Player Ratings & Analysis: Arsenal 3-1 Plymouth

By Randy Osae

Double strikes from the day's captain
Double strikes from the day's captain
  • Lukasz Fabianski = 7

Fabianski’s experience was a far cry of his opposite number’s, but the Polish stopper pulled a string of great saves too. Otherwise, Plymouth would have scored almost as much as they created. …which was very little but always poised.

  • Bacary Sagna = 7

Sagna did well on the right side of midfield as usual. He was not caught too many times, but Plymouth’s consolation goal left all the Arsenal defenders at fault. It was a relaxed day for Bacary though.

  • Johan Djourou = 6.5

He looked shaky and was partly blamable in how Plymouth found some chances. But Johan was always resilient.

  • William Gallas = 6.5

Gallas was the most attacking-minded centre-back on the pitch. He drove the team forward, but like his partner in defence, he was not too attentive at the back.

  • Mikael Silvestre = 5

Silvestre looked OK till he went off. Maybe he should have lasted longer to have an impact but his replacement Gibbs was superb.

  • Abou Diaby = 7.5

Diaby was immense again today. Say whatever, but since the match at Villa Park, Abou has really had an effective part in Arsenal’s play by play moves. He also showed that bold strength of a defensive midfielder to win some vital balls too.

  • Aaron Ramsey = 7

Ramsey still lacks the physicality of a midfielder but possesses loads of composure and that makes him similar to Fabregas. Maybe it’s too much composure on the ball which causes them to loose the ball sometimes. Aaron was part of everything that sent Arsenal forward today. Good performance.

  • Samir Nasri = 8

Nasri was the absolute mastermind behind Arsenal’s win today. His pace and artistic ability from center-midfield makes Fabregas’ absence well endurable. He could have even grabbed a couple of goals, but Samir was the best player out there today.

  • Emmanuel Eboue = 6.5

Eboue showed pace like Walcott today. When on the ball, his touch was of a quick, slick right winger…and that’s what he is supposed to do. Maybe it was not due to the fact that every Arsenal player was a threat in attack today (even Gallas and Djourou) against an obviously feeble Plymouth. But thumbs up to Eboue.

  • Robin Van Persie = 7.5

Should be what every skipper does. Captain fantastic. I actually thought Van Persie was a good candidate when the club’s armband was up for the taking, but many might have disagreed. Maybe today’s exquisite show was something to reconsider. He was assistant leader to Nasri in Arsenal’s attack.

  • Nicklas Bendtner = 6

Missed chances in the first half, and had he not been involved in the second goal, it would have been another wasteful outing for the Dane. He was active though, but maybe could have put in a few crosses or run with the ball past defenders when he shifted deep on the right.


  • Carlos Vela = 6

Vela was OK. Arsenal were not chasing the game when he came on so he was not asked to be the charger. He tried to dribble too much when in possession in the 18-yard box. Other than that, an average substitute.

  • Jack Wilshere = 5

Wilshere did not have much to do with those nine or so minutes. The boy just celebrated his 17th birthday on Thursday and received a lot of cheers when coming on, but you could tell the hype really got into him that you he wanted to over-impress in those few minutes…even so that he failed to get a grip and lost the ball sometimes. But it was a fair cameo for Jack.

  • Kieran Gibbs = 7

Absolutely brilliant. His plus side is usually in attack but Gibbs keeps looking more and more like Clichy’s legitimate back-up game after game. A low shot from long range he unleashed in the second half was sublime. He also made some reliable Clichy-like last ditch tackles to spur up play back in Arsenal’s way. Gibbs might just be the younger, inexperienced and English version of Gael Clichy.

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17 thoughts on “Player Ratings & Analysis: Arsenal 3-1 Plymouth

  1. I think you’re being a little harsh on Bendtner there I think he deserved a 6.5 or 7. To Ramsey was being a bit too selfish so didn’t completely deserve the 7. But wait what do I know only started watching the match after 30 mins passed.

  2. Hey Randy wha’d ya think of the loan boys performance’s today for their respective clubs. Gavin started and played 83 mins which helped Watford to victory, Nacer Barazite had an assist which led Derby to victory but Jay Simpson could help W.B.A. to victory. Nice stuff no Arsenal player lost to today.

  3. Hey don’t you think we should loan out wilshere to the championship or league 1 for 3months so that he can get first team experience and what he can expect if some of our Centrals leave in the next 2 year and develop what Cesc has.

  4. Yo Randy, got some news over the latest transfer highlights or something about Arsenal? And btw, I thought Nasri was incredible in the match and van Persie got some training on his right foot or something because his left foot is famous but his right foot is really getting some goals lately.

  5. you have a point randy he does get easily provoked he is instrumental to us but maybe if he could just take a chill pill we might have a new captain i also think fabregas was not the best choice i was always rooting for kolo toure fabregas does not seem to have leadership abilties a true captain inspires his team henry did that for us but he I think with goal after goal van the man is our new bergkamp i would be pleased to see him made stand in captain or permanent captain but remeber wenger made fabregas captain mainly to remind him that he has been a first teamer for nearly 5 years and hes only 21 and that shows how important to us he is and also to try and keep at the club for longer the man says time and time again that playing in spain is his dream and that one day he will return maybe wenger did this in fear of losing him also fabianski was outstanding in a few years i have no doubt that he will be our casillas and that he will outshine almunia

  6. Thanks Randy, so it will be a very small chance for Arshavin, but a defensive player would be a good idea, if you look at the results of Arsenal, but I hope he just buys a DFM instead of a defender because the only lack is the high balls in the air, but that wont be a hack of a problem anymore when Senderos returns, and btw I think Kolo Toure should be captain second choice (or even first choice), vPersie is a good third choice if you compare his temper and Fabregas his age.

  7. I stumbled on to your blog (a united fan) and i just wanted to know how you put these videos on your wordpress site?

  8. Where’s the Match reaction two days passed since the match has been played. Are You going to put up one..

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