Report: Norwich 1-0 Arsenal

Arsenal resumed their inconsistency today with a terrible show which was punished by a solitary strike from Grant Holt in a sinking 1-0 defeat.

This team has received some rave reviews this season but with performances like today’s, their critics may never be calmed. The defeat leaves Wenger’s men now struggling at 9th on the table, and a massive ten points behind leaders Chelsea already.

The Gunners seemed to have grabbed control of the proceedings as a line-up unchanged from the one that won at West Ham passed the ball around with comfort. But as ever, it was their opponents who would teach them how to score.

A hopeful long-range shot from Tettey was spilled by Mannone and Grant Holt was faster than Mertesacker to react and guide the ball home. And Arsenal’s response to going behind was tame.

Indeed, the north Londoners were guilty of a very lethargic display in attack and which saw the hosts defend without any pressure. The closest Wenger’s men had come to scoring all day was a shot from Podolski which went just wide of the far post during the early moments of the match.

Strangely, the German was once again withdrawn after an hour for Oxlade-Chamberlain who was forced off with an injury. It was that sort of day for Arsenal. Nothing would go right for them, but then again, they had not created much either.

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23 thoughts on “Report: Norwich 1-0 Arsenal

  1. RUBBISH!!!! A first win for Norwich and that was a chance for some well needed points and as for the keeper i have NEVER had any faith in him.

    1. Totally agree, I had a bad feeling from the off, worst display I have seen this season, what was the half-time talk about? Who gets a window seat on the bus home??

  2. Although it is early to say but arsenal win nothing this year. I am arsenal fan and games like this we should win to consider us title contender.

  3. I always thought this was a potential banana skin and it proved right.
    We can wave goodbye to any hope we had if winning the pl.

  4. What do I think ???!!! Angry of course BUT! Lets thread carefully, could this be one of those games..the one that got away, the type of game that makes you ask how the hell???… .. the type that even Man U would lose? I’m tempted to condemn but Arsenal is already suffering injuries to key players here and there and we had to throw in Gnabry in a desperate situation, never a good sign. I’m glad Wilshere was not risked. My conclusion, stay strong, sleep it off, focus on the next game, that’s what Pros do… and DO NOT READ THE BLOGS!!!! Angry fans are gonna flay you!!

    1. Spare us all this…..chelsea won 4-1,liverpool also won 5-0.we needed the points and losing definitely didn’t get us those points. Mediocre performances shoild never be supported

  5. Well played Norwich, good win. they all played really well. I don’t think Arsenal were aloud to play there game.

  6. Terrible performance from a very average Arsenal team. I am sick of paying top prices to watch shit teams year after year! £1300 my season ticket costs me and we see no investment in the team. Yet again they made money from transfers last window! Enough is enough. I am not getting ripped off by the board anymore! We are 9 th in the league at the moment, judging by that display we will not make top 4 – sixth place is about where this team will end up. Will the American prick put his hand in his pocket then and buy some decent talent? Doubt it. As long as they can get us mugs to fill the ground every week and make him a nice profit, he don’t give a fuck. He has no interest in anything other than profit from Arsenal! Sack the whole board and while at it the yes man Wenger! That is what he has become.

    1. I wish the mugs would find a voice, the only fans in Europe that would put up with this shit season after season, any other fans would’ve had the yanks out by this stage. I have no sympathy for the mugs that sit silent in the stadium week after, I feel sorry for the fans that live abroad or can’t afford to go to home games anymore, we have to sit shouting at the TV while the mute fans in the stadium sit back waiting for their prawn sandwiches.

  7. jesus christ that was bad.the premier league has gone now , so i hope all talk of it ends from an arsenal point of view.. anyone notice how slow ramsey is? that game has killed it for me, not so much the result more the display. ijust cant stand watching arsenal’s defence its soo bad.

  8. 1) Passing game without penetration and minimal attempt to shoot -on-sight.
    2) Defensively poor; what’s happening to TV? Santos is not really a fullback, or is he?
    3) Keeper not good enough; totally careless with the shot that led to the goal.
    4) Should have let Walcott play and run riot at their defense which wasnt under any real pressure at all.
    5) Lacking strategies to vary the game.

  9. The previous comments have said it all. This was deeply upsetting,a pathetic performance . Groundhog season after Groundhog season. Mannone should never be near Arsenal’s first team and yet again we have the worst injury situation in the League. And I’ve decided Giroud is a cart horse.

  10. I was right … everybody is pisssssed!!! me too. Did we think the poor souls would just spread em and let us win? Back then this kind of match was the one you could count on to make your weekend now they are pivotal games which could make or break your title challenge. Pires, Lungberg Henry, Bergkamp etc. would not break a sweat in a game like this, they would carve them open again and again and again damn now i know how good we used to be. Even when we failed to lift the EPL we would come a close second but we would NEVER lose a game like this we never cared if the team was on a losing streak and was desperate for a win, we would condemn them to another defeat. let some other team gift them their first win!!! boy this feels better no need bottling it in like my first comment just let it out!! Serious teams should never lose when 3 point are up for grabs! Dig in change your play, get a penalty, get one opponent sent off, anything!!! for crying out loud they had four yellow cards. Barca will have gotten all four of them sent off easily… more to come!!!! damn this is cathartic.. whew

  11. Bradyseven, I am a 46 year old from Bow and first saw a game at Highbury in 1973. My dad, a Bethnal Green boy, has been a season ticket holder for 40 years. He first went to highbury in the fifty’s with his dad. We aint no prawn sandwich mob. My dad paid for my season ticket this year cos i couldnt afford it! He wont be doing that again! Have you ever been to the new ground or Highbury? Dont try to take some kind of high ground because us fans are fucking sick of getting ripped off by the greedy bastard board members. Unlike you, I will still go to games even if I dont give the board my £1300 before the season starts next year because I am a fan, not an armchair critic. Arsenal is in my blood and will be for life!

  12. Santos actually did well to replace Gibbs but he was all over the place…as if taking on the job of all his lazy teammates…Cazorla and Arteta were quiet and could not create sparks…Gervinho was frustrating as usual, hogging the ball just outside the box and not knowing what to do…cripes we are really having a shite team aren’t we?

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