Besides rvp never said he wants to leave this season.. He only said no to a new contract.. You can’t blame him for that coz he stayed at arsenal for years and still couldnt win the league or a decent trophy even once.. For a player of his class and calibre he has no accomplishments to his name , clearly he is frustrated (dont forget his recent disastrous euro 12 campaign …probably thats when he decided to move on) .
    If any one is to be blamed its none other than ARSENE WENGER & the unambitious management!!!He promised you guys many things but never did he deliver …Still you sing ” IN ARSENE WE TRUST” and crucify van persie for leaving…
    Its good to be a club with history and tradition, its good to develope young players for your first team…
    But one should remeber real purpose of a football club is to play beautiful football and win trophies.
    That’s what fans want….


    ps: I’m a man utd fan… But i also like arsenal when they exhibit beautiful football

    1. @Abhay football nowdays is business,u cant let ur house go for free tomorrow when u knw tht ur gonna sell it today for 24 m,,thts the way it should remain coz thts the way its gonna b,,no other option,,,

      1. here’s the other option: keep him till nxt yr , buy new players,install confidence in him,; win the league and maybe CL too and then he wud have renewed the contract ..

        But wenger knows or he is afraid its gonna be another barren year,so he sells rvp and pockets d cash, and then laments about key players deserting the club

  11. Steve Bould has shown his influence on Arsenals new defence play.
    This is why Fergie needs an update on Arsenals new defence plan. Apparently Silvestre has asked Wenger if he could train with Arsenal as he would like to get fit and play again in England.

    My theory is:

    Silvestre is a spy. Why does he not train with Manu?.
    Beckham (Ex-Manu) trained with Arsenal and was filmed later on cheering and jumping with Joy when Manu beat Arsenal!

    Like Beckham before him (learning Arsenal’s old system), it’s a way for information to get back to Fergie about Arsenal’s “new defence” system.
    When will Wenger ever learn, these players support Manu not Arsenal. You wouldn’t let fergie take notes from the stand so why would you be stupid enough to let their life long player/supporter (reporter) know your training routeens and game plans! STUPID STUPID STUPID.
    If an ex-Arsenal player like Henry asked to train with Manu, Fergie would tell him to “F-Off”.

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