Report: Arsenal 2-3 Spurs

Tottenham staged a stunning comeback to win at Arsenal for the first time in 17 years and wreck the Gunners’ hopes of going top of the Premier League.

Arsenal were on course to leapfrog Chelsea, if only briefly, as they cruised into a two-goal lead at the interval courtesy of goals from Samir Nasri and Marouane Chamakh.

Spurs, after being comprehensively outplayed, then embarked on an unlikely revival that not only saw them wipe out Arsenal’s comfortable advantage but go on to take all three points.

Gareth Bale started the recovery with a fine finish five minutes after the break, before Rafael van der Vaart levelled from the spot after Cesc Fabregas inexplicably handled his free-kick.

And with only five minutes left Younes Kaboul reduced the vast majority of The Emirates gallery to silence when he headed Van der Vaart’s free-kick low past Lukasz Fabianski.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 2-3 Spurs

    1. I’ve been busy mate…plus the team has not being putting their hearts out there anyway so there’s no point.

  1. Again I have ome to believe that Mr Wenger is teacher/philosopher not a motivator. Having taught send him upstairs and bring in a motivator. We do have the talent lets get them working for goodness sake

  2. i blame nasri for this lost because of his beef with gallas after his first goal he dropped. you see in sports u keep ur beef aside aer sports u can continue with ur beef. it happened last season between vanpersie and adebayo and what was the result we lost. you see i am a gambler and i dont gamble when i am angry cos it affect my game. This was the reason wenger removed nasri and if this didnt happen he was suppose to be the man of the match

    1. So mate you mean if Nasir had no beeef with Gallas we would have won the game you something i just dont know the right words to use right now…Why blame nasir insteed of Mr Wenger

  3. Hahaha. Here I am man! It’s been awhile and very quiet around here.

    I hate the fact that we had to give this CRUCIAL game away to the Scum. We should be sitting in 1st place as we speak but this team LOVES to do things the hard way. We were literary in full command of this game and it is beyond me what went on during halftime in that locker room! I was gutted to the core and it ruined my weekend. Yes, I’m that much into this team! I hope not to see this kind of novice display in the season!

    Saturday I was shocked and appalled!

    It’s nice to see everyone I haven’t spoken to in a while. Miss chat! hahaha. Cheers all!

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