Report: Arsenal 2-3 West Brom

A pitiful show at the Emirates Stadium saw West Bromwich Albion secure the shock result of the season so far.

The visitor’s first-half domination merited a goal, but they squandered a spot-kick chance before the break.

Arsenal still failed to escape an embarrassment as the Baggies took an astonishing 3-0 lead after the break.

And it could have been worse for the hosts had sole performer Samir Nasri not fired in two goals to salvage a lifeline late on.

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95 thoughts on “Report: Arsenal 2-3 West Brom

    1. Really helpful, really constructive; there’s only one c*nt here and that’s the guy leaving that comment. Arsenal fan? I don’t think so…. just another guy who only loves a team when it’s winning. F*ck off to Spurs.

      1. Piss off Selby you wanker. You want constructive go join a think tank and figure us a win over a side who we should have killed. He’s right, we were absolute shit. Go join spurs… That’s getting so fucking old mate.

      2. what the fuck do you expect him to say cunt,–that we tried our best,wenger knows,Almunia is great ,the opposition was really top quality!!Fans don`t mean only ball lickers like you ,fuck off asshole!!

    2. A bit harsh considering that the whole performance in front of him was SHITE! He should have saved the 2nd, was unlucky, saved the penalty and can’t really be blamed for the other two. Where was his DEFENCE???

  1. our fans are so annoying the raise there voices wheny we are losing but when we are playing they become quiet as a mouse

  2. What a surprise, yet again a knob goalkeeper cost us yet another game, how many more times is this going to keep happening? For crying out loud Wenger bloody get rid of these shit keepers!!

  3. Very.. very poor. Just as Chelsea slip up (with prior knowledge) we slip us as well. We should of just gave west brom the points at the start of the day and stayed at home.

  4. all you w#nkers out there who tell us so called plastic funs to go and support another team because we question Wengers side can officially fu#k off.

    1. So the team loses and all of a sudden it’s Wenger’s fault. It was a very bad day at the office. A game we should have won comfortably. I think maybe the players thought so too. wenger has his job cut out to wake them up and refresh them.. Tuesday will be a tough game. Bad effing day the office.

      You have the right to question but have some semblance of reason though.

      saying that YOU DON’T LOSE AT HOME TO WEST BROM!!!

      1. Nobody is f***ing saying it’s Wenger’s fault, didn’t he say Wenger’s “team”??? Dumb ars, til when do you want us fans to hold our questions??? til we’re in mid-table or in relegation zone??. What happened today was just plain stupid, this is exactly why we didn’t win any trophies for the past 5 yrs. We had a great chance to go 1 pt behind Chelsea and go top next week, but look where we are now, we didn’t go anywhere, and prepare for the worst next Sunday. I swear I stopped watching after exactly the 9th min of the first half because I sensed something disastrous was gonna happen. These players need at least 50% pay-cuts, this is absolutely pathetic!!

    2. Cassius, my man…. get your hands from down your pants, stop playing with yourself, get a life and grow up. Tw*t. Selby’s right and you know zip, big mouth.

  5. Seriously am not happy the way we play in the first half,but let them upgrade there game when playing chelsea i wish them all the best.

  6. Lets face it. Arsenal are a very good team. But not a title winning team. Goalkeepers win you games, oddly enough they also lose you games. Almunia was shockingly bad but lucky for him the blame can be shared today.

  7. Wenger: “We are very, very cautious before this game, because we expect West Brom to play a good football game,” Wenger said.

    “What is important is we keep the momentum going and we can only do that if we are on full cylinders.

    Even after a dismal first half you couldn’t get your team to play on half cylinders Arsene

    1. Relax folks. Professional footballers don’t respond to a kick up the ass. The players have to take responsibility and they didn’t. How once came blame Wenger for one poor result at a strange point in the season except in the most over simplistic way is just frustration and not much reasoning.

