Report: Everton 3-0 Arsenal

Arsenal’s Premier League form continued to collapse as Everton torn them apart in a 3-0 defeat on Sunday.

The Evertonians’ biggest win against Arsenal in 25 years moved them within a point of the fourth-placed Gunners with a game in hand.

Arsenal will have to stop the rot now.

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4 thoughts on “Report: Everton 3-0 Arsenal

  1. Really poor performance from the lads today. Very little in terms of pace, desire and attacking flair. The team seems to keep possession for possessions sake, we need to rain down shots on the oppositions goal. If we dont get into shooting opportunities how can we expect to score? I think we had 2 shots on target all game. I know Everton played well, the polar opposite of us really but we need shots from midfield. Giroud looks a shadow of his former self, ever since his scandal came out he hasnt looked the same. Why are we still playing a 4-3-3? The reason we started using it was to get the best out of Cesc and RVP, we dont have them anymore and we are still persevering with a system that we dont have the players for. We should go back to 4-4-2 have Podolski behind Giroud and Santi in the hole behind the strikers. Wengers stubborn refusal to address tactics is his downfall, he sets his team up to play the same way for every game. He has admitted it on a number of occasions. The only decent thing about todays performance was the fans who cheered till the end. COYG

  2. It is amazing Arsenal team has gone downhill for the last month. I watch them now and laugh because other teams figured them out. A bunch of no name players running around and the other team had their way with them. I am thinking, is it the coaching who never looked at films from previous games or the players who don’t care any more no pride to do your job, or a combination of all the above. I will start with firing the coach, he is so gentle, the players need once in a while, in your face man, you are not doing your job. I will go on and on but it make no difference. Arsenal is a second tear team to be sure.

    It is not worth getting up early in the morning and watch rubbish, I am going back to watching RM.

  3. Please what Arsenal’s boards are doing in order to curtail the worse situation that has been always ditureating from bad to worsent ? Look at how we fans are suffrering from heart streaming every every year unceasinable .

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