Piers Morgan compared Manchester United star Paul Pogba to Mesut Ozil after the clash between the two sides on Friday and his verdict was an honest one despite his allegiances to Arsenal.

Manchester United’s rivalry with Arsenal has not been as intense in recent years as it was over a decade ago when the two clubs were fighting for the Premier League title, season after season.

Even so, the two sides remain at the top of the English football pyramid and every now and then, fans are eager to hold a debate over which side boasts the best players in certain positions.

Ever since Paul Pogba made his return to England almost three years ago, the former Juventus star has been compared to various Arsenal midfielders.

On Friday, Piers Morgan resumed the debate over whether the Frenchman is indeed better than Mesut Ozil or not, after watching the two World Cup winners feature in the FA Cup clash at the Emirates stadium.

And here was the well-known Gooner’s verdict on the subject…

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