  8. I m a diehard arsenal fan and watching todays game,i just came to know that arsenal wont win anything this season again…..complaceny complacency nd more complacency.Somehow i get the feeling that arsene was also complacent and took west brom lightly.Whenever we get the chance to close the gap on chelsea or man u,we fail.Probably we are not ready to be champions.I m a supporter of arsene and all that he has done for the club but…………….”WE ARE NOT READY” to be champions

  9. Fukin ridiculous why didnt wenger play rosicky and wilshire before he could have rested them when we in front, diaby should never have played he just come back from an injury and shouldve been introduced later on.
    Almunia couldve saved the 3rd goal easily but thats what you get from a usless player.

  10. Di Matteo had our number from the very start and Wenger didnt nothing pro-active to spark some life in to some off the lazy players like Song,SAgna etc.

  11. That was pitiful… yet it will always happen every now and then with team. We have too many players with no heart.

    What more can be said about the goalkeeping situation at this club. It was only a matter of time, and now it’s happened. Wenger’s stubbornness knows no bounds. It stops him from learning from the past.

  12. forget the goalkeeper, Arsenal were arrogant and spineless and they just expected WBA to let them score goals because they’re Arsenal. Such fucking arrogance by Wenger and his boys.

  13. our side also missed atleast 4 ist XI players…
    But thts no excuse against WBA.
    Really shocking result…too bad if we go one like this.

  14. Shocking!!

    We never ever take advantage of other rivals dropping points. Good luck to West Brom, they wanted it more…… Disappointing really.

  15. For some reason arsenal always seem to mess up with the promoted teams at home. I know that as a supporter of arsenal we must back our team win or lose but the way we lost today cannot be defended. We could of lost 4-1

  16. That is what happens when you don’t buy a goalkeeper, fucking idiot

    P.s arshavin, song and vela are useless

  17. Almunia just gave away 3 points. The 2nd and 3rd goals he let in were unacceptable for a profesional at this level. Wenger didn’t do us any favors by starting Diaby, Eboue, and Song all in midfield together at the same time. We looked Hopeless until Jack and Rosicky came on. The fact that Chelsea lost on the same day we choked at home makes this one hurt.

  18. I wish I didnt have to say i told you so…but this is what i have been saying on Arsenal blogs…
    As an Gunner and a realist,i have always said we wont even win a plastic cup with the current crop of players.with players like Diaby,Eboue,Denilson,Almunia,Clichy on our starting line-up,we might as well forget it….
    Like it or not Arsenal has a ton of rubbish players who are simply overrated.
    When i mention this on blogs,i get slated just because we are winning at that time..well there goes the Arsenal..rubbish rubbish rubbish……
    Sorry fellow gooners this is another trophyless season staring us in the face…such a big disappointment but i cant say i am surprised.i knew it would happen.

  19. Wenger made an excuse of AET on Tues (Website) to stick his “pals” or his “boys” back in the team

    Eboue & Diaby..


    Replace them with Wilshere and Rocisky and they pull two goals back?

  20. Poor. This team does not have the mental toughness of Champions. To lose at home in sucha a manner to a newly promoted team no less, is beyond the pale.

    A sloppy, abject performance. Almunia had a nightmare. He redeemed himself with the penalty, but goals 2 and 3 have to be laid at his doorstep.

    Clichy and Sagna were poor. So too was Song. Nasri was the one bright spark – he put in a performance worthy of a captain.

    And we face Chelsea next week. Defining moment for us. Already.

  21. Its a repeat of last year and the year before and the year before etc!!!! Wenger is still crap!! He persists in keeping and playing average/crap players (Eboue, Diaby, song, Almunia) and everyone wonders why we “suddenly” play like shit! So now it’s a defeat at home in a game against an average WBA side where we were pretty much out played…..following a lucky draw against an average Sunderland side who pretty much outplayed us….. SO WHAT HAS IMPROVED IN 5 YEARS?? The Answer NOTHING! And before you Wneger lovers start spouting off about injuries….. we get them all of the time to pretty much the same players….so why hasn;t Wenger got quality replacements??? And why rest players when they are in form like Willshire and Rosicky and play shit like Diaby Eboue & Song??? Well kiss you’re ass goodbye Arsene another season going down the pan !!!!!

