Proof that Arsenal have signed a TOP CLASS striker

Before you cast any doubt over Olivier Giroud’s ability and argue that the video below is just another ‘youtube compilation’ which makes a player look better than he actually is, please take note that this footage is NOT another compilation with those unnecessary moves and dribbles.

It is in fact a recap of a number of goals and asissts that the Arsenal-bound striker registered last season. Indeed, not all of his 21 goals which lead Montpellier to the Ligue 1 title are even shown, and if you believe a striker is judged on goals, then go ahead and watch how Giroud gets the job done.

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Of course, this is no premature statement that the 25-year-old will set the world alight when he arrives at the Emirates Stadium, but his finishing ability surely looks promising. He is certainly more audacious in front of goal than current second choice centre forward Maroune Chamakh.


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51 thoughts on “Proof that Arsenal have signed a TOP CLASS striker

  1. I agree that it appears to be a great signing by Wenger – but only if he is cover for van Persie.
    If Giroud has been brought in to replace Robin, I think we are taking a huge gamble.

    1. Let’s remind ourselves how many good seasons did RvP give us, just one and he messes Arsenal about with his attitude, sorry I have lost respect for RvP for the way he has behaved, if Citeh offer 30 million, take it, can’t see RvP producing the same season again. Arsenal stood by him through thick and thin with his injuries and this is the thanks we get. So I don’t believe it is a huge gamble

      1. Paul B: I’ve practically been saying similar to you on other blogs and nobody agreed with me
        I’ll probably get slated again for agreeing with you but if all the Gooner’s who stick up for Robin’s antics seriously think about it he or she will realise like I do that your statement is perfectly true and on top of that Robin hasn’t been treating his loyal fans right ie (backward in coming forward) especially now Holland have been knocked out of the Euro’s……..
        So c’mon Robin stay or fly away which is it?………

      2. Robins attitude, which could have been better I agree, has nothing to do with whether or not we are taking a gamble on Giroud replacing him.
        Robin is a proven PL goalscorer, Giroud is not.
        I agree, sell Robin if he wants to go – but lets replace him with top quality please.
        Every year we struggle to maintain our position because we keep selling our best players and replacing them with potential.

  2. Crucial questions remain:

    1)Will he get the space and time to score goals like this against tough, park the bus EPL defenses?
    2)Will he get the service needed from his AFC teammates…but at least that’s more likely this season with Podolski, Walcott, Gervinho, RVP, Song, Wilshere, Arteta,Ramsey and company?
    3) Will he remain uninjured…despite being a husky lad at 6’3″ and 88 kilos?
    4) Will he fit into the AFC formation and work well with RVP and Podolski?
    5) If he does well in 2012-13 will City or Real steal him from us the following season?

    He looks like having the right stuff and we have tripled our offensive threat in under 2 months! Great management again Arsene!

  3. what do you want Arsenal to do if van persie don’t want to stay? Arsenal is
    bigger than van persie and we have to move on

  4. I personaly think that,if RVP doent wanna signe a new contract,he is more dan welcome to move on!!! it won’t hurt as it was for Fabrigas and Samir,let cash some millions and bring a striker Djeko and Marco Reus.

    1. Reus isn’t available at all. The recent Wenger quotes are out of context. He said we tried to sign him earlier but Reus decided to go to his old club Dortmund instead.
      If RVP goes at least we have two other serious goal threats, rather than just the one we had last season. Neither is probably as good as RVP but still I think they would improve the side. I wouldn’t expect another striker to be signed in any case because I don’t think any are available of the required quality at a decent price.
      Anyway, there’s still hope RVP will sign on (not sure where he would go apart from maybe Juve). Having Podolski, Giroud and RVP would be fantastic next season. If Mvila comes as well then we should fear no-one.
      Also, Koscielny is starting to look like the best CB we’ve had since Campbell. More like Toure in style but, better in the air, and overall extremely effective. He also uses his pace and reading talents to cover the mistakes of others, as Sol used to do all the time.

  5. Brilliant signing, I can see him playing just in front (DB10 role) of RVP, and with Podolski on the left hand side we’re looking good in attack. If M’vila comes in as a DCM, then I’d say we’re almost good to go!

