Report: Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

An astonishing collapse right after kick-off saw Arsenal go 4-0 down within the opening 20 minutes as Liverpool went on to thrash the Gunners 5-1 at Anfield.

This was a big game for both sides but only one side appeared to be up for it as Martin Skrtel scored twice from set-pieces in the opening 10 minutes to put the hosts in firm control. And more goals from Raheem Sterling and Daniel Sturridge had Arsenal well beaten even before we had reached 20 minutes on the clock.

Sterling made it 5-0 early in the second half to finish off the riot before Mikel Arteta scored from a penalty earned by Arsenal’s solitary performer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain to salvage the tiniest of consolations.

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10 thoughts on “Report: Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal

  1. An EXTREMELY flattering scoreline to Arsenal, Liverpool could and should have had 8 or 9 goals today. The good news for Arsenal is that you have a nice easy match midweek against Moyes and the long ball Garbage from Salford.

  2. Don’t Arsenal need to buy NOW after this thrashing???
    ….. to have any intention to challenge and to even have any contention in ANY of the competitions?
    Arsenal was slaughtered in the first half totally!?

  3. As a team We played very poorly. Mertesacker made the first mistake yhat ended in goal #1. Monreal was error prone. Arteta was awful. Ozil was anonymous. Even Carzola passed poorly though he was one of the better players. Sagna was average. Giroud was lost but he had limited supply.. Only Kos, Oz and Wilshere played their hearts out. What happened Arsene? They looked so panicky and lacked confidence.Unless Arsene can get them to pick themselves up we may slide further. Quickly retain Sagna. We didnt get reinforcement and yet do not know who to keep. Think Arsenal; our backline is actually not as good as we like to think. Dont make it worse by losing Sagna. Some soul seraching is needed if we are to move forward and win again. We can attitude is needed.

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