  22. How can people even thinking of us winning the league? I actually like the way westbrom play but with all due respect if you don’t beat teams in the lower half of the league at home then what makes u even think ure a title contender. Liverpool and spurs are dropping a lot of points too so maybe a top 4 finish can be achieved

  23. I hope Arsnal take a lesson from this. West Brom deserve the 3 points. I take my hat of to you. You played as a team and did not expect one player to produce magic for you. Song,diaby,eboue etc are only good when they have good players around them. When it is just them you see how poor they really are.

  24. On the plus side we won the FA £56m profit trophy 2010.

    Oh wait, that’s not a trophy. Ah well, at least we have great goalkeepers.

  25. Without Cesc this team seems lost at times and the only one that seems to do anything is Nasri.
    I’m not going to defend the defence but some of our players need to realise that you defend as a team and have to put the effort in.
    WBA cut us to shreds with their quick tempo attacks….embarassing 🙁

  26. Eboue was anonymous but he wasn’t that bad. Really, the defense that performed so well last week had a meltdown. But it was coming. Clichy got out of jail on several times last week. Today we reaped the whirlwind.

    I cannot believe how easily Sagna was beaten in the lead up to the first goal. So too Clichy for the third. Almunia…I’m sorry for him as I was gunning for him to do well but…he doesn’t have it at this level.

    Indeed it could have been 4-2. To WEST BROM.

    Let the excuses begin.

  27. And Shay Given cannot get a game at Man City. How fuckin ignorant is arsene wenger? How many mistakes are our keepers going to make. We have had the smae keeper for years and guess what??? no trophies.
    Its not rocket science.

  28. I said to myself this morning, “If Arsenal don’t win this game and seize the opportunity, we won’t win the league this year”

    Unfortunately Arsenal did just that and what is even more unfortunate is that this is very typical of us. Our passing was atrocious (Alex Song was particularly painful to watch) and sadly Manuel Almunia proved all his doubters correct.

    Not writing off the league, but I honestly don’t see it happening for us…not when our rivals give us clear opportunities and we fail to take. Fingers crossed we do well in the cups (CL, FA, CC)

  29. this reminds me of a time when arsenal asked the gunners to ‘remember what shirt they were wearin on their backs’….the current crop seem to be slacking off cos of all the high scoring wins we had….this should give em a good kick in the nuts and shud raise there games…cos chelsea wud just punish us if we weer this careless…

    P.S – i dunno about you guys but from schezzers displays in goal… i wud give the kid a shot..hes way more composed than almunia and would do a much better job…if i was wenger i wud give him the next match in the champs league and see how he dus…

  30. And your sayin we gotta go to belgrade with this team and then away to chelsea!!!!


  31. I stop supporting Arsenal since Henry left. Arsenal is a ok team with two goalkeepers not suppose to play in the Premier League.I wrote to Arsenal four years ago regarding the shitty keepers they are using but they don’t care. So my question is: why should I support Arsenal when they are not eager to invest in good players? They claim they made very good profit from the fans.What they’ve been doing shows no respect to the fans at all. Well,it looks like they are not going to win anything again this season and Fabregas,I think you should go back to where you belong to.Don’t waste your time with an ok club that doesn’t want to invest in good players.

  32. Got to say starting Diaby and Eboue was wrong but Almunia was terrible again think if they had scored the pen we might have seen Little Jack and Rosicky on and i think the result may well have been different. Got to give West Brom credit they played some good football and i think deserved the win, will have to buck our ideas up for next week and just hope Fabregas is up for the challenge.