  6. Jeez McMchon you scared me a bit with your comment and questions.
    I hate to say this, Maybe i might need correction though.
    How many strikers have Wenger bought from the French Ligue and became instant hits ?
    Henry was not bought from France, Chamakh and Park ?
    Only God knows where they left their courage and scoring boots.
    Fingers crossed for the lad lets hope he becomes our Pedro and Tevez.

    1. I think Park is a good player, but hasn’t been given much chance to show what he can do. When he has played he’s hit some good shots and linked up well at times, but drifts in and out of games too much. Still, I think he needs to play a bit to get used to the side. People seem to have judged him very harshly after 3 games, in which he’s been good but unspectacular for the most part. This demand for instant success, when he’s barely had a chance to play, has been quite ridiculous, in his case.
      Neither Park nor chamakh were big scorers in France, as Giroud has been recently. Wiltord is perhaps a better comparison in that regard because he was actually considered a major goalscorer with Bordeaux. He did pretty well for us, sniffing out goals, but even then, he often played as a midfielder.
      In terms of style, I think Giroud is like Chamakh but has confidence to shoot/score (which is really all that has held Chamakh back from succeeding at arsenal). Considering he’s seemingly a bit of a late-bloomer, there are also comparisons you could make with Koscielny, who was really unknown until Arsenal signed him. According to wiki, they both played at Grenoble and Tours at the same time, so both have worked their way up in France. Hopefully that experience will have given Giroud that same confidence and steely determination that Kos shows every time he plays now.

    2. I am not a skeptic by nature so it seems to me that Podolski, Giroud and RVP (who I am sure will resign) along with Gervinho, Walcott and the Ox offer the Gunners some high powered strikers and scorers. What does AW signing League 1 strikers years ago have to do with our current club? The important thing is that he does have a history of signing real stars, regardless of where they come from: Henry, Lunjberg, Bergkamp, Anelka, etc.
      We have the likes of Arteta, Song, Wilshere, Ramsey, and Coquelin, backing them up and our back 4 is as sharp as it has ever been so, we are looking more solid than we ever have in a long time.

      1. I share your optimism. We’re just speculating. I think Giroud will be a good signing, based on what very little I’ve seen, but people seem to think that because Chamakh didn’t work out so well that Giroud will be the same. As you say, we do have a history of signing star players, but there have been plenty of signings that didn’t work out as well. That said, rarely have we paid more than 10m for a player who didn’t work out. I can only think of Arshavin who didn’t work out at all, apart from the first few months. I think it’s true to say that we’ve been watching Giroud for quite a while, so, based on the history, he’s pretty likely to do pretty well.

    3. Park never had a chance to put his scoring boots on. Dodgiest signing I can remember. What was it for? We’re less popular in Korea now.

  7. @weedonald-Those are some questions that are not based on reality, rather based on stupidity.

    1. ByO…..on what specifics of my post do you base your cretinous conclusions moron? Those questions are all based on important factors that can determine whether Giroud or any one other transferee can integrate into the team. How are they not based on reality?
      You are another brain-dead AAA whiner who spreads his or her excrement around the net because they cannot understand basic Football issues… explain or refrain!

  8. I truely hope RVP signs a new contract and stays, if he does go i hope it is abroad.

    We have spend £22 mil bringing in Podolski and Giroud, our priority with regards to our attack should now be to sell some of the underperforming forwards in Vela, Young, Chamakh, Bendtner and Arshavin to balance the books. I would like to add one more player in Hoilett to that frontline. Five out and three in and i will be delighted.

    Front 7 of Persie, Giroud, Podolski, Gervinho, Walcott, Chamberlain and Hoilett. If Persie leaves we should get 20mil plus we should add possibly Cavani, Dzeko or Sturridge.

