Report: Man. Utd 8-2 Arsenal

Shambolic defending from Arsenal turned what started off as an open contest at Old Trafford into a remarkable thumping.

Danny Welbeck caught Arsenal’s back-line napping after 21 minutes and headed in Anderson’s pass to put the hosts ahead.

Robin van Persie then squandered a chance to equalize as his penalty was saved by David De Gea before Ashley Young struck to make it 2-0.

Wayne Rooney netted a third for United but Walcott gave Arsenal unlikely hope going into the break with a strike to make it 3-1.

But after both sides had wasted several goal-mouth opportunities, goals from Rooney, Nani and Park Ji-sung resumed the scoring in the second-half before Van Persie made it 6-2 for some consolation.

There was still time for Arsenal to go a man down as usual, as Carl Jenkinson was sent off for a second offense, before Walcott gave away a penalty for Rooney to secure a hat-trick and make it 7-2.

And Ashley Young completed Arsenal’s misery with United’s eighth goal in injury time.

Last time Arsenal ever conceded 8 goals was against Loughborough (8-0) on 12 December 1896, but that was in Division 2.

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68 thoughts on “Report: Man. Utd 8-2 Arsenal

    1. To all you wenger bashers, he finally showed us “mental strength”.

      Winning 8-2 at old trafford !!!!!


    1. Who would want to come to Arsenal at this point in time being the absolute shambles that it is in on the field and obviously, off it…. sigh…. we could see this coming all summer and pleaded for signings. The Board or MR DITHERS or both are clearly responsible. Something is badly wrong….

  1. get the fuck out wenger u cant rectify this with nay amout of signins because weve literally fallen that far behind utd,a proper disgrace ,

  2. Feel quit good. My butt is not as painful as the team that got raped at Old Toilet!!!

    Money is raining in at the Emirates Stadium and the board are just sitting and counting them in on their private accounts because they own the stocks…

  3. WTF,

    this is the lowest iv ever felt as an arsenal fan and wenger needs to grow some balls and buy some players who have hit puberty and can actually play.

  4. Is this finally time for le professor to hang up his whiteboard marker and move upstairs?

    This was an absolutely shambolic display from Arsenal. We badly need some experienced, world class players in the squad. I think the gulf in class between the best and the supposed next best has been shown to be too big to bridge. Not by this bunch of players anyway.

  5. what a disgusting shambles of shite based wankers! and thats what wenger justifies as strong charecter and belief!!!! the man has wasted 6 years of our hopes and millions of OUR money and we have his to show for it??? who the hell will join us now (that if we WERE going to sign anyone) pure shit the club has become an utter shambles! give us OUR arsenal back…….

  6. If today has shown anything, it’s that Man Utd and Man City have moved light years ahead of the rest of the league (the money they both have helps) and it hurts to see what happened.. but lots more teams will get stuffed by Man Utd and we just created 19 chances at Old Trafford!!

    Top marks for Coquelin who was magnificent.. Arshavin, Djourou, Traore and Rosicky to be sold to Accrington Stanley.. heard they need some players for the bench!!

    1. What!! dissagree whit u mate! Man u have allways been front runner,nothing new there..Arsenal are light years back wards you mean!!

  7. any1 thats disagreeing with the comments made against arsena
    ,well yere the reasons arsene will still have a fuckin job in the mornin ,wake the fuck up and realize that lad is done.

  8. Im not shocked!lost confidence 2 years ago!! im actually glad this happend! sick of the manager and the board! No passion!! Boikot and save your money!!!! We the supporters are Arsenal fc,not this Clown of a man..sosiopat

  9. Through his own will, Wenger is virtually destroying our beloved and once proud club. No more is left except for humiliation.

  10. This Big headed arrogant French Professor is never going to listen to anyone.

    Now i want to see his all the people around him what they have to say about his transfer dealings so far?

    Back in May, he says its going to be a busy summer… yes a busy summer of mass exodus. I do hope Van Persie also hands in a formal request to be sold now.

  11. Is it our biggest defeat from mancunt in history? If yes then its a complete wenger’s destiny to be our greatest and worst manager.. Close the book, life must go on.. Anybody let him take us further down? This the answers of all constant lies he gave to all arsenal fans.

  12. A number of those players should never play again in the first team…why the fuck was Cahill not signed after qualification on Wednesday night????? Wenger knew that this might happen and moves should have been made to ship him in..but oh no the likes of fucking Traore and Igor Stepadjourou are given another chance based on their French West African credentials…Senderos was shipped out soon enough..why not that piece of lumbering crap with the no. 20 shirt….

    Wenger out!!!

  13. The club should be allowed to play in the French league instead now… it can adjust very well to the level of the football there.

