The grass is not greener elsewhere as far as Arsenal’s goalkeeping problems are concerned.

With Petr Cech – who had his own critics last term – injured for the start of the season, former Middlesbrough man Ross Turnbull has been given the opportunity to seize Chelsea’s No. 1 spot ahead of shaky veteran Hilario.

But things are not going according to plan for Turnbull whose blunder yesterday luckily cost Chelsea a defeat in only a friendly with Ajax as manager Ancelotti commented afterwards that “Turnbull didn’t have a good performance but it can happen,”.

What’s below, along with several howlers by shot-stoppers at the World Cup (don’t blame the ball too much), is some evidence that goalkeepers in football do not come perfect these days.

Also, listen to the commentary. It doesn’t sound like this was Turnbull’s first blunder at Chelsea.


Here were random reactions from Chelsea fans on one blog.

“Note to Carlo: BUY A KEEPER! NOW!” – Bill

“trust me pal. we have to sign another keeper, or else we’ll have an ‘orgie time’ this season.” – Ash Di Spontaneus

“Oh, for GOD’S SAKE, why did we even get this guy?!? We need to have a reliable second-choice keeper…Hilario’s not gonna last that much longer and the kids coming up through the system aren’t ready for the big time Though cheer up, Chelsea faithful…if the Croatian kid Matej Delac is as good as they say he is, we won’t have to worry about a second-choice keeper and we can sell Turnbull off to a League One club or something. Otherwise, we may have to dip into the transfer market.” – Jason

And from ‘Chelsea Offside’ – “Ross Turnbull. You have not only lost many a supporter’s respect but, here at the Chelsea Offside, you’ve lost all you ever really had here – a truly OG nickname. No more RAWSE for you, sir. Back to Teesside with you. But seriously, get it together man.”

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