Report: Arsenal 0-2 Schalke

Arsenal dropped to a new low this season as they succumbed to a 2-0 defeat at home to Schalke in the Champions League today.

The loss was their first at home to a non-English side since 2003 and its effect may be even more derailing, The Gunners have now surrendered top spot in Group B and after back to back defeats to Norwich and now the German side, this may just be the crisis that critics once hinted after the departures of Alex Song and most notably Robin van Persie.

Arsenal had shown the toothless side of their attack on Saturday where Norwich were barely threatened and today’s story wasn’t any different. Indeed, the Gunners failed to manage a decent shot on target all game and so when the ball broke to Huntelaar with about 14 minutes left – via an error at the heart of Arsenal’s defense – the Dutchman smashed it home ruthlessly, knowing that it could be the goal that sinks the home side into the horror that their performance had deserved.

And so it proved, as in the midst of a late and desperate fightback from Wenger’s men, the German side responded with a swift counter-attack and netted a second goal. That was that, and another flat Arsenal effort received its just reward.

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6 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 0-2 Schalke

  1. I love wenger and what he’s done for us and English football and I hate to admit this but it IS now time to go. The worst team he has assembled with the likes of gervinho , giroud, Ramsey jenkinson, etc.. Not even championship players!! I’m sorry arsene there is no soul in your players.. Please step down and let someone like pep guardiola guide us to where this great club should be-at the top of English football showing passion and soul..

  2. Arsenal should depart with their wagws policy, that is really affecting the team now. Arsene Wenger should as well know now that strikers from French league cant do Arsenal any good: CHAMARK, GEVINHO, GIROUD, all former goaleador in France & now FLOP in Arsenal. Carzola will be on hos way out of the team in the summer. Pay more for good & hungry players. Stpo toying with this great teanm ARSENAL FC……….

  3. we are simple crap and we will continue to win nothing with wenger in charge. How much longer will continue to take his 7m per year for zero return. 8 years and nothing to show for it. can i have a job like that please Arsenal.
    Top prices to watch games for what. remember we moved fron Highbury to compete with thebig boys, yea right!! shame on you Arsenal board.

  4. I am so tired that I cannot get mad anymore. I feel this broken record just keeps spinning and spinning. The handful of excuses will come out tomorrow and how close they feel we are to making it to the top again. All you can say is this squad is just not good enough. Average players at best making great player wages. It truly is time for the shakeup from the top down and the board should be help responsible as much as Wenger. The problem is they could care nothing about what we think as long as the turnstiles move every week, and we know that is just not going to stop.

    I want to make a point about us as the fans as well. The away fans tonight beat us down to the ground as well not just on the field. They are so much more organized and show so much more love and spirt. We need a renaissance even in the stands. Our chants and songs were sad in comparison again.


  5. Something needs to be done about our squad. Not just because of 2 disappointing results, but we simply haven’t been at where we should be for the last few years. I understand why people want Wenger out, but for me personally, it is the board who has to go.

  6. The match (loss) = really think that the Schalke players want the ball to go to arsenal players especially ramsey and gervinho coz they know their goal will be safe if these two get the ball. Nothing good will ever happen when gervinho gets the ball. He even disgraced the club by diving.

    Hope for the season = hope that we get knocked off every cup competition early and just have the league to play, and, hope that we lose as much as we can, if possible lose consecutively with a couple of draws and then lose again. Hope we end up in the bottom half but not relegated, just above the relegation zone from 15th to 17th place should be fine. The reason for this is, if what i hope for doesnt happen, the club, kroenke, gazidis, the players & especially wenger will just put positive words together season after season as though we are truly at the same level as the invincibles and not realizing we are hopeless. Once all that i hope for happens, MAYBE, we can start fresh by bringing new owners/managers/players to challenge for the title again as we should do every season. If it doesnt happen, the possibility for our club to improve is zero. Honestly, for me, every season i’m just hoping for any unbeaten team in the league to lose so that our record of the invincibles remain ours alone. Regarding the team, i just know they’ll fall way short of expectations no matter the personnel. Eventhough i feel this way, i’ll still say, COYG!!!!!

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