  14. Let’s keep some perspective here. Yes it is humiliating. Yes it is a dreadful result. But perspective – WE HAD AT LEAST 7 1ST TEAMERS OUT TODAY. Any team would have struggled to cope with that. Also rather than take it out on Wenger, we should target our anger on the players who have destabilised the club over the Summer, and left us in the lurch. Nasri dicked around for loadsamoney, Fabregas blackmailed Wenger to return to his hometown club at a knock down price. We have until Wednesday to get some depth in the squad, and rebuild after this disastrous start. THE SIGN OF A TRUE FAN IS ONE WHO CONTINUES TO SUPPORT THEIR CLUB EVEN IN ADVERSITY. Victoria concordia crescit – victory through harmony…… Keep the faith please!

    1. Thats the reason FA or rather UEFA allows clubs to have 23 players for the season, and not 11.

      Filling the rest 12 players will babies will get you a similar resuly.

    2. man i disagree them lads knew wat kinda players wenger was placin all his trust apon and knew it was time to get out

  15. It’s not all doom and gloom,that’s what he sed.sack the fucker now..and us fans need to speak up..we need to protest against greedy board members..!come on you gunners our club Is in danger..!

  16. Fans are the pillar for arsenal fc. the only way to punish the fucking retarded old arene and the whole board is not giving the full support for the team. cancel all your season tickets. do not travel and waste your time at emirates and do not buy any of arsenal kits. fuck them!! since the club do not pay any respect to the fan’s wish then why the fuck we have to support them and loose money and value. that old fucking stubborn arsene do not know what is the problem in the squad. we can see from his fucking signings this summer. loosing 8-2 to MU is fucking humiliating. and we have another 72 hours before the transfer closes and lets see what that asshole can do. the main problem (defense) is not solved till yet and the asshole is keep talking about ‘believe and faith’. FUCK ARSENE WENGER!!!

    1. Well said..let’s protest..board is gettin richer n so manager..they fucking don’t care about us fans…before clichy,cesc,nasri sold..we had 40m to spend..remade 70ml from selling player..25ml from CL you add up..where the hell money gone???

  17. Dave gunner…it seems Wegner a fuck u, even if we had 11 first teamers out we should never got 8-2. If wegner dont resign tonight, he should never be allowed back in the emirates stadium. I wish him crash and dead on his way home, he is a fucking disgrace

  18. the biggest looser if the fans.. the player receive their weekly salary as usual, the manager does and the board member got their shares. and the fans???? disappointments on top of disappointments. and you guys still want to support this money buggers?? give them some good fucking lessons man!!!

  19. Woooow… You lot are going way over board here..!! Were we ever going to win this game with the players available???? Of course not!!! The fact that we got hammered is very painful, but this has got to the the lowest point, surely!!! Looked like Wenger just said go out there and play because he knew we were not strong enough to compete today. Did anyone listen to Fergies comments??? He knows that they beat no body today and isnt even celebrating. Look at our injuries and our suspensions, what else did you all expect????
    I was calling for Wenger to go a few months ago, but I think he deserves on last chance to rebuild the team..
    Just hold your horses for a few more weeks and see what happens

  20. remember my write Aw.told u will be at red far are you now.AW has messed the club.have never seen a stubborn save face just resign.wht a shame ?a shame n pain.what do u think we are feeling here in so sad.

  21. All who think Arsene Wegner is still the right man to take AFC forward go suck ur mother back way….The way im hurting if i wasn’t this far, i shoot that mother fucka tonight….

  22. There seem to be a lot of Spurs fans on this blog desperate to de-stablise the club even further. They would love to see Wenger sacked. That would truly be the downward spiral. Keep together!

  23. Wenger needs to comprehend the effect of such score line on the mental of his players. He takes this casually, how do you go to Old T with amateurs! And hope that Rooney will keep quiet!
    Shame for arsenal fans

  24. we are now in trouble no name player would want to come and play for arsenal. Wenger has falling into the trap of not mixing youth with experience. van persie can not play the one up front, look loss, not enough work rate. He not a leaded all heads drop round him he could not pick him self up after missing the penatly let alone the rest of the team. the manger has to take the blame for what has happen, arsenal look like a club that makes money for the directors. what happen to the money what promise at the end last season 60 million. Nasri Fabregas no replacement you play kids what do you expert its like you play 10 year old kids against 16 year boys what do you think is going to happen. i don t think Wenger knows what he wants any more we are now in decline liverpool tottenham man city all went though it its now owl time sad to say love Wenger but he can not change his ways wants to play like barcelona but you have to buy big names now again Fabregas had been replace and Nasri as for the back i my as well be talking out of my arss i am going to bed now to forget what has happen .

