Report: Arsenal 1-3 Man. United have been spanked yet again by an arch title rival.

A Nani-forced Almunia own goal and Rooney strike put United well ahead at half-time before  Park Ji-sung closed the curtains with a goal after the break.

Thomas Vermaelen did pull one back for the Gunners late on, but it was no more than a consolation.

Both sides looked dangerous on the counter early on, but it was United who made the most of their opportunities as they broke the deadlock after 33 minutes.

The impressive Nani did brilliantly to twist his way inside two defenders and get to the dead-ball line.

From there he looked to stand a cross over the head of Almunia, but the Spanish shot-stopper got a hand on the ball and turned it into his own net.

United were now rampant and added a second four minutes later as Rooney and Nani broke at pace and the former rounded off a sweeping move by steering the ball into the bottom corner.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were in no mood to take their foot of the pedal after the interval and added a clinical third on 52 minutes.

Arsenal were ripped wide open once again and Park was left with the simplest of tasks as he bore down on goal and slid the ball calmly under the onrushing Almunia.

With 10 minutes remaining the Gunners finally found a way through but an acrobatic volley from Vermaelen, which took a big deflection off Jonny Evans, failed to change the course of the game.

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60 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 1-3 Man. United

  1. fuck off arsene …..
    i applaud all arsenal fans who support the club…i applaud ur patience…..the way they fuckin played like that…wonderful…fabregas go to barca…i feel sorry for you …arsene go to hell,i feel sorry for all arsenal fans that u have witnessed a match like that…even im an arsenal fan …fuck trust ,ban arsene wenger from football…i cant believe this…i have waited 155 days for this shit…sign someone tomorow u french fuck!!!!!

  2. shameful display today……
    Could not even make the subs at the right time….
    we were piss poor…..

  3. come on you in wanker we trust fans? what happen to ur wanker today? men against very little boys again.this is it hope wanker walks out now

    1. look asshole i abuse arsenal its ok we r fans …u piece of shit take ur comments and shuff it up ur asshole…fine u beat us ..go catch chelsea and fuck off

  4. lads , in wenger we trust! be behind the team , i have confidence in wenger, but honestly we need a new keeper!

  5. Any arsenal fan who thinks we should get rid of AW is an absolute muppet. We were rubbish and desperately need a keeper. Almunia is NOT good enough and never has been. Truly gutted.

  6. fuck back too the j league wenger, paying u £4 million a year for that shit. starlets, wonderkids, mental strength broccoli and stats take them with you and them french cunts who are masquerading as footballers also

  7. look costa ,beatiful football works againts small teams ….this is manhole…cmon dude….he should have started bendtner…arsene wenger…i trust u and as long as we do we wont be opening our trophy cabinet for atleast this season

  8. just wanna go to hell along with arsene fuck wenger………
    send fabregas to barca he doesn’t deserve to spend time with a bunch of greedy manager n board…..
    fuck wenger……fuck the hell out of arsene for playing almunia….

  9. Costa you’re the kind of muppet that makes it so nice and cushy for Wenger to keep his job without producing nought. Just keep the faith…Piss off. We have only beaten United 3 times in the last 17, what does that tell you?

  10. For those who fucks Wenger, Fuck off, seriously. Arsenal lost because of Alumnia and Gallas.

    They scored most of their counter attacks when Gallas wasn’t there.
    Alumnia was utter shit.

  11. Stonroy and others, AW is an awesome manager. You are fools to want him out. I’ll always want him in place of any other managere. You have to look at the players. Cesc, Arsh, Almunia, Clichy all had poor games. Lost patience with the keeper but all the others have the quality to come back from this.

  12. Congrats to Man U!

    We were trash today! No sacking Wenger please. This falls entirely on all the Arsenal players who were playing today! That team could’ve easily been 2-nil up before Man U started scoring. AA, was selfish from the get go. Eboue/ Bendtner should’ve started. Denilson, should be suspended for letting, Rooney score the 2nd. Almunia, should never put on another pair of goalie gloves ever again! Song, as always played well. I seriously don’t have the energy to write at all.

