being bitter here or anything, but going around reading the following comments from a Chelsea blog in the wake of their Champions League exit was amusing.

It was refreshing because these blues fans have despised Arsenal over recent years claiming the “new pride of London” and such, so it felt good that for once, Arsenal were contending in the Champions League at the expense of our neighbors.

Europe’s elite title is yet to arrive in London and we will see who can bring it first this year.

But for now, read the following post-match reactions from those fans who were given “the blues” today and it seems like the grass is not greener elsewhere at all.

Hope NOBODY says that it was for the best – that “we can now concentrate on the League”. Concentrating on the League for far longer hasn’t got Pool very far, has it ? I want Chelsea to be in ALL competitions till the very end. And if we don’t have the players for it, let’s get them.
Ballack, Anelka, Mikel, Joe Cole, Hilario, Deco, Kalou…. let’s have all this tripe out of here in the summer please… They’re not gonna win you anything substantial in 2 million years. You can choose to retain these meatballs, but then it’s all about personal choices and aiming high. And if you indeed do, never come on here and crib about how awful and short on idea Chelsea FC looked on a critical night such as this. 🙂
am feeling fracking distraught!!! our team is creaking and needs an overhaul asap!! the signs have been there all season. my suggestion is for carlo to build his team around his philosophy lets take heart this is the last of the mourinhoesque era of players at chelsea but joe cole is letting his case down for a even a shirt/squad status at chelsea what a disgrace anelka by my estimation is already resigned to leaving chelsea and lastly to the owner……ROMAN YOU MUST LOOSEN THE PURSE STRINGS AND GIVE CARLO AMMUNITION TO REBUILD THE TEAM…ARRIVERDERCI!!!
For those who feel this is a blessing in disguise in terms of the league title hunt, let’s be realistic. We won’t win the league playing like that. Not a chance. We’re not playing with enough conviction, confidence, or precision in attack. I’m not ready to throw in the towel, of course, but Carlo’s got to find a way to fix these problems. Losing to Mourinho at home is a low blow.
Summer clear out? Its ‘cos we blow hot & cold too much.After we beat arse I thought we only need 2 additions but after the citeh game I thought we need to get rid of the whole lot!
It’s been going down hill since Jose’s first season here…… Ranieri built an awesome side…. Mourinho won the league with it in his first year….. then he started making his own changes…… won it less convincingly in his second season…. changed it some more…. failed to win it in his third year….. bought a load of freebies…… won 5 out of 15 games before he was sacked, then Grant failed to win the league too….. bought a few more over-the-hill players and freebies….. finished third….. we’ve been going down hill for ages. If Carlo wins the league this year it’ll be some achievement.
Saf 91
I fear United will win the CL. For the record, I will be cheering for Arsenal in the CL – suffered some terrible injuries this year but continue to press on and NEVER play defensive, cynical football.
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