  25. It is a bad day today, but if you really think Wenger has the money to change things then you are wrong…!! We wont know for sure until he is finally gone, but my view is that Peter Hillwood and the board are the scrimpers and scrooges here. Remember Hillwoods comments in the media about Viera when he was our best player and wanted more money???

  26. I am surprised at the level of stupidity of all the cretinous, ill-educated, morons whining on this blog against all things Arsenal! There is no doubt today was a disastrous embarrassment but to play the blame game and curse Arsene and the team is counter-productive. None of you imbeciles know anything about Football! You say sack Wenger but who can do his job….there isn’t a manager worth his salt who could come in and turn things around. We have 7 first team players out, we have 4 first team players injured, we have 8 inexperienced players on the field and we sucked, but against the # 2 team in the world we should have expected a pasting.
    We will recover and return to form. This has been, bar none, the worst start to a season ever for AFC, with 3 red cards, 4 key players injured, 3 players now suspended and having lost our captain and his sidekick all in the last week. I would be more concerned at how Wenger is going to rebuild the morale of Szcesny and his kids for the next game. Fortunately the International break is coming up and we can regroup, integrate the new signings Wenger WILL bring in this week and regain our confidence. All is NOT gloom and Doom as you faithless, whiny lot claim…we will NOT ever be near relegtion, we will NOT drop out of the top 4, we will do well in the CL and in the Cups because our pride and determination will not let us. The next game will be a demonstration of our rekindled motivation, drive, determination and will to win that was absent today.

  27. Also, most of you morons can’t compose a sentence in English without making numerous errors……….learn to write and then read before claiming you know more than our manager! Then you can learn to think rationally rather than shitting your diapers everytime things don’t go well!

    1. dan ,
      I call those arses tweet morons. The numb nuts whine and cry with very loss.
      In twenty years I have NOT given up on the Gunners. NEVER.

      The Board needs a bitchslap to let the cash loose for Wenger to get world class players.

  28. 60ml were promised to spend..70ml made from
    Sale of cesc,nasri,clichy,ebov.25ml from CL qualification..and we bid 6ml for
    Btw my question is where the hell money gone??

  29. The money is in the pockets of the board, thats what has happened to it!!!! And if Wenger is so at fault for all that we have seen this last few weeks, or months or years, why hasn’t the Board dealt with him. Any responsible company would have given their manager a ultimatum or sacked him.. I think truth is that the Board are holding Wenger back but refusing to pay salary demands of existing players and prosective new signings.. Wengers biggest fault though is that he refuses to expose the Board for the con merchants and cheap skates that they really are…

  30. Wenger needs $200 MILLION to spend in the next 12 months or Arsenal will be the new HotSpurs.
    $200 MILLION is now the entry fee to the elite club level. $200 million.

    There are only TWO clubs in La Liga(Barca and Real), now there are three clubs in England. Man City and Man U, and maybe Chelsea.

    $200 MILLION is the entry fee for greatness. $200 MILLION is the entry fee for greatness. $200 MILLION is the entry fee for greatness.

    Do you hear that Board Chairman? $200 fucking MILLION

  31. Was that humiliating? Of course. But lets not lose the plot here people. I am amazed that people that call themselves Arsenal fans are calling for Wengers head. There are underlying problems at board level. If the wage structure had been raised (as Wenger has asked, and as I believe was agreed between Wenger and Dein after the completion of the Emirates bill being mostly paid off) we may have held on to Nasri. We would also have a reasonable shot at signing the types of players that we need, the Benzema´s, the Sneijder´s etc. Why would they come to Arsenal if it means a 30-60k a week wage reduction?
    The fact that we had several 1st team players missing is no excuse, it highlights the need for depth. I love that Wenger has kept us so competitive for so long on peanuts but it just doesn´t work anymore. Sometimes we need to take a good look at a situation and realise that the faith we have put in a player is misplaced. Who wouldn´t prefer Leighton Baines at left back week in, week out, rather than playing our reserve right back there? Gibbs can become really good, but right now, in order to keep up, we don´t need someone who will become good (If/when he´s fit). I´m going to stop there, otherwise i´ll be writing this all night. Most importantly, lets support the team.

  32. Ok the result was bad, and lets be honest, we arent winning the league. We could try and focus on another cup. But i think being in the top 4 should be our main aim. It is unlikely we will be able to deal with Manchester this season. All we need to do is keep our place in the top 4, and wait till the stadium gets payed off. Eventually financial fairplay will kick in aswell, and then its goodbye to Chelsea and Man City. We cant produce the revenue that Manchester united and liverpool have. That cant be helped, however once their is financial fairplay we will be able to have a good go at winning things. With a strong youth system and scouts at that point, we will be able to compete at the highest level. At this moment in time we just have to compete with Liverpool and Chelsea to stay in the Top 4.

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