    We are still in the race. But it’s going to have to take a lot to get there. As a genuine Arsenal supporter I am still behind this team. Stop acting like Pool fans and start throwing in the towel. We are better than that fellas. We were in a bad position last year. This year we are a level above. Have faith and don’t give up just yet.

    Chelsea’s next. Tough, tough match but we can do it. I don’t want to see those weak Arsenal fans here next week praising how great we were if we beat Chelsea. Go find another club to support if you can’t stand this. Enough said.

    Chelsea 23 54
    Manchester United 24 53
    Arsenal 24 49
    Tottenham Hotspur 24 42
    Liverpool 24 41
    Manchester City 22 41
    Aston Villa 23 40

    Go Arsenal!

  13. Rooney is absolute world class – we have no striker who is even close. Arshavin is absolute world class – but he is not a striker.
    We need to sign a world class striker and then we will be sorted.
    We just cannot wait for RVP to put his boots on again!
    If we signed David Villa – OMG – what an impact on the team he would have.

  14. What a massive disappointment, unable to close down united we simply couldn’t even get into the game. I thought Denilson should really have done better to close down Rooney for the second goal – he looked like he was in no hurry to get back & was completely unaware of Rooney’s presence. In the second half it was much the same with many of our players (esp. Clichy) getting caught out of position or left one on one with their strikers. I also don’t know why we continued to put in high crosses when we haven’t exactly got a ball winner (i.e. someone tall enough to win headers) up front.

    I think it was a mistake not to buy a striker at the start of the season let alone in January. To be fair not many clubs want to sell mid January (with Portsmouth being the obvious exception) but we really should have bought a big strong striker to compete with Bendtner last summer. I feel our midfield is strong but this strength is being undermined and compromised having no-one upfront – Eduardo is hardly a target man.

    I really thought today would have been a good opportunity to win against united because I don’t think they have the same creativity without Ronaldo. In my opinion they no longer have that spark in their team which they previously had last season. and are arguably simply grinding out results with Rooney having a good run of games. This is why this result is hurts even more because we had a chance & probably played to much united’s strengths without exposing any of their weaknesses. Let’s hope next week we’re still in the title race.

    1. “In my opinion they no longer have that spark” –
      Were you wearing 3d glasses back to front.
      Man U ran us ragged.
      We are the ones who played with no spark, no comittment and no flair either.
      Man U played with hunger, skill and determination.
      Arsenal can do this to – BUT did not today!

      1. Last season they also had Ronaldo & Tevez attacking alongside Rooney. I’m not undermining their performance today because they were the better team, but they’re not the same attacking team that they were last season.

  15. arsene wenger gave a good post match interview…………nothing about a striker though. agree with u andy

  16. im sick……lets hope we recover and beat chelsea…… to united fans sitting in my common room….cant get out of my bedroom…..too painful for me.

  17. Well,well,well … now it shows.
    Wenger’s words “Everyone tells us to buy a striker,but our attack is still the best in the league”.But when it counts – that attack is nowhere to be found.In these make or break period of 4 matches – we will score 2 goals.We are due the second against Liver.We will collect 2 points,but still – no need for a new gk,midfielder and a striker.
    One more humiliation ! We are a joke ! We really are !
    Next weekend we will concede 5 ! We didn’t today because enormous amount of luck was with us ! They should’ve scored at least 5,if not more !
    Long live Arshavin ! You selfish little piece of shit !

    1. I agree with you on every single point.

      And I don’t give a fuck what the little “optimistic” cunts come back at you for.

      The truth hurts. That’s why we’re hurt right now. We are facing the truth.

      1. Thanks,mate.
        Those morons can come back with whatever they want.Those are brain-washed people.Wenger made them like that.They were normal once,now they’re satisfied with everything Wenger and Arsenal do.Get humiliated by Chelsea (2x) and Manchester at our Emirates is the same for them like beating Portsmouth 4-1.They think these are all parts of our manager’s tactics,and they see the bigger picture,same one Wenger sees.I mean – you have to be pretty stupid to be one of those fans.And their group is really big.
        Denilson,Bendtner,Walcott are simply not good enough for Arsenal.No matter how much you play them,how much you wait for them to deliver – they won’t get any better then this.And now – they’re Championship material.
        But Arsene has 30mill he got from City last summer,and he wanted to buy David Villa.Good for you,prick ! That counts ! Having the world’s best striker leading your attack is the same as telling papers that you wanted to buy him when your team is in great need for a striker !