  9. No doubt about his ability.He is a good signing.But we have to remember that he is not “world class”.To win titles,we need to sign world class players.Maybe Podolski comes close.But we have to remember that Podolski too was playing for a relegation threatened team in the Bundesliga.
    My point is Man City have world class players even on their bench(or even in their reserves too!).
    We have to leave everything to luck if we are to win against such a team unless we have a team of world class players with decent players on the bench.
    Man City are the team to beat in England at the moment and if you want to win something domestically,you have to have a team capable of beating this team.
    So,if we think like Man city,would they have bought a player like Giroud,who is a bench warmer for the French national team?Not in a million years.
    They go for the best.That is why Aguero is in Man City.
    Oh well….god bless Arsenal.

  10. Has anyone heard anything about Wellington Silva and Joel Campbell? Have they been successful in obtaining work permits?

  11. The Bear has been consoling himself with jars of honey since the close of the season and missed all the talks about Gee Roo, I mean Giroud. Can he really play good football?? It is reported we paid £13M, what will be his evaluation at the end of the season?

  12. Great signing,he can be the new Drogba. H eprovides an option especially when we are chasing the game in that we can put him on as the additional striker with power and ability to shoot.

  13. When you look at the attack now …. I praying and hoping its not gonna make walcott think or consider his future at the club !

    Besides him …. im praying that he and gervinho stay put as GUNNERS !

    Waiting for Yaan M’Villa to become a gunner in a few days time !

  14. If you watch the videos again, which are from just last season, you will see he gets a lot of goals by gambling on a run in the box, and crucially, where the ball will be. That is something we have been missing? The only thing about that is, he will have to keep his confidence for the many disappointments that will happen. Easy when you are scoring goals. He does play the support role very well too, which means he should get his share of assists.
    I would compare his style to young Jordan Rhodes? I am assuming a premiership club will take a gamble on him(Fulham?) and it will be interesting, to me, to see how they compare at the end of season.
    I think a lot of people are being very hard on RVP right now. If we can assume it is not about money, and I think we can – Let’s face it, he knows, we know, he would get more money elsewhere, so he could have just said ‘I’m off’. He hasn’t. – So you are left with does he want to stay with Arsenal, or go to a club that, on recent history at least, has a better chance of winning something?
    The new approach to signing new players, both type and timing, has to swing it back to a more even playing field with regards to the latter? It is a big decision for him. It will his last chance, so he has to take his time. His family are as important as his footballing legacy. For what he gave us last season, and without his goals we would not be in the position we are today to sign top class players, please give him the respect he deserves, and hope he makes the right decision.
    I do agree though, it is ‘sign or go’, no clinging on while his contract runs down.
    On balance, i think he will stay. If the Netherlands experience has taught him anything and it should have? At Arsenal the team is largely built around his style of play, and the new signings do not detract from that, Go anywhere else and he will have to fit in with them, and we saw how that worked out with the Dutch side? I don’t think he will throw away the respect of the players, the manager, the fans, being club captain, etc, etc, for the extra 30 pieces of silver? Go on Robin, you know it makes sense!

  15. if RVP is using his tactics to let arsenal buy more players it is okay. but if he behaves like he thinks arsenal is because of him the he fot it wrong. i always believe that when a father dies in a home some one steps up. when anelka went thierry did, when thierry went fabregas did, when fabregas went RVP did, when Nistelrooy went their came Ronaldo, And when Ronaldo went Rooney lifted the Premiership. This means that the stars always over shadow potentials super geniuses. Welcome Giroud And hopefully m’villa a wonderfull deep passer of the ball

  16. i think it’s high time RVP make up his mind abt ARSENAL either he wnts 2 stay OR leave. He gave them conditions of signing well quality nd proven players which they av done nd they still wnt 2 sign more so he shud stay by his promise 2 be wit d team nxt season. But i will not blame him shud he decided 2 leave b”cos d board running ARSENAL wit arsene wenger av shown several times in d past dat they like money than be a CHAMPION.

  17. I think Olivier is a massive acquisition for us even though he has to prove himself against tough tackling EPL defenders. I hope he won’t do a Maroune Chamakh

  18. Giroud looks good on past endeavours but lets not start to pressure the man until he’s had a decent run in the team. We are too quick to judge players on the odd game or two. Let’s not forget it took TH14 at least a season before we started to see his true worth. Giroud could be like that if we give him tIme if not we could end up with another Chamack who didn’t stand a chance with the lack of game play he had..

