Report: Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United

Arsenal had to settle for a point on Wednesday as a very dull affair with Manchester United ended 0-0.

The final whistle was greeted by jeers around the Emirates stadium, but in fairness, this was more of a useful than damaging result in comparison to Saturday’s.

Today’s clash looked like a meaningful game only at the start when both sides exchanged half-chances with Robin van Persie grabbing and then wasting two openings to punish Arsenal’s mistakes at the back.

As expected, the hosts were dominant with the ball but also as expected on tight nights like this, they did not have much to show for it. Indeed the closest Arsenal came to scoring tonight was when Laurent Koscielny’s header was cleared off the line in the second-half.

Both sides had last gasp opportunities to snatch a winner as a goal-bound Van Persie header was saved by Szczesny before Cazorla’s effort which was also heading for the net was tipped away by David de Gea.

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12 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 0-0 Manchester United

  1. so poor. united were there for the taking. This team is lacking some confidence and are knackered. They need to get ruthless and score some goals. I shudder to think how we will do against Bayern. Also why doesnt Podolski play? he isnt afraid to shoot, we should freshen up the team for a change and play two up top in some games. Wenger says Poldi is the best finisher at the club but doesnt feature, that makes no sense.

    1. Agreed but maybe he’s not fit or has re-injured himself…..there has to be a rational reason. They do appear to be knackered and a bit unlucky as well but things will improve, of that I am very confident. Unlike the other clowns posting shite on this site, we need to saty faithful and positive.

  2. Resign, Wenger! Half the PL took points off the worst in a decade Utd: Arsenal cannot create an opening in two matches. The inferiority complex Wenger had from Ferguson has spilled into his players – the only way to cope with it is by removing Wenger.

    1. YY please resign from posting this shit…..and who died and made you the manager of the decade,,,,,,your inferiority isn’t complex….its apparent!

  3. Wretched,as predicted.For all Wengers Bravado and spin this was a wretched affair,quite frankly unforgiveable.

  4. Inept performance from both the referee and Arsenal. Why Wenger failed to sub Giroud in the last 20 minutes when he was blowing out his arse is a mystery to all but himself. No penetration, failure to press quickly and poor movement. We’ve been poor for the past 2 months and no sign of any improvement. No chance of beating City or Chelsea to the title and this time next week we’ll be out of the cup and CL too.

    1. Thanks for that Alberto…..your support and positive attitude are a real joy to behold…..please do tell us where your expertise comes from?

  5. Do we have a team? If me do then, they are the best on earth. Look at our striker, is he not the best. Our midfielders can create a million scoring chances. All hail wenga.

    1. Moron! You can’t even spell correctly…..go support the Spuds, they need ignoramuses like you………..

  6. The guys responded well after losing to Liverpool, I pipo will talk n talk but u know Man U does to our beloved team… The same players we are busy condemning are guys who hv made us accumulate 56 points… Wenger to risign, are normal or dreaming? He is one of the best managers in the world, looking at the material we hv at Arsenal I don’t if any top manager can better than Wenger… We need him much more than u, join other clubs n win trophies through un attractive game.. Bye, that’s my oppinion!

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