    2. Don’t loose teh plot!
      Wenger is a statistician – he gets blinded by figures and sometimes this is not a good thing. Bite the bullet, buy D.Villa whats the worst that could happen?

      1. Nothing bad would happen ! Just great stuff ! But idiot won’t buy anyone.He wants to get Chamakh on a cheap,and that is the only player who misses more chances then Bendtner.Best thing for us would be to buy Dzeko.He’s the one we need ! He’s got skills,he’s strong,he can score with his head and most important – his finishing touch is amazing.And he is young.Even if we are to pay 30mill for him – he would repay double.

  18. Based on our performance today – I think we’re gonna have problems with the Drog – I hope not – but I am not confident.

  19. last winter wenger had the chance to buy given……and people call him a shrewd buyer .i stay around united fans .i envy them .they may be in debt but they still have their pride .money always goes to champions .the invincibles is a long lost memory it seems .wev got to go to the bridge next….

  20. I think Ashavin was a little bit selfish but It’s not over yet we can still win the league we ain’t giving.

  21. how the fuck can u insult arshavin daxxjoker u prick !!!! did anyone support him .he did stuff singlehandedly .were u seein some other game .hes not selfish he just put the responsibility on his own shoulders …let him be for goodness sake .

    1. Yo,dumbass – get the fuck outta here ! How stupid do you rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 ? 48 ? Right.That’s what I thought.While we were 0-0,he screwed 3 great chances !
      And yes – single-handedly ! ! !
      Ever since home game against AZ,he’s been playing like shit !
      Wow,he scored against Liverpool ! Yaaaay !
      I believe you are also a big fan of Denilson and Almunia.Son,go do your homework.It’s getting pretty late.

  22. heres a story from my gooner life .i had a friend who used to support the arsenal last year . after the ucl semi final he changed his club to united .now as i write this hes gloating about uniteds victory on facebook .gooners please give me ur opinion on this guy.i call him whore .

  23. what the fuck is this,how can we win with shitty players like denilson and almunia fuck them both.there is no fault of arsene wenger in this what can he do if arshavin misses all his chances,if clichy asshole gets beaten every single time,if nasri does not know how to beat a player rather than just turning backwards

    1. Mannone

      Sagna – Song – Vermaelen – Clichy

      Fabregas – Diaby – Ramsey

      Arshavin – Balotelli – Van persie

  24. Top four this season – mission accomplished.
    CL would be nice, would boost morale, would reward the fans and the players, but do you really feel confident? Like everyone here I am passionate about this club, but I am also a realist.
    Unless Arsene’ starts replacing the odd glass of vintage red with some Absinthe, I just don’t get the impression he will ever deviate from a world of carefully plotted statistics’. Maybe he will surprise us all in the summer by making the one, or two WORLD CLASS signings that will transform this team into a new tour de force?
    Because frankly, until this happens, I fear we will be playing second fiddle for some time to come and of course that would be a travesty.

  25. Wenger told Sky Sports:
    “We were poor defensively and offensively and when that happens you cannot win a big game.”
    He added: “We were poor and we know we can do much better than that. We have to have time to analyse it.”

    Great, pass the graph paper and a pencil!

  26. I’ve noticed a dip in form since the Villa game. I wasn’t confident going into this game today, but I thought we would prove everyone wrong. Our chance at being on top has been short lived, but the chance is still there for the taking. meh

  27. When ur defenders are the guys upfront, it means U re exposed at the back. Prob with Arsenal: 2 CB defenders(the only guys with character and killer instincts in your team) are in the striker roles. That leaves U a big hole for counters. Its means U need a killer striker upfront to take pressure off the attacking/defending duo. Vermaleen fits the bill for a great striker: good in the air and a good shooter too.U need that quality upfront, and cos its missing, U lose games like today’s. U dont see Terry and Calvalho attacking often, do you?

    1. You played well – but don’t over step the mark.
      We do have players other than out CB’s who are fully committed.
      As a peace offering I’ll offer Walcott for Rooney – take it or leave!

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