Report: Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal’s hard luck at the Stadium of Light in recent seasons continued as Sunderland snatched a 1-1 draw with the match’s last kick on Saturday.

The Gunners had not been at their fluent best, but neither were they short of their gritty best as the hosts trailed to a freakish goal by Cesc Fabregas for most of the match thanks to Arsenal’s resistance.

However, Wenger’s side – reduced to ten men after Song’s sending off earlier in the second half – could have avoided Darren Bent’s late equalizer had Tomas Rosicky not squandered a spot-kick with 15 minutes left.

The Gunners were certainly left with a bitter taste in their mouths at the end after displaying much grit and guts, but in truth, only those attributes earned them a point today.

The domination of Steve Bruce’s men which saw them win a stunning 65% of possession could have merited an empty-handed trip back home for Wenger’s men.

Arsenal could have held on better to rob all three points, but they had been outperformed.

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51 thoughts on “Report: Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal

  1. Feck it was a long time ago i was this pissed off.

    If there is a God he clearly likes to torment Arsenal fans. Feck sake if we´re able to hold for all of the 94 min, of course we´re gonna concede 30 sec after the whistle should have blown.

    1. He was influenced with what FAT Sam said about Wenger trying to cun refs. lol never knew FAT Sam was this smart.

  2. I dont understand why did Rosicky choose to RAM the ball instead of placing it… he seriously suxs!!! How can someone like him be bought in to replace pires?? he is not even 50% as good as pires.

    1. YEs he should have scored but what a dumb fucking comment about his undoubted ability. Players all miss penalties and he ahd a pretty good game otherwise. Still, Sunderland probably deserved soemthing from that game. Still we showed real grit and detremination to keep the lead! But FFS – why didn’t the ref blow up after the corner and that is when the 4 mins of Ex time were up!! They scored well into the 95th minute! The twat Phil DOOD! We were lethargic and paid for missing a few good chances but then again what a lucky freaky goal for us!

  3. Unbelievable! I question, Arsene’s line up. He started the same players from Braga game. Some needed to start from the bench.

    My only problem was, Song today. He was a bit off. Denilson, did a decent job when he came on. Very unlucky but Sunderland deserve the point.

    BTW, please send out a memo to, Arsene to never allow, Rosicky to take a penalty ever again. Nasri, should’ve taken that penalty IMO.

    Still have faith, though!

    1. No loft, I feel the squad was alright.Sundrland have a physical presence to thei game, and Denislon would not be able to cope up with them AW had no option, I would have done the same if I were him…

  4. ARRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHH! sooooo freaking annoying. dammit rosicky! still no doubting sunderland deserved a point…..arggggggggh.

  5. Why didn’t Denilson take the ball to the corner in injury time. Why do we continually make that mistake and not kill games off. It’s exactly like Birmingham away last season. DO THESE PLAYERS NEVER LEARN?

    1. Good point! Like NAsri could have played for the corner instead of making the break into the box late on…..they do need to learn this tactic FAST! The extra seconds we would have killed off would have saved us today. Sunderland played well without really threatening us terribly!

  6. I’m actually not feeling any anger for whatever reason.

    Probably because I have seen this soooooooo many times.

  7. Asshole refree even after all da pathetic decisions we should ve won it wit ros ‘s pen!!!..wat a poor goal to concede..clichy hits it against koos n it falls to distraught!!!

  8. Saying “Rosicky sux” is not fair to him. It was a high pressure penalty. And anyone could have missed it.
    Though I would have liked to see Chamakh tap it in.

  9. When Fabregas came off I couldn’t watch anymore, so I missed it all. I just had a bad feeling. No matter what’s happened, we shouldn’t be conceding that late. You know it’s a corner ridiculously late in the game, you know they are beyond desperate, so make sure you get a firm head or foot on the ball and clear it.

    1. They GOT A firm head on the ball!! Teh ball was cleared 4 mins of extra time were up , yet the ref still played on! Yes, give them the chance with a corner! But another 20-30 sec’s come on please!!

  10. hahahah…u guys seriously need to get ur head straight….everyone misses penalties…even cesc has missed…and rosicky is one of our best players…get ur head straight fools…. it was jus CRAP REFREEING!!!!

  11. Clichy is from the Kolo Toure school of defending. Panic like f*ck especially late on in a game when calm heads are required

  12. How does one score in time that does not exist? I get not stopping time on a break-away even tho they will do it to protect ManUre. But at 94:15 a Sunderland player looses control of the ball running back towards midfield!! WTF?!! That Fat Feck Ref is a joke just like the rest of this leagues officiating. Truly Disgraceful and it never ever changes. Its gettn really tired.

  13. Well with half the team injured and playing with 10 men against 12 I thought we were brilliant today.

    It is frustrating in the worst possible way because all the new boys and I mean new to the Premier League were fucking amazing this afternoon.

    Kos, Chamakh and Squil’ just dominant.

    Before pointing fingers at Rosicky have a word at Arshavin who missed two gilt edge chances early 2nd.

    It fucks everybody off to drop two points, lose your captian to an injury, have your best holding midfielder sent off for fuck all and have a ref play till the other team covered his bet but FUCK it.

    The back four has some grit again. We will be all right.

  14. I feel sorry for the lad but he shouldnt be playing for Arsenal,Gibbs should be given the chance.Arsenals ugly face showed itself again tonight,unless they learn at some stage to cut out these silly unnessery goals we will not come close and a sloppy incoherent performance too,hail Arsenal the bland.

    1. Fucking foolish comment! He didn’t have a great game but he cleared the ball and it hit koz and bounced kindly to Bent!