  19. Look at it this way with Robin.. If he tells his agent that he wants to stay. His agent will then say, leave it to me and stay mum on the whole thing. His agent will try and push Arsenal as far as they can go in terms of money and play a game of brinkmanship. WHEN Robin signs is not exactly his decision. He’s going to leave it to his agent and Arsenal to work that out. Just as long as he’s decided to stay, that’s what will happen. If he’s decided to not stay, Arsenal will probably be looking to move him on. I’m leaning towards Robin having decided to stay at Arsenal, especially with those statements from his wife and parents.. Patience people. We’ll know soon enough. Robin’s not doing anything wrong in taking his time signing. He’s just maximising his return (through his agent), and that’s fair. It’s not blackmail.

  20. Giroud signing is a step in the right direction, i dnt knw what the problem abt him coming frm the french league, alot of player hv come frm there and doing well in the epl.

  21. look if rvp was a true gunner like he keeps saying he would have signed when we were going up & down 6 games before the end of the season, that would have got us to 3RD with ease but no he left us high & dry then he says at the end of the season, no didnt happen Oh after the Euro’s didnt happen, now he’s laying on a beach somewhere exotic & we’re still nun the wiser, look we’ve had 1 good year out of him in 8 we stood by him with his glass foot he’s 29 soon if he doesnt sign or is not going to i think we should take the cash 30 mill thanks very much, he saw what we all went though with the cesc, nasri crap, true gunner, a true gunner would have signed by now, charlie george is a true gunner he would have signed not knowing how much he was getting £120,000 a week more like £ 200.
    Arsenal are a building club not a club like Man C when the richie’s turn up and treat it like a toy to play with throwing millions at it to win & they only won that cos Man U lost it They are spoiling the prem, be like Scotland soon only two clubs year after year, look at Spain it’s Barca or Real how borring is that

  22. If Van Persie leaves, which let’s face it, he will – tight arse Wenger would never have spent £13m for a striker to sit on the bench – Giroud is NOT the right replacement in my opinion. He’s a target man, but Arsenal don’t play that way, and he’s French – Chamakh, Park and Gervinho can’t cut it in the Premier League, so why would Giroud. He might do OK, but he will not replace Van Persie’s 37 goals, nothing like it – and with the defence as shit as it is and getting progressively worse under Wenger, I reckon Arsenal will drop out the top 4 next season.

    1. Ohhhhhhh shame James…….your arse is tighter than AW’s since you are an AAA whiner. Because a player is French(xenophobic?) and from Ligue 1 means nothing in terms of their future in the EPL. What makes you so certain that RVP is leaving? Did you speak to him recently,as I did, and he reassured me that he was staying!
      The defense is NOT shit, but rather too often injured….however when they were all fit they did very well together, as they will this season.
      I think you should drop out of sight for awhile and come back when you are a happier person…..

    2. This guy is nt a gunner he is one of these cheap blackmailing crap around juz the jealous type u wld definately b ashamed at the end of the season CRAP

  23. Nothing much 2 say 4 now bt if rvp wants to go let him he shldnt b made see as if arsenal cant survive without him, well let the guy go and let wenger get us smone like lorente etc.Giroud notin much 2 say cos he is new pray he performs well wish him gdluck gunner 4 life

  24. James is right, the defence was worse when the defence were all fit than when all the full backs were missing. Giroud and Podolski will only work if Wenger changes the system, in which case he still needs a DM and a CB and a GK. I also think VP will leave to join Man City when they get rid of Tevez to Real Madrid – the deal is done if you ask me.

  25. chamak had this kind of goa;s compilations too when we bought him. lets pray he finds his feet when the season starts. gervinho will be it this season…..i know!

    1. Its Cazorla NOT CARzola mate………..He has plenty of players who can shoot with either foot or are dominant with their right RVP, Walcott, Gervinho, the OX, Wilshere, Ramsey, Song, Rosicky etc. What’s your point? Santos is a fullback (left side) and therefore ideally must be left-footed or better still capable with both like Vermaelen and Koscielny. Podolski can shoot with either foot like RVP as can Cazorla apparently.

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