  33. Alot of these players just turn up and think that is enough to win the game. Also i feel without the major stars. Cesc,Nasri,RVP we are really one dimensional. We play a certain way about 80% of the time when we dont have our major stars playing.

    Almunia to sagna,
    sagna to song,
    song to arshavin,
    arshavin to sagna.
    Sagna crosses to nobody.

    We are so predictable sometimes.

  34. RUBBISH RUBBISH RUBBISH ARSENAL with a bunch of overrated players…Same old Arsenal,different season.Until we get stop making players like Diaby,Denilson,Song,Vela,Aluminium,Clichy,Eboue match starters…and until clichy and Sagna learn to cross a ball it will be a good idea to forget the league…we wont even win A PLASTIC CUP

  35. I thought we were absolutely and utterly fucking shit – that useless spastic in goal should have his contract ripped up and be thrown out into the street – incompetent, useless, talentless and spineless are some of the nicer things you can say about him – Wenger takes a lot of the blame for not replacing him in the summer – we will just make lots of money and win fuck all.

  36. I wish almunia was dead. He would be more useful. We all knew at the beginning if the season that coco the fucking clown would let us down and it only took 5 matches. He is useless regardless of the penalty save which he conceded anyway in a re-enactment of the lehman CL penalty. Poor display by all. If I was wenger I would have Almunia and flappyhandski shot and give chesney the number one with vito as back up.

  37. I am so angry at arsene wenger why on earth didnt he sign mark schwarzer why must he have so much blind faith on alumnia and fabianski sure fabianski did not play bt that doesnt excuse that he is a crap keeper and so is alumnia i beieve it should of been a draw not a lose for arsenal.

  38. This just shows wenger how bad almunia is. Chelsea WILL have shots on goal next week and WILL score as almunia’s shot to save ratio is so poor.
    Drogba was poor today but he will have a field day next week. Im gonna go to the bookies and put a fiver on almunia to make a mistake.

  39. i high time we sold diaby along with senderos n sylvester, he just good for nothing on d field of play… it was 10 against 12 from d start diaby and eboue bn 1/2 player each for them… diaby must go if we must win something or anything

  40. We rely to much on our so called ‘super players’. The other players do not have the skill or determination to step up to the plate when needed. No-one stood up today apart from Nasri. Song,diaby,eboue were looking for arshavin or nasri to do something amazing. Diaby was shocking. I really feel that a reserve squad of Jet,Wilshere,Landsbury,Gibbs,Schzeny,etc would of done a better job today.

  41. today we were a crock of shit the usual suspects once again came to the forefront in helping make life difficult for us, without being disrespectful to the baggies we should be them at home.

    supposedly almunia had “injured” his arm at half time, so lets expect flapyhandski on tuesday against a difficult partizan belgrade,anyone else getting a depressing deja vu with the goalkeeping situation?

  42. unbeaten team
    1. Jens Lehmann
    3. Ashley Cole
    4. Patrick Vieira
    5. Martin Keown
    7. Robert Pires
    8. Fredrik Ljungberg
    9. Jose Antonio Reyes
    10. Dennis Bergkamp
    11. Sylvain Wiltord
    12. Lauren
    14. Thierry Henry
    15. Ray Parlour
    17. Edu
    18. Pascal Cygan
    19. Gilberto
    22. Gael Clichy
    23. Sol Campbell
    25. Nwankwo Kanu
    28. Kolo Toure

    current team
    1 GK Manuel Almunia
    2 MF Abou Diaby
    3 DF Bacary Sagna
    4 MF Cesc Fàbregas (captain)
    5 DF Thomas Vermaelen
    6 DF Laurent Koscielny
    7 MF Tomáš Rosický
    8 MF Samir Nasri
    10 FW Robin van Persie
    11 FW Carlos Vela
    14 FW Theo Walcott
    15 MF Denílson
    16 MF Alex Song
    18 DF Sébastien Squillaci
    19 MF Jack Wilshere
    22 DF Gaël Clichy
    23 MF Andrei Arshavin
    27 MF Emmanuel Eboué
    29 FW Marouane Chamakh
    52 FW Nicklas Bendtner
    someone tell me whats the difference???????????