  15. We were poor end of, it wasn’t the ref he gave us a penalty which we missed, it’s the same old excuses from Wenger on six million a year, he should refund the travelling fans, we were piss poor, no cohesion, no idea, this is why we will not win anything thing until Wenger teaches the team how to defend as a unit, Clichy was a disgrace, he has to be dropped, Gibbs in

    1. FFS, we played pretty damn well in the 2nd half and with 10 men and without Cesc! I thought we defended rather well actually!

  16. Terrible day. Penalty miss, injury to Cesc and red card, oh and the late goal… Rosicky should not have taken the penalty and Song looked appalling. I don’t think he has played well at all this season. Apart from his goal he has looked really clumsy. I KNEW Arsenal wouldn’t win today as we were due a shot of reeality after the 6-0 win. But seriously how facking annoying can a game be? Right at the end it is just soo annoying. Like the game at St Andrews last year

  17. Like everyone I’m pissed as hell but they deserved it.
    I think Rosicky taking the penalty was the correct choice, our first and second penalty takers Cesc and Arshavin weren’t on the pitch and he was the most experienced player we had out there. He’s Czech captain, has vast expereience and has taken penalties before, I’m surprised he blasted it guess the nerves got to him. In regards to Denilson not taking the ball into the corner it’s the way Arsene wants the boys to play as he once coined the term they’re “Playerish”. It works both ways if we’d managed to score in the dying minutes through this “playerish” attitude then we’d be singing their praises. Maybe the ‘pools’ can get results at Chelsea and Man U, one can hope …

  18. Dont blame the ref even though he is a complete twat,we should have been out of reach long before injury time.

  19. As a player Rosicky’s talents out-weigh his faults by quite a margin and I’m glad to have him on our side. BUT he had No Business taking the penalty today. Nasri earned it and Nasri is the better shooter. TR7 just choked plain and simple and it turned out very costly.

  20. the lads had a fantastic game,at the back almunia,squillacci and kos did very well ,with sagna and clicy.what happened today can happen to any team,look at everton and man u ,the same ..
    we should not be dismayed,sunderland tried all they could and deserved their goal even if the referee is partly to blame.
    what impressed me today was the way almunia,squillacci ,kos ,sagna clicy defended.
    i think they should keep it up and learn from this sunderland game…
    well for rosicky,i wish him well,he is really aching for a goal and it will come.we must be resiliant and be patient and improve on this performance.


  21. wat do you expect, we have done this soooooooooo many times it sickens me…. cant blame one player, you have too blame them all… if you want to win the title you MUST kill off these kind of gritty games. we could of went top albeit for only 24 hrs, we still wouldve been tops today…. sorry for being angry i love the arsenal as i know we all do…..

  22. Who gives a fuck if they deserved it,i have seen hundreds of games involving Manure and Chavski winning even tough they shouldnt have.We keep fucking it up and a performance like this at Stamford will make it an embarrassing scoreline.

    1. Just kill yourself mate, you are a waste of oxygen. Go on fuck of you moms calling.

      You don’t belong with red and white around you, just fuck off.

  23. Songs fucking shit,cesc wants out,and are left backs bollox,spurs next at the lane,plz play a strong side wenger u wanker I can’t take an other beating at the lane the bastards haven’t fuck up from the last time,:-(

  24. WHY THE FUCK….





    WHY THE FUCK, MAN?????

    p.s. kudos to Koscielny & Almunia today

  25. fuck fuckity fuck………….man shit shit shit what the hell!!!! last fucking second fuck u refree he should have blown before!! what the hell……my god everyone fell asleep dont blame clichy he was gud but got unlucky……we should only blame this on GOD who created the fucking referee!

  26. That wasn’t very good Jamaican writing, Jamaican Gunna.

    Well if their player did indeed lose it on 94:15, then the ref is a disgrace, but we still needed to clear it properly. If we did, there’s no way it would have fallen kindly to Bent.

    It’s very disappointing, but if this is as bad as it gets, we’ll have a wonderful season.

    Why is that silly Spud on here? F*** off, you still lost at home to Wigan!

    1. den if mi did a write inna soso patois u tink a nuff ppl pon ya woulda get fi ovatsan wha mi did a write seh?


  27. It’s unfortunate we had to play a team like this after wed.They came out ‘full tilt’ using thier energy levels to their advantage and putting immense pressures on song and the back4.Clichy was especially vulnerable as arshavin is not known for defending.The midfield collapsed in the first half as ash and wilshere couldn’t cope.The introduction of ros7 in the second added more defensive strenght and attacking dynamism esp. with nasri coming deep but we lost song.Towards the 70th min they began to tire and we had more of the ball,however the missed pen spurred them on.The error is this;They should simply have played possesion football in injury-time forced freekicks throw-in’s and corners and make a substitution.

  28. Dowd may be a gay wanker but why Wenger thinks he can still slot Denilson in place of Song, or Rosicky/Nasri/Ramsey in place of Fab God only knows. Kos was responsible for that goal, no one else. Like the last two seasons, without Fab and Song on the field at the same time, we will go nowhere–AGAIN, ffs, I’m sick of this shite.

  29. One of the continuing problems that persists is that we always want to walk the ball in or score from 2yds out.Yesterday it was the same old story or letting he defence get marshalled before we shoot. Diaby even Dennison have scored with bullets from twnty yards – Rosisky did whenhe fist came to us. Will somebody tell those guys they can shoot any time. Shoot five times and one will go in. If three guys are doing it – you do the math!!

  30. One of the continuing problems that persists is that we always want to walk the ball in or score from 2yds out.Yesterday it was the same old story or letting he defence get marshalled before we shoot. Diaby even Dennison have scored with bullets from twnty yards – Rosisky did whenhe fist came to us. Will somebody tell those guys they can shoot any time. Shoot five times and one will go in. If three guys are doing it – you do the math!! P S I have not said this before this is not a repitition Editor get with theprgram

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