As promised, the results to yesterday’s poll which had the topic ‘Is Arsene Wenger a fool?’ will now be revealed.

And it appears that a majority of the Arsenal faithful who voted share the opinion that the Arsenal boss is indeed a ‘foolish man’.

Below are the results from the poll.

Is Arsene Wenger a fool?

Yes – 65%

No – 35%

Had it been a decade before or just a couple of years back – when Arsenal fans were not as frustrated by the Frenchman as they are now – the ‘No’ option might have been the one to attract over half of the votes.

But indeed, times have changed, and after yesterday’s exit from the FA Cup, the desperation has changed too.

Gone are the days when fans would settle for ‘it will be better next year’. Maybe, just maybe, they are calling for a change. Whether in philosophy or personnel.

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