  43. It’s a pity. The defence was f**ked up. The midfield had no life until jack and rocisky came in. With such sloppy performance, we surely can’t be champions. That’s the truth. I’m sorry.

  44. A DISGRUNTLED GUNNER. Thanks, your the only one here to give us some credit. Well done. That would look nice on the rest of you guys.
    Boing Boing


    1. Almunia is nothing except incompetent and useless – let’s hope someone comes in with a two footed knee high tackle and do us all a favour….

  46. we have not really been tested and here we are 2-3 loss at home,but thats what its going to be like all season . fab will go at the end,cant blame him though,we are a million miles away from winning the league its another waste of a season.please arsene open your eyes.

  47. Danish Baggie.I guess you are a WBA fan.Props to you actually deserved the win…..
    It’s just annoying how AW cant see we have a bunch of overrated players who cant step up in the absence of Cesc..Half of the Arsenal players are rubbish and overrated…AW has lost it

  48. We need more African players , only Eboue left now, need big strong African team like we had with Adebayor and Toure , need big men , not little men like Rosicky, Vela, Arshavin, Nasri(tho he is African descent he is a little man), Wishere (he has African legs but is little) We need big strong players.

    1. Don’t talk fucking crap – Arsenal is an ENGLISH club and needs ENGLISH players like Gibbs and Wilshere not some lazy African mercenary like Adebayor – that’s the problem with Arsenal too many foreigners with no understanding or love of the club just looking to make money.

  49. This season is only going to get worse. The League, FA CUP, CARLING CUP, CHAMPIONS LEAGUE,INTERNATIONALS. We are still playing in all of them with a already light squad. I would not mind having a light squad but it is the quality of players that are out. You know Nasri is next. Jesus is definetly not a arsenal fan, that im sure.

  50. Danish Baggie. Congrats, great fight, you guys totally deserved it….but honestly I look at my team and what they can do to improve, for at the end of the day, that’s the only team I’ll be supporting.

    I am pretty sure you do the same. So forgive us Gooners for analyzing our team’s performance once and a while.

  51. Though i am dissapointed. I feel that are expectations of this arsenal side are too high. We are a mostly european club and will not win the league with european leaders, good as nasri and cesc are. We will have much more chance winning the champions league oddly enough.

    Chelsea have Terry and Lampard as their leaders.

    Man U have Rooney,Giggs,Scholes as their leaders.

    Liverpool have Gerrard.

    They are all english and all have won trophies in england recently.

    There is a reason for EVERTHING. And our reason of not being able to win a domestic trophy is our lack of english leaders.

    You can easily see Wilshere and ramsey are future leaders. There impact alone shows you the importance of having English/British players in an english league.

    In time…….

  52. did any of you c shay given and mark schwartzer in their last match they both conceded 2 easy goals and u say we shd sign them.the problem with aw and arsenal is that we start the season compact bcos we are apprehensive,then when we have some decent wins he just selects a team and then tell them to express themselves forgetting that the current bunch of players have no discipline.when u look at championship winning teams their holding midfielders’ are never ahead of play but since song scored a goal he has lost the plot but aw is too stupid to make changes.i tell u that we can have john terry, vidic,ivanovic and hart in our backline and we will still leak goals because,our midfielders have no desire to defend.

  53. WE do need a class goal keeper ;however there are 11 men on the team!! You can only play as well as the opposition will allow you. So Guys let usface it Baggies were the better team TODAY and we were not allowed to play our game. OH for Cesc Van P Vermalon and Theo… could have been so different. Hope at least some of them can